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Born March 1, 1985


After 10 years of success in the Hospitality(entrepreneurial) and Finance Industry, I started contemplating a career change and felt the need to learn a new skill. As an avid fan of the tech industry, I began teaching myself to code and soon realised that this was exactly what I wanted to do. After much thought and preparation, I sold my businesses in Adelaide and moved my life to Melbourne to learn programming.  Apart from enjoying the technical challenges, my love for learning and educating myself has been rekindled. I also bring a broad base of soft skills and knowledge to including but not limited to leadership, negotiation, business development and teamwork.


Sept 2017Dec 2017

Restaurant Manager

Mama's Buoi group of restuarants

Mama's Buoi is a trendy Vietnamese restaurant chain owned by the Roll'd Australia group.  I worked here as a restaurant manager for 3 months prior starting to my programming course.

  • Oversaw the launch of Mama's Buoi flagship store in the Chadstone dining precinct
  • Managed every aspect of operations in front of house, bar and financial reporting
  • Underwent a 2 week manager training program after which I recruited and trained a over 25 staff
  • Assisted with the set up of supplier accounts and negotiations
Dec 2010Aug 2016

Founder/Owner/Operator/Financial Manager 

RDV Holdings Pty Ltd, Adelaide, Australia

CHOCOLATREE I December 2010 - August 2016

With a turnover of over $1.5 Million Chocolatree is an award winning market leader in the dessert cafe industry

SWEET AS BAKERY PATISSERIE I September 2013 - August 2016

Sweet as Bakery specialises in preparation and wholesale supply of Petit Gateaux, Cakes and handmade chocolates to local Adelaide cafes

HOLY GUACAMOLY/POCO PICANTE I December 2013 - October 2015

A successful Mexican Quick Service Restaurant providing fresh, exciting and quick food

COFFYLOSOPHY I March 2014 - March 2015

A very popular boutique café specialising in house brewed coffee, breakfast, brunch and lunch

Business set up

  • Conceptualised and built 4 businesses from scratch
  • Worked on store design (look and feel), designed logos, menus and pricing strategy
  • Acquired and adhered to all necessary government and council approvals and requirements

Multi-store operations

  • Managed operations and financials and all other aspects of four high volume stores
  • Designed and implemented work procedures for all staff to maintain uniformity

B2B sales and customer relations

  • Actively sourced new sales leads and cafes to sell petit gateaux, entremets, waffles and other baked good manufactured at our kitchen
  • Maintaining and growing relationships with existing clients through regular meetings to keep them up to date with our product line

Sales increase and growth

  • Achieved 8-10% year to year sales growth through strategic social media presence, print marketing, innovation, quality control and customer relations
  • Starting in house production of cakes and chocolates, eventually leading to a 100% self produced menu which was executed at a low price point

Team building, leadership & mentoring

  • Motivated managed and built a team of over 40 skilled and unskilled employees across businesses
  • Experienced in bringing out the best in staff and maintained an extremely low attrition rate

Vendor relationships                                            

  • Timely interaction with third party vendors from senior management to sales representatives
  • Time to time negotiation of prices in ccordance according to purchasing power and need

    Budgeting and cost control

    • Setting comprehensive monthly budgets for marketing, advertising, staffing and cost of sales while maintaining a positive cash flow
    • Forecasting monthly sales according to varying factors such as past sales, holiday season and weather
    • Accounting and financial reporting
    • Managed all day to day book keeping aspects (MYOB), preparation and reconciliation of financials
    • Preparation and lodgement of quarterly BAS and yearly tax returns

    Quality control and assurance

    • Maintaining standards, consistency of taste and visual appeal of food served

    Customer relations/focus

    • Emphasis on the philosophy that the customer is always right

    Jan 2008Nov 2010

    Junior Auditor /Assistant Accountant

    Accounting & Business Consulting Pty Ltd, Adelaide, Australia

    Accounting & business consulting is a mid size public practice based in Adelaide. I had secured a graduate position as a junior accountant and auditor after my masters degree. 

    • Administered new and existing accounts in the Practice Manager software program by invoicing, maintaining, preparation of end of year financial accounts and PAYG statements for clients
    • Preparing and lodging quarterly BAS for clients
    • Assisted senior accountants in various trust account audits
    May 2007Jan 2008

    Administration Assistant

    Mentor Consultancy, Adelaide, Australia

    Mentor consultancy is an education consultancy firm originally based in Coimbatore, India. A temporary office was set up to assist international students coming into Adelaide to pursue higher education.

    • Processing paper work relating to admission of international students in Australia
    • Organising accommodation and airport pick ups for incoming international students
    Sep 2005 May 2007

    Held various positions in customer service/retail/hospitality while pursuing full time study