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  • Trained professional in Software Development, Web Development and QA
  • Hands-on experience participating in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle
  • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and handle technical data
  • Capable of working independently and with team focus groups
  • Passion to learn new things whenever possible
  • Experience with Government, Education, IT Services and Communication & Network Firms

Work experience

Mar 2009May 2009

Software Engineer


Instrumental in developing embedded software(C, C++) for Digital Video Transmission devices in the Motorola Headend network (vxWorks platform).

  • Successfully developed a new revision of transport stream multiplexing software for the Out of Band modulator (OM 2000). The new revision allows the device to multiplex multiple input MPEG streams onto output ports as per the user specified MPEG Packet configuration.
  • Implemented a new feature which enables the out of band modulator to service transport stream packets based on priority. The software minimizes the latency of higher priority packets through the device under load conditions

Ensured a successful Unit Test on the new revision developed. Created a client server application on Unix which generates MPEG streams and validates the out of band modulator packet multiplexing and prioritization functionality. 

Sep 2007Dec 2008

Web Developer(Part-Time)

Stony Brook University

Spear-headed the development of new websites for the programs under the Graduate School: template design, content migration and portal development. Collaborated with various Professors to conduct in-depth requirements collection and assisting them in the implementation of new departmental websites. Presented quality results to the Senior Management.

  • Graduate School - [CSS, HTML,Photoshop,PHP/MySQL, AJAX]
  • International Services – [CSS, HTML, Photoshop]
  • Turner Fellowship – [CSS, HTML, Photoshop, PHP/MySQL]
Jun 2008Aug 2008

Summer Student Intern

Succesfully created a re-usable Java package that can identify Swing Objects in (any) applets and can register the required event-listeners from the front end through JavaScript-to-Java communication and a Java-to-JS call to the JSObject on the page.

  • ProxyClass handles the swing object by creating a proxy object and registering the listeners on proxy object.
  • Package to be re-used by all application developers through the entire Development cycle. 
  • Open-source directory - Version Control with Subversion.
Jul 2006Jul 2007

Programmer Analyst

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Managed creation of Automation test scripts for Windows and Web based applications developed by the team and ensured a final bug-free release to the client. Clients worked with:

  • Mitsubishi Corporation, U.S.A – Gained extensive domain knowledge of ‘Manufacturing’ processes in the Industry. The 7 months project involved automated testing of the Web Based ‘Mitsubishi VISION’ .Net application. Lead a team of 4 members which involved responsibilities viz. allocation of tasks to team members, co-coordinating with the teams at the client side.
  • Schwan’s Food Company, U.S.A – Project involved good domain knowledge of ‘Logistics’ processes and the Windows based application was tested using the available tools.
  • 3M Inc.U.S.A – A short term Testing project of a Web based application developed in Java. Manufacturing domain.


Sep 2007Dec 2008

Master of Sciences

State University of New York at Stony Brook
Related Courses : Network Programming, LAN/WAN, Physical & Logic Automation Design, Digital Image Processing, Computational Modeling, Reliability Theory   Projects :
  • ARP/Ping modules pinging to source nodes from each virtual node [Unix C, VMware env.]
    • Application that uses raw IP sockets instead of ICMP to ping to the source nodes
    • ARP appln. in each virtual node implements the functionality to find the Ethernet address of the destination node. 
  • On Demand short-hop Routing (ODR) protocol implementation [Unix C, VMware env.]
    • Implemented ODR protocol for networks of arbitrary connectivity using PF_PACKET sockets.
    • Client and server applications that sends time requests and replies across the network using ODR.
  • FTP implementation based on UDP [Unix C]
    • Implemented a primitive file transfer protocol, based on UDP, with TCP reliability.
    • Added application layer data-transmission reliability, flow control and congestion control.
  • Image Processing[OpenCV, C++]
    • Application to perform Geometric Transform Zoom in/out, Spatial/Frequency Domain Filtering of RGB images.
  • Packet Analysis Program for a multi-user network with Packet Switching [C++]
    • Developed for a multi user network with specific conditions in the packet switching involved in the network.
  • Design of RISC Micro-Processor [Cadence]
    • Design of a full scale RISC Micro-Processor using Cadence. Design of all individual components viz. Register Cell, Memory Unit, Arithmetic & Logic Unit, Instruction Register, Address Register, Program Counter, etc.
  • Kernighan & Lin and Placement base Algorithm for Graphs [C++]
    • K-Lin algorithm for bi-parting un-directed graphs in VLSI digital circuits -Implementation
    • Effective ways using Placement based algorithm to place the VLSI components across the partitions.
Jul 2002May 2006

Bachelors of Engineering

Anna University

Related Courses :

Data Structures & Algorithms, Communication Engineering, Digital systems, Computer Architecture, Principles of Management, Total Quality Management, Financial Accounting


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Technical Skills
  Programming - C, C++, Java, Perl, PL/SQL, Shell Script, SystemC, VBScript, OpenCV Protocols - UDP, TCP, HTTP, MPEG, SNMP Web Development - x/HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, HTML DOM, AJAX, YUI Framework, LAMP/WAMP, IIS Platforms - Unix, Linux, Windows, vxWorks Hardware - Comp TIA A+ Course Tools and Packages - Wind River Workbench, SVN, CVS, Subversion, QTP, Matlab, Photoshop CS3 Database - SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Selective knowledge in Oracle 9i