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Co curricular skills
Academics has always been accompanied by co curricular activities in my case.I have given chance to my ART,DANCE AND MUSIC skills since my kindergarten.I have been to few art academy during my primary classes and have even given some time to it during my high school days.Dance has been one of my side interest,and have contributed 3 years of my life learning classical dance in form of kathak.Music interest me only up to listening to it but i have also spend some time learning keyboard for a short period of 6 months.Talking about sports:basketball,handball,skating,karate and swimming have been part of my co curricular activities for a long period of time and have also been awarded for my skills into the respective area.
Creativity And Management
Creativity is defined when new ideas and originality is show in the work. I believe in this statement and so always try to implement it in my work.Recently conducted INNOVATIVE PRODUCT AND MARKETING COMPETITION in our school is a platform where we get a chance to express your creativity. My team and I proved ourselves by standing at first runner up position.Secondly, my management skills have always been noticed from the way i work and manage my belongings.GALAXY BAZAAR is one of our school event which is initiated by 11th and 12th humanity students every year has also helped me a lot to sharpen and test my management skills to a very great extent.
Public Speaking
Being on stage and communicating to a huge mass has always infused a new confidence in me.I like to share my thoughts to people and have never been afraid  of letting my ideas out.Since my primary days till now i am being recognized as good presenter and have been awarded for the same.
Learning is a skill which is required by every human at all stages of life.According to my belief learning is an never ending process and the one who stops responding to it is no more alive.Knowing about new thing, analyzing them, coming to conclusion and documenting them has been my one of the best skills over these years.Learning has never been a part of my boredom neither in academics nor in any other field.My likeness towards ''learning'' has benefited me towards a great extent in my academics. I have been a hardworking students and has always shown a positive attitude towards my learning process during school days.    
Taking up responsibility and leading the task or a group has always been my one of the strength over these years.The dedication towards my work and the habit of giving the best possible results has made my leadership quality shine.I have shown my leadership qualities by standing up as HOUSE CAPTAIN and SPORTS CAPTAIN for a period of two years during my school journey.


I keep on nurturing my interest by spending my personal time to it.My interest are wide spread in all the corners of life.Different cultures and traditions around the word fascinates me a lot. My concentration level doubles when my senses comes across things related to it.Travelling to different places especially historical and knowing each thing about that it has a greater share in my interests.Studying about ancient objects adds to my interests in subjects like history and geography.Being with nature and experiencing the life in its every object is one of my major interest.Due to this i have also shown great performance in subjects like environmental education.Apart from these,public speaking has been my interest since my primary school days.I like to take active part in events like debates ,recitation competition and drama performances.My this interest has made me recognized as a good presenter.This interest will stay with me throughout my life.Adding to this, i even like working in groups.Teaching and explaining concepts to my peers or anyone has always given me happiness and so i am always ready to support and help them with this interest of mine.

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