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Reward & Recognitions

  • Received GlobalLogic Super Star Award.
  • Received Employee of the Month award for Aug 2007 month in Schneider electric.


To obtain a challenging position in Software Testing in a fast-paced environment, where my expertise can continue to grow my technical skills as well as interpersonal skills towards the team and organizational goal.


Loan Path===========Client    Citi Bank, USA      URL      Environment    Java      Role    Senior Test Engineer      Tool     Jmeter ,Rally and Rally desk ,Neo load       Team Size    15----------------------------------------------------------------------      Responsibilities---------------    .Involved in creating Understanding documents and Functional Flow  Documents.·Involved in writing and reviewing Test Cases.·Involved in End to End Scenarios creation.·Involved in executing test cases and bug reporting.·Performed Sanity, Functional, Regression and GUI Testing, Performance  Testing.·Participating daily Scrums with team members.·Interacting with Developers for assisting them in the Identification,  Resolving and tacking of problems.      Description:------------- The Loan Path Credit Underwriting and Management Platform is designed from the ground up to be easy to use and flexible enough to handle the varied credit underwriting needs in small to large lease and loan transactions for individual business unit implementations.·LoanPath can be easily configured to leasing or lending organization needs through the use of our best-in-class workflow tool and rules engine and can  be implemented within a specific business unit solution.·LoanPath can be configured based on a limited set of information from the client and can be live for a client implementation quickly to mirror client credit processes and use the workflow engine and rules engine functionality to make the application, underwriting and approval processes more flexible and efficient.·All Loan Path functionality is available via a web browser, and role-based entitlements easily enable the participation of dealers, vendors, legal or other 3rd parties in a transaction.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Aldous & PLM================Client    SalesTech        URL      Environment    Java      Role    Test Engineer      Team Size    2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Responsibilities================    ·    .Involved in writing Test Cases.·Involved in executing Test Cases.·Performed Sanity, Functional, Regression and Performance Testing.·Reporting the bugs using JIRA (bug tracker system.)      Description:===========SalesTech provides customers with a genuine competitive advantage through the successfully implementation of application software that enables them to significantly enhance their relationships with their customers, prospects and partners.Its products are:Aldous: Aldous is a Telco Sales and Order Management suite, designed to 'fine tune' the Customer Experience. Aldous maximizes the Telco's ability to sell products during a single customer Interaction - be that face-to-face, through the retail and dealer  channel, via the call Centre or through a self-service web interface. PLM: This module, also known as PLM (PDM is an associated application), enables a·Product Administrator to set up all the Product and Service data  including;·Product Specifications·Product Offerings·Pricing·Product Catalogues·Product Bundling·Cross-sell/Up-sell options-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CRMS (OPS): Configuration Resource Management System=======================================================Client    Schneider Electric       URL    (      Environment    SAP    Variant Configuration  (LO- VC)      Tool used     Manual Testing      Role          Team Member      Team Size    8  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Responsibilities    =================·Involved in writing Test Cases.·Involved in executing Test Cases.·Participating weekend reviews with team members.·Performed regression testing on different versions of the model.·Reporting the bugs using Mantis.      Description: ============ This Project is the Configuration Part of the OPS Project.The Project is migration of legacy system to SAP based application using Variant Configuration feature.Schneider Electric, worldwide leader in the field of Electrical Distribution and Automation, is known for its innovative products. They comply with stringent global standards and help fulfill the needs of diverse customer base. CRMS team is  for modelization of Schneider-Electric Products in SAP R3 using Variant Configuration. All product having main model  , intermediate model & selection model, (GCR, GCRI, and GCRS corresponding).------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ADD (Decision Tree)  =====================Client    Schneider Electric       URL    (      Environment    MS Visio  , SQL Server 2000      Tool used     Manual Testing      Role    Team Member      Team Size    4-----------------------------------------------------------------      Responsibilities=================·Involved in Creating Checklist for models  ·Performed the Rule checking, Logic & configuration checking.·Reporting bugs with the help of defect report document.·Participating weekend reviews with team members.·Interacting with Developers for assisting them in the Identification,   Resolving and tacking of problem.      Description:=========== Schneider electric is legend in electrical field having millions of electrical product, they have various configuration of  the product worldwide , they have old system  name H BASE , with help of H BASE we can configure product of various combination and  it generates unique reference numberIt enables you to ·Structure a catalog using models, combination sets and characteristics.·Choose the equipment that will be accessible to customer.·Generate dialog boxes allowing the customer to access the equipment. But H BASE is very complicated system general people cannot use this system. this is only for  product managers,  there are many other limitation of this system , to remove this  difficultiesof this system they migrate this system to SAP but H BASE contains  very important data  , our  organization  converting H BASE into decision  tree’s  , each product  having a decision tree which contains various combination -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Other Projects:================Activity Tracker System  =======================Client    Schneider Electric       URL    (      Environment    ASP.Net with C#, Sql Server      Tool used     Manual Testing-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Company Automation  ================== Client    SPL industries      URL      Environment    VB.NET. Oracle 8i      Tool used     Manual Testing     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Delhi Law Times================ Client    Delhi Law Times      URL      Environment    Visual basic ,Sql Server      Tool used     Manual Testing     -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


4 +Years of total Software testing experience (Manual +Automation +Performance)

  • Testing experience in SAP, .NET, Java Environments.
  • Testing experience in agile method of software product development.
  • Experience in ERP and Finance domain.
  • Experience in Manual and Automated testing.
  • Experience in Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Performance Testing.
  • Experience in SAP testing, Web testing, window based application testing and decision tree testing.
  • Experience Testing Automation tools such as QTP, Load Runner, Quality center ,J meter,NeoLoad.
  • Experience in configuration management Tool Subversion.
  • Involved in writing Test Cases, Test Execution and Bug reporting.

Work experience



Technical Skills
Bug Tracking Tool : Rally ,  Jira , Mantis ,QC   Test Management Tools:  Quality Center , Rally, Test Director   Functional Testing Tools :QTP   Performance Testing Tools :Load Runner ,Jmeter, Neo-load   Operating Systems :Windows 9x/2000/2003/XP   Environments : Java , Dot net , SAP   Others :SOC Visio, MS office ,Subversion and Confluence