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Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Resource Manager

Four Winds Interactive

I work to monitor and improve the allocation of our human resources based on the skills required, the scope, and the duration of every project the company handles. Through report analysis and regular communication with each resource, I work to manage the workloads of 50+ employees on our Professional Service teams. I have developed tools and processes to increase workload forecasting, and to better enable the project management team to provide accurate expectations for timelines when working with our customers. I work towards using project allocation to improve individual skill sets on all teams by working with their direct managers to appropriately challenge resources, while allowing them the opportunities to take initiative and drive their own growth.

Jan 2010Jun 2012


While researching and developing my Master's thesis, I worked as a nanny for four different families. The ages of the children ranged from six months to nine years old. Each family's situation and requirements of me were different, but active engagement and communication with the children was always critical. Through working with the different families, I feel that my ability to communicate information and understand needs grew more than in any other position I have ever held.

Aug 2009Feb 2010


Rocky Mountain Wild

As an intern for this non-profit organization, I worked with the Director of Development to cultivate relationships with donors and to research potential grant options. I also managed and updated their donor database and worked on special projects, including helping to put together their annual fundraising event.

Jan 2008Aug 2009

Program Quality

Developmental Pathways, Inc.

I was promoted to this position so that I would be able to work more closely with the Director of Quality Assurance and the Associate Director of Program Quality. I revitalized monitoring and reporting systems in order to streamline information, and to standardize program contract and regulation reports for state and federal agencies. While I provided information to the Director and Associate Director of my department, I primarily worked independently and was expected to anticipate which information would be needed and how to compile and organize it. Because of this, I was extremely organized and self-generated projects within my job scope based on the specific needs of the various department heads.

Nov 2006Jan 2008

Resource Coordinator Assistant

Developmental Pathways, Inc

I began with Developmental Pathways as a temporary hire tasked with scheduling meetings for the 20 Resource Coordinators at the company, and to distribute their individualized service plans for their clients. After a short time, I brought to my supervisor's attention several inefficiencies within the current system, and was hired permanently to reorganize and redefine the position. State and Federal regulations dictated our requirements and provided the scope for the necessary work. By redesigning several of our processes, I was able to expand the duties of this position to include monitoring of Coordinator activity in order to better meet regulations and to improve customer service to clients and their families. I also worked with other administrative staff to ensure a high standard for responsiveness to the needs of the department through the development of a database system.

Jan 2005May 2005


AIDS Law of Louisiana

As an intern for this non-profit law firm which provides legal council for persons who are HIV-positive or have AIDS, I developed the schematics for an electronic filing system and expedited the transition of a paper database to electronic  one for all client information. In this position, I also completed intake for new clients, gathering their medical history, and discussing their legal needs to provide appropriate information to the partners. It was necessary for me to learn about the legal processes and the types of legal services that the firm offered in order to be successful in this position.


Aug 2009Dec 2011

MS Environmental Science

University of Colorado, Denver

I completed my master's thesis on cholera in Cameroon, using a political ecology approach to look beyond the simple medical causes for the disease in the country, and to examine the role of environmental factors on health. Within this program, I took courses in risk assessment, epidemiology, environmental engineering, and environmental policy, among others. I was expected to learn and understand Environmental Protection Agency regulations under The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and to effectively communicate how they effect environmental health. My thesis work went beyond US regulation to look at environmental health in areas that do not have regulatory protection.

Aug 2003Dec 2005

BA Sociology

Newcomb College at Tulane University

My area of focus was on French speaking Africa (West) and most individual course research used countries from within the region. The unique degree in Sociology and coordinate major in International Development compelled me to think critically about environmentally friendly social change through understanding the interaction of economics, law, social and political conditions, community history and language. I was encouraged to look at all aspects of a society and how they affect each other, which is a valuable skill in the workforce where many components of business affect one another.

Jun 2004Aug 2004

The Fund for American Studies

This was a supplemental educational opportunity with courses taken through Georgetown University and a complimentary internship with USAID. Courses focused on grant writing, grant making, volunteer management and the ideology behind philanthropy.

Jun 2002Aug 2002

National Outdoor Leadership School

This was a summer semester program in East Africa. The outdoor learning environment primarily focused on leadership training, however, courses were taught for language studies in Swahili, environmental and cultural studies, risk assessment, and leadership techniques.


Jun 2005Jul 2005

Non-Profit Management

Monterey Institute for International Studies


Robin Lockwood - Project Scientist at Eagle Environmental Consulting

Robin was a former peer in my graduate program. We worked on a number of projects together for school. Contact: +1.336.300.5082

Joe McElliott - Solutions Architect at TracVia, Inc

Joe is a former co-worker from Four Winds Interactive. He was one of the 50+ skilled resources that I allocated work to. Contact information: +1.303.847.3166

Melissa Krecic - Former Director of Communications and Training at Four Winds Interactive

"Genevieve has been simply amazing to work with! Her natural 'take charge' attitude has been such an asset for an environment that is always changing. When Genevieve sees an opportunity for improvement she is the first to volunteer to take the initiative and run with it. She is naturally a self starter. She has been blessed with a natural talent for identifying areas where process improvements are needed. It seems that almost effortlessly she is able to translate her observations into creating new and improved streamlined processes. These skills have brought structure to many areas of our company. While working in a hectic and stressful environment she has always maintained a warm, friendly and approachable demeanor. I can confidently recommend Genevieve 100%, she will be an asset to any company!" Contact information: +1. 720.840.6316


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Work Portfolio

Personal Achievements and Interests

In the summer of 2011 I competed in my first 24 hour Rogaine competition, pushing my limits of emotional, physical, and mental abilities. I also began making bread and cheese from scratch, opening my world to an entirely new food culture.

In 2013 I started to develop a strong personal interest in health and wellbeing. I joined my company's Wellness committee and have been actively involved in working to engage our remote employee's in a healthy lifestyle and cultural engagement.

Personal Mission Statement

My personal mission is to enhance communities by having a positive effect on conserving, protecting, and utilizing the natural environment in a sustainable manner. I believe this can be achieved by educating communities on how the environment affects their health, engaging stakeholders to demonstrate how the quality of the environment can support them, and through maintaining professionalism and openness as I move through a life that supports this belief and purpose.

Career Trajectory

Reviewing my resume, you may ask, "where is she headed?". My career path has led me far and wide across the industry map, largely out of the necessity for employment. However, every job opportunity that I have taken has provided me with valuable skills that I use to achieve my personal mission.