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Viktor Vad

Software engineer


Server side developer not believing in silver bullet tools.

I like to go to meetups and also giving a talk when I have a "good enough to tell" story.

Work experience

Apr 2017Present

Python Software Engineer

Rapid Ratings International

Keep the business functions running by resolving issues and preventing them from reoccurring.
Adding value by enhancing the PHP and Python apps. Write tools to automate recurring tasks as much as possible.

- Incident Responses
- TechSupport Tickets
- Enhancements
- Fix bugs and new features to all projects when required
- Monitoring metrics
- Deployment tools

Technology set: Python 2.7, Python 3, PostgreSQL 9, MongoDB, Vagrant, Git, Redis

Aug 2016Nov 2016

Python software engineer


Backend development of in an agile environment.

Technology set: Python 2.7, Twisted, MySQL 5.6, Vagrant, Git, Redis

Jul 2014Aug 2016

Ruby software engineer

Rocksteady Technologies Ltd

Helped to go live with:

- Backend development
- Designing and implementing tests for microservices
- Implementing microservices according to specifications
- Managing HG-GIT repo bridges
- Creating and maintaining Vagrant images used by developers
- Prototype a dashboard, featuring different app versions in Docker container setups

Technology set: Ruby 2.1, Rails 4.1/4.2 MySQL 5.5, Vagrant, Docker, MongoDB, Git, Mercurial

May 2012Jun 2014

Junior Rails/Senior PHP developer


- Fork Redmine v2.3 codebase to create our CRM with financial capabilities
- Excelling solving problems related to APIs and time
- Do many small tasks on several website projects
- Maintain web shops for Nespresso, written in legacy PHP
- Valued, team-wide trusted Git knowledge

Technology set: Ruby 1.9.3-2.0, Rails 3.2, SASS, CoffeeScript, NodeJS, MySQL 5.0-5.5, PHP5.2-5.4, JQuery, CSS3, XPATH, HTML5, Symfony2, GIT, Ubuntu, Vagrant, Ansible, Grunt, OpenVPN

Sep 2011Apr 2012

Application QA tester

HTM Build Ltd

(Outsourced from previous company) Testing and documenting the new outdoor, onboard passenger informing system for Budapest’s public transport company ( Mainly writing the test manuscripts, later do some Java programming to automate manual application testing using Sikuli.

Technology set: Java/Python2, Sikuli

Jun 2011Sep 2011

Senior PHP Developer

ORC Consulting Ltd

Maintaining and extending the ERP flagship product.

Technology set: PHP5, HTML, CSS, SVN, Postgresql 8.4, Ubuntu

Jun 2010Jun 2011

Senior PHP Developer


- Taking part in rebuilding/redesigning the flagship CMS product from scratch
- Introducing and setting up Trac as project management for the team
- Enforcing basic unit tests at the beginning of the rewrite (Ruby influence)

Technology set: PHP5, Jquery, Zend Framework, SVN, HTML, CSS3, PHPUnit, Trac, Ubuntu

Jan 2010Jun 2010

PHP developer

- Do some minor jobs on the website
- Design, document and implement given tasks
- Besides the main website, there were other startup products that I had to work on.

Technology set: PHP5, Jquery, Symfony1, SVN, Trac, Ubuntu

Nov 2007Dec 2009

Junior PHP developer

Pyramidsoft Ltd

- Extending the intranet CRM software integrated into the main website
- Build an E-mail registry system, invoice management system
- Port system from PHP4 to 5, MySQL to PostgreSQL and DB from ISO to UTF8
- Server maintenance and system code profiling

Technology set: PHP5, Postgresql 8, EXTJS3, Ubuntu, Bazaar, OpenVPN

Aug 2007Oct 2007

Junior PHP developer

Műszer Automatika Ltd

The company acquired GSD Ltd and the developer team and their product
with it.

May 2006Jul 2007

Junior PHP developer

GSD Hungary Ltd

- Developing a „SAP replacement/alternative” ERP system
- Build mail registry, system activity, and PDF generating module
- Convert database from ISO to UTF8
- Play role in customer relations

Technology set: Linux, PHP5, HTML, MySQL, FPDF, SVN, OpenVPN



Advanced education in logistics, customs and finance (OKJ)


Advanced education in programming (OKJ)





International Business School