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I have an active interest in promoting gender justice, child protection and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) persons. I do this through education and advocacy, using a human rights framework.

The educational and advocacy activities include writing, researching and documentation,  facilitation of  group interactions and training using participatory methods . I have consolidated my experiences in facilitation in article "Facilitation Thoughts' (

My skills include managing projects, including monitoring and evaluation.

I also work in the application of Information and Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D). I have skills in building systems requirements and web-based content management applications.  Details are available here.


Available on request

References are available on request depending on the particular skill and competence area.

Assignments and Work History

Jan 2018Present

Human Rights Education/Training

Various clients

Client : University of the West Indies Faculty of Law Rights Advocacy Project (U-RAP)

Title :  Production of stories of litigants in the Guyana cross-dressing challenge as part of an evaluation project for U-RAP. Content available via Youtube.

Client : Global CAD

Title : Facilitation of data gathering and baseline research for REDD+ education activities

Client : CPDC, Barbados

Title : Rapporteur services for a focus Group discussion in Georgetown, Guyana

Lecturer :

  • Part of Introduction to Gender and Sexualities Course, Institute of Gender Studies, University of Guyana
  • Online Multimedia Journalism, Centre for Communication Studies, University of Guyana


Jan 2017Dec 2017

Human Rights Facilitation and Training, IT Training

Various Clients

Client : Amerindian Peoples' Association

Title : Rapporteur services for workshop on Revision of the Amerindian Act

Client : Volunteer Youth Corps/Guyana Civil Society Leadership Project

Title : Training in Lobbying and Engaging with Policy Makers

University of Guyana - Facilitation of the lab component of the DPC 2204 Online Multimedia Journalism course.


LGBT Rights are Human Rights : A Hindu perspective :  Presentation made for International Human Rights Day 2017

University of Guyana/Library Research Series Case Study : "Using the Digital Library of the Caribbean to increase visibility of Guyanese and Caribbean LGBTIQ lives, work and activism beyond HQ74 to HQ78 / 306.76"

Jan 2016December 2016

Human Rights education/IT Services

Various Clients

Client : York University - Canada, Women and Gender Equality Commission Guyana/University of Guyana Institute of Gender Studies

Title : Research Associate to support the development of the curriculum of the Institute of Gender Studies at UG. Work included facilitation of round tables in Berbice, Linden and Essequibo to gather data for the curriculum

Client : Roadside Baptist Skills Training Centre

Title : Facilitation of workshops on Peer Education and Gender Based Violence with youth, and with police recruits

Client : Ministry of Public Telecommunications

Title : Development of a draft Policy on the use of Free and Open Source Software within the public sector in Guyana

Clients for other IT services

Prototype websites

Linden Enterprise Network

Red Thread


University of Guyana / Guyana Association of Professional Social Workers/Ministry of Social Protection - Conference on Social Workers "Examining Social Work Practice : Perspectives from partners and advocates" (2016)

Guyana Conference of Seventh Day Adventists - Georgetown - Presentation on child protection (2016)

Virat Sabha Youth Camp - Discussion on healthy relationships ; Good mental health (2016)

Submission to the National Dialogue on HIV and the Law in Guyana

Jan 2015Dec 2015

Human rights educator/facilitator on gender based violence

Various clients

(This work is done in addition to the provision of IT services )


May 2015 to August 2015

Client : UNICEF-Guyana

Title : Assessment of faith based organisations in Guyana to promote the Rights of the Child

April /June 2015

Client : Roadside Baptist Skills Training Centre ,No 65 Village

Title : Facilitation Training for Peer Educators around gender equality and facilitation skills

February 2015

Client : Amerindian Peoples Association

Title : Co-ordination for the conference "Essential Elements for a Legality Definition and a Legality Assurance System in the Guyana-EU FLEGT VPA" -


Facilitation Thoughts : a collection of ideas to consider when doing group discussions

June 2015 : Wearing Chantilly lace and Resisting criminalization in Guyana and the Caribbean : Presentation at the Conference Pride and Prejudice, Human Rights in the Pan-Am Region.

Weekly column The Coil on GT

Mar 2009Present


Caribbean - International Resources Network

The Caribbean region of the International Resources Network is a network that connects activists, scholars, artists and other individuals and organizations who do research and work on issues related to diverse genders and sexualities in the Caribbean

This position is a part time position . The tasks included

Apr 2011Dec 2014

Human Rights Educator

Various clients

Client : Inter-American Development Bank (2014 Work in Progress)

Title : Evaluation of the project Strengthening Civil Society Participation in Poverty Reduction and Development

Client : Urban Justice and Health Initiatives Project  - New Amsterdam and Linden Municipalities(2014)

Title : Facilitated Human Rights training workshops with a focus on the rights of LGBT citizens and female and male sex workers in accessing HIV prevention and treatment services. The workshop participants included nurses and other health care workers, police and other workers from the security services sector and other stakeholders.

Client : Tiara Academy (April to September 2013)

Title : Development of learner modules for the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development/United Nations Development Programme “Youth Empowerment, Inclusion and Reconciliation Project”

These modules are :-

The advocacy against child abuse and gender based violence continues through education and awareness ; and generally raising public consciousness through training and participation in public discussion. I have facilitated Child Protection and Gender Based Violence workshops and orientation sessions with :-

  • Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (Guyana - 2012, 2013)
  • Roadside Baptist Skills Training Centre (Guyana - 2011, 2013)
  • Ministry of Health (Gender Based Violence Unit) 2012,2013
  • Youth Coalition for Transformation (2012)
  • Roman Catholic Diocese Bishops Conference (2011) and the Regional Justice of the Peace Conference (2013)
  • Youth Advisory Group - UNFPA Guyana

In addition, I co-facilitated Sexual and Domestic Violence Protocol Training for Magistrates' Court Staff, Social Workers and Counsellors through a Help & Shelter project. Reports are available on their website.

The advocacy to support LGBT Equality continues through public awareness. Some of the sessions on gender equality also include topics on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Related presentations , letters, articles :-

Submission to the National Dialogue on HIV and the Law

Connecting University and Community to promote gender equality

Riot to Reception : Gay Pride and Gay Politeness

Rising against Rape - International Women's Day 2014

Pineapple and plaintain only .. on the Red for Gender emas Blog (2014)

Hindus and Gay Rights - Collected Views

Government has failed to implement all National Domestic Violence Policy

Spotlight : Are women and children at Greater Risk (Audio) July 2013

Sex, Rights and Youth : A broad Perspective (June 2013 presentation at UNFPA Forum on ICPD POA)

A Hindu Perspective : Positive masculinities as a significant step in ending Gender Based Violence (June 2013 Presentation at UNFPA Forum on ICPD POA)

From madness to mainstream – “Gay rights” in Guyana, Part I  and Part 2 ( Stabroek News Diaspora Column 24 June, 2013 and July 2013)

It is not our culture Human Rights Culture in Guyana and the Caribbean (Caribbean Studies Association Conference, June 2013)

Ten years after the public forum "Sexual Orientation as a Fundamental Right for Guyanese"..(April 2013)

Submission on the attitude of Guyanese to corporal punishment...

“Liquor companies have not taken responsibility for their retailers selling alcohol to children” Letter to the Editor, Stabroek News , 5 December, 2012

“No weapon formed against me shall prosper” - Theorizing Homophobia in the Caribbean Collection

( (July 2012)

“Reviewing the Reviews : Responding to Sex and Gender in The Sly Company of People Who Care” (with Dr Nalini Mohabir) Small Axe Salon , Issue 9 May 2012

“Guyana's Hindus face Gay quandary” 

- (content support ) Hinduism Today, (April/May/June 2011 Issue)

"Outlawing Corporal Punishment in Guyana" 

SASOD Public discussion on Guyana's UPR commitments

“Sparing the rod and nurturing the Child – Caribbean Culture and violence against children” - Presentation to Caribbean Studies Association conference, June 2010

“What is a western definition of child abuse?” 

Letter to the Editor Stabroek News, 13 April, 2010

Jul 2003Jul 2012

Founding member and trustee

Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination

[SASODis an organisation in Guyana working to remove discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. I am a founding member, and was a trustee until I resigned in July 2012. The reasonfor my resignation is that it became more and more difficult for me to advocate for and maintain a high standard of accountability, trust and respect within the organisation,while pursuing the opportunities to assist the LGBT people who were being harassed. During the resignation process, there was an allegation of corruption/lack of transparency made against my performance as a trustee - based on guidelines advocated by Transparency Institute of Guyana. This allegation was not investigated nor has it been withdrawn]

The trusteeship responsibilities include oversight of the organisation, reporting to donors and other stakeholders.The key activities during this time were :-

  • Initiating and participating in advocacy and awareness activities in Guyana and outside of Guyana - this included drafting of responses to discrimination,working with different audiences to understand sexual orientation and gender identity, developing submissions for legal and policy reform, participation in different events to advance equality. These include the
  • Co-ordination of Painting the Spectrum (from 2005 to 2012) - the first LGBT film festival in the English speaking Caribbean 
  • Project proposal development and technical oversight of projects.The project donors which I worked with were Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice,AusAID,and a partnership with the Equal Rights Trust
  • Public discussions, workshops on human rights, gender identity and sexual orientation with social worker students and other groups
Nov 1995Mar 2011

Volunteer advocate against domestic violence and child abuse

Help & Shelter

As a volunteer with Help & Shelter,  I was involved in various activities related to public education and advocacy. I joined Help & Shelterin1995, when I trained as counsellor for domestic violence. I resigned in March 2011 since Help & Shelter did not agree with my position that the alcohol industry in Guyana should be held accountable for the intensity of violence experienced by families and friends of persons who consume alcohol.

As a a volunteer , I was involved in various ways with :-

  • training of facilitators to conduct domestic violence and child abuse awareness sessions

  • conducting awareness sessions, lectures and workshops with different groups such as the Guyana Police Force, schools, youth groups, faith based groups (Hindu, Muslim and Christian), and other interest groups such as the Rotary Club and other groups. These sessions have ranged from seven minute 'speeches' to five day workshop type sessions.

  • Assisting with project proposal development for funding for various activities for Help & Shelter

  • being active in engaging the public on matters related to Domestic Violence and Child abuse in Guyana by writing letters, statements, organising petitions and other campaigns

  • For two periods, being a member of the Board of Help & Shelter

2008 to 2010

  • Facilitation of public education sessions with different target groups in the health sector


2005 – 2006

  • Supported Help & Shelter's public education work by being a resource for training of volunteers and other members of staff

  • Supported training activities at the Guyana Police Force in Domestic Violence and Child Abuse interventions, including assisting with the drafting of their Domestic Violence and Child Abuse policy

  • Prepared a public education manual as part of UNIFEM funded project,  

2001 - 2004

  • Supported the Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action (CAFRA) in the Guyana implementation of the Regional Training of Police and Frontline Social Workers project

  • Conducted awareness and training sessions for various groups and organisations

  • Prepared and submitted a recommendation to the Disciplined Forces Commission on the re-organisation of the police force in collaboration with Red Thread Women's Development Organisation


  • Trained as a counsellor with Help & Shelter and volunteered in counselling and public education

  • Led the Help & Shelter campaign for the UNIFEM 'A life free of Violence' in 1997

  • Worked on Help & Shelter's board

  • Participated as one of the trainers in the Caribbean Association of Feminist Research and Action led project to train police and frontline social workers in the Caribbean in Domestic Violence Interventions

  • Worked with the Business and Professional Women's Club of the Cayman Islands in conducting various types of public education sessions during their 16 Days of Activism in November/December 2000 – this was done in schools, prisons, church groups, social workers and other target audiences.

Ethics Statement

The following code of ethics guides my relationships with clients, stakeholders and other people with whom I work.

Valuing humanity

In all my work relationships, I will value the human rights of all the persons involved in the work. I will pursue work which does no harm. I will not work with the alcohol industry or the weapons industry. I value the freedom of speech and freedom of association as essential as other freedoms in the building of a society which allows every human being to achieve their potential. I will endeavour to remain objective in my dealings with people and to ensure that decisions are based on clearly stated values. While I honour diversity and respect differences, I will not accept any behaviour which I perceive to violate human rights. My active interest in social justice adds value to all work  in which I engage. I aspire to apply the principles of the Bhagavad Gita in approaches to people who do not share my values.


I will ensure that the work will be performed to agreed quality standards. I will remain open to constant review of the work and be responsive to all queries and comments. I will endeavour to have an evaluation of all work done, and to share the evaluation with clients

Continuous Improvement

I am committed to learning from different sources, and to pursuing work opportunities which enable further learning. I am likely to do some of this work with no requirement of fees. I am also committed to knowledge and experience sharing, and to dedicating some amount of time to sharing that knowledge. I will acknowledge any gap in skills or experience when necessary and work to ensure that the expectations of clients and others are fulfilled through extending partnerships

.Accountability & Transparency

I will ensure that all outputs are delivered according to the agreed schedule. I will be responsive to requests for updates and to renegotiations of schedules. I will be accountable to clients, and to stakeholders and other publics who request information about the work I am engaged in. I will explain my reasons for not providing any information if necessary. I will maintain confidentiality only as far as there are no legal or moral obligations to report. I will report all cases where I think children are in danger or in need of protective intervention.


I will not pay bribes or offer any gifts or concessions to acquire any work. I will not accept any concessions or bribes to modify the output of my work. I will report any attempt to offer or extricate bribes or concessions. In the event that there are any threats, I will report these , or I will seek to remove myself from the assignment.

Conflicts of interest

I will declare all conflicts of interest whether I am asked to or not.

Approaches to educating

I will ensure that all work which involves education and training will involve participatory approaches which will meet the needs of all identified learners.


I will act in according with this code of ethics. I will be open to discussion about this code and to clarifying or expanding as the work evolves.

Education and Training attended


"‘Engaging men towards gender equality: why and how should we do it?’ - organised by Gender Hub Nigeria


  • Training of Facilitators, Intimate Partner Violence, Institute of Health Science Education/Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and Vanderilt University Medical Centre.

2009 to 2010

Childcare Counselling Supervision and Management - Everychild Guyana/ChildLink

Child Protection Policy Training - Everychild Guyana/ChildLink/ Help & Shelter

Child Protection Advocacy Training - Everychild Guyana


  • Smart Toolkit Training Workshop, CTA -Smart Toolkit is an evaluation methodology and this training focused on information products and services especially within the Agriculture sector
  • Outcome Mapping Methodology, IDRC for evaluation


Training of Trainers - Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action - Training of Frontline Workers in Domestic Violence Prevention

1995 to 1997

Domestic Violence Counselling , public education and advocacy - Help & Shelter