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B. Tech Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Assam Don Bosco University

CGPA: 9.37


10 + 2, Science

Army Public School, Narangi

Percentage: 89.90%



Army Public School, Basistha

GPA: 10

Experience/ Projects


Summer Research and Development Intern

North Eastern Space Applications Centre (NESAC)

The internship developed and tested skills on Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Desktop Application development, and programming capabilities on a live and on-going project.


SHAPE, Backend Developer & Team Leader (Team anTech)

Smart India Hackathon, Ministry of Health & Human Welfare

Development of a SMART system to guide the patients inside a hospital. The project won the Second Runners Up trophy under the ministry.


Sarathi, Back-End Developer, Database Manager

Ideathon: Youth Innovations for a Brighter Assam, The Centre for Sustainable Development Goals & UNDP

Development of a system to monitor, manage, and control the maternal mortality rate in Assam, India. The project was one of the two winners, and is currently being pursued to be transformed to an end-product.


SCENES, Website Developer (Team DIGI8)

Smart India Hackathon 2017, Ministry of DoNER

 Development of a centralized portal for North-East India tourism. The project was in Top-8, and was transformed and delivered as an end-product.


Estimating Phenotypic Traits of Crops

Assam Don Bosco University

Development of an Image Processing and Deep Learning model that estimated crop phenotypes (emergence count) based on images of crop plots.


Extracting Discourse and Topic Boundaries in Documents

Assam Don Bosco University

A Natural Language Processing (NLP) project concerned with segmenting text with discourse segmentation.


Multi - Lock Encryption System

Assam Don Bosco University

A project on Cryptography and Steganography to devise an algorithm and implement it. The algorithm used four levels of encryption to store data into an image.


drum roll, pls

Developed 3 music applications using Flask, Socket IO, JavaScript (ToneJS, Web Audio API, Genius API) and Web Technologies. (1) The Toony Tunes Show: music composer/playback recording/downloading composition (2) Sa-Re-GA-ME-Pa-Dha-Ni: a guess the song game (3) Eenie Minnie Midi Mo: know what text sounds like.



Used Python (Flask), JavaScript (ajax), HTML, CSS to develop a platform that allows users from across the globe to perform collaborative art, and download the current art as an image.


Build Your Own Card

A simple and user-friendly web app that lets the user customize their information on a card anddownload it as an image.


Quote Unquote

A Chrome Extension for sharing what you like, with the people you like. It lets the user share a website or quotes/snippets from any website across many different platforms with just a single click.


Packt Tracer

A script which notifies the user about the Free Book of the Day from Packt, with the title, book details, a picture, and access link - all through an automated Slack notification.


Stop the Countdown

A website to spread awareness on the environmental issues that are accelerating ahead of us.


Comic Downloader

An automation script that lets the user download a specified comic and save it as pdf.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages

Python, C, C++, JavaScript, Java


HTML, CSS, Django, Firebase, SQL, Machine Learning, GIt


Windows, Linux

Positions of Responsibilities

Team Leader (Team anTech) Smart India Hackathon 2018
President (2018), Vice President (2017) Coding and Web Designing Club, ADBU
Secretary (2017) Literary Club, ADBU
Workshop Organizing Committee WeBlog 2017
Workshop Organizing Committee BoscoHack 2016

Academic and Other Achievements

Gold Medalist (CSE 2019) and the Valedictorian for the Bachelors' Degree students

GATE 2019 Qualified

Second Runners Up, Smart India Hackathon 2018

Winner, Ideathon 2017

Finalist, Smart India Hackathon 2017

Resource Person for the Introduction to Competitive Programming workshop for freshers (2017 & 2018)

First Position: BoscoHack 2016 (Ethical Hacking Competition)

Second Position: Capture the Flag (Competitive Programming), Pro Design Creator (Designing Competition)

Received GateEasy 100% Scholarship

Competitive Coder at HackerRank, CodeChef (vidhi_), HackerEarth (@vidbagadia)

Won several writing competitions at: Wordweavers, Wattpad India, College Poetry and Story Writing Contests, School - Level Silver Medalist in Essay Competition by TATA

Current Blogger at and Former Blogger at

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