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Stuff I Do

  • Measuring the monetary value of Word of Mouth (Funded by the Marketing Science Institute).
  • Calculating the influence wielded by a customer (on Twitter).
  • Analyzing the effect of Word of Mouth in Online Social Networks.
  • Creating a metric to determine "What customers say" and "What they actually mean".
  • Measuring the impact of "Word of Mouth" on Twitter to Offline Sales through a field study.
  • Measuring effect of the "Brand" on Google Ads Click Through.
  • Qualifying the implications of Online Advertising to Offline Sales.
  • Creating an Analytics Dashboard to determine which customers to influence in a network, when, and with what message.

(Feel free to drop me an email for a quick abstract of each of these topics)

What I Bring to the Table

  • Strong Positive Attitude bundled with Creativity and Innovation.
  • Passion for Marketing and a Desire to make meaning.
  • Innovative solutions to a problem built on a strong methodological Research base.
  • Ability to learn quickly, apply and perfect.
  • A lot of Awesome


Creative and charismatic individual who realizes the potential of Online Marketing and how that could shape or destroy an organization today.

With my excellent analytical reasoning, creativity, technological background and marketing capability, bundled with a never-ending greed for knowledge, I would like to obtain a postition as a Marketer in a start-up that would best realize my potential and enable me to grow with the organization.


To bring the power and efficiency of robust marketing models into the tech industry through awesome analytics and dashboards.

To turn the face of marketing from the evil 'Con-Game' that it has become, into the beauty and art it was meant to be.

To deliver the SEXY back into Marketing. The way it was meant to be!

Work experience

Jul 2008Present

Marketing Intelligence Analyst

Center for Excellence in Brand and Customer Management

Marketing Modeling

Modeling Marketing problems as mathematical or functional solutions.

Understanding the logical flow across product design, production, core marketing and the feed back loop.

Breaking down real-world issues into a functional state-flow chart, and quantifying the 'value' of each sub-component.

Marketing Research

Primary Research in the form of survey design, focus group selection and data manipulation.

Framing structural and functional hypotheses and creating suitable tests to verify their validity.

State-Flow Modeling

Visualizing linear models in "This-Leads-to-This" scenarios, to understand "What must be done for What to happen".

Constructing non-linear models to account for "What-happened-yesterday-affects-today" (Markov dependence), and "The-occurrence-of-this-affects-itself" (endogeneity).

Jan 2007Mar 2008

Marketing Analyst


Designing, Conceptualizing and Following through Marketing Campaigns.

Drafting Product Overview documents and Whitepapers.

Managing website contents, blogs and web-analytics.

Product Management

Providing technical and sales presentations to customers, prospects and partners.

Analyzing customer requirements and suggesting engineering, design and UI upgrades.

Suggesting, managing and evangelizing new innovative and disruptive products, and scaling existing SMB level software tools to enterprise markets.


Storyboarding and creating product demos, walk-throughs, webinars and podcasts.

Tracking, analyzing and managing online reputation across various social media.

Creating processes to understand and track customer and prospect interaction.

Taking an active role in creating a brand identity for ManageEngine as a disruptive alternative to existing options in enterprise IT management.


Aug 2008Present


Research Domain

  • Calculating Value of the Influencer in Online Social Networks (Methodology and Empirical Modeling).
  • Linking Online Brand Value of a product to its Google Click-Through-Rates: Does it make sense to invest in Adwords? (Conceptual Model)
  • How does Online Advertising affect Offline Sales? (Methodology and Conceptual Model)
  • Calculating the Online Referral Potential in a Social Network: Understanding who talks, what, and who listens. (Concept, Methodology and Empirical Modeling)

Areas of Interest

  • Marketing Modeling: Creating mathematical, logical and functional solution models to marketing issues.
  • Online Marketing: Streamlining analytics and "talking the talk" to the online customer.
  • Web 2.0 Marketing: Creating solutions, measurement metrics, processes and platforms to enhance and enrich Word-of-Mouth in Social Networks, Blogs and other social media.
Jun 2002May 2006


Anna University

Research Domain

  • Secure Software Quality Framework: A Process to Predict Software Qualty across Product Lifecycle.
  • Medical Expert System: A Funnel-based symptom analyzer.

Technical Expertise

  • Web Technologies
  • Networking and Network Management
  • Systems Management
  • Programming Logic

Key Takeaways

  • Breaking down any given problem into soluble components.
  • Analyzing situations logically and forecast and preempt issues to a great extent.
  • Provide a work-around to problems as they occur and then attempt to find a permanent solution, than waste valuable client or customer hours searching for an answer.
  • Gain theoritical and practical knowledge over a wide range of engineering and Information Technology domains such as mobile computing, software developement, cloud computing and Web 2.0 technologies.
Jun 1987Apr 2002


PSBB Senior Secondary School


  • Academic Excellence, as evidenced by being awarded the All-Rounder Award for all round excellence.
  • Exposure and awards in academic challenges such as the Australian Talent Test in English, Mathematics and Science conducted by the University of New South Wales, Australia, the All-India Math Olympiard conducted by the Association of Mathematics Teachers in India and the regional physics talent test conducted by the Physics Society, Chennai.

Key Takeaways

  • Leadership skills as the elected School Pupil Leader of a body of over 5000 students.
  • Rhetoric skills through consistent exposure and wins in oratorical competitions, debates, extempores and Advertisement games (AdZap).
  • Lateral and Planar thinking as required.
  • Understanding of Argumentation theories and logical reasoning.


Strategic Gaming
Life and all its problems seem so much easier to solve if only we would break it into a game played by the different stakeholders, each with their own objectives out of an action that are deeply bound to the decisions of the other stake holders. Creating a Game-Structure to solve problems is fairly common in economics, but Marketing is just waking up to the potential that predicting and preempting a competitor, or striking a strategic deal with the vendors and resellers can provide.   Gold Mine, IMHO!
Linear and Stochastic Modeling
Linear models refer to creating multiple levels of cause-and-effect empirical system-states  to understand the logical flow of what causes what. Most of this has to do with simple linear and linearizable regression and simultaneous estimation techniques.   However, most systems in the real world are non linear- the weather on a Friday afternoon, the drunken walk on Saturday and the consecutive influence that each of your customers has on every other customer and prospect topping the list. Stochastic models show how 'happy' each component feels to be in a state within the system. For example, if your customer's state "talking to others" about your product is not a significantly happier place for them than "not talking to others" about your product, investing on a customer forum might involve more costs on evangelizing the idea and changing their beliefs. Trust me, its a lot of fun!   I consider myself pretty good at understanding the governing dynamics driving a phenomenon.
Functional Modeling
Modeling real-world marketing problems into mathematical and functional units to discern what can the organization change, what changes, why and how much. And more importantly, how all that translates to tangible results of marketing efforts such as the bottomline, number of customers, hits, downloads, eyeballs or just about anything.


Jan 2008Present

ITIL V3 Foundation for Service Management

Jul 2010Present

Certified Expert in Customer and Brand Management

Center for Excellence in Customer and Brand Management