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Mr. Riegel works in all formats including digital video conversions and compression, digital CD, DVD mastering,  and especially in streaming media formats via the Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere editors. He develops and supports new trends in visual media technology  and workflow management and other solutions in visual media developments. He solves complex technical problems by utilizing a myriad of advanced audio-video hardware and software applications along with a great deal of initiative and ingenuity. He often deviates from the traditional production standards to invent new and unique ways to meet production requirements in a timely fashion. Jeff provides research, statistics, and logistics on state-of-the-art broadcast and non-linear editing hardware and software platforms. He analyzes and recommends such items to enhance and improve department workflow, to create a more visually polished product for the customer, and to benefit the current and future program objectives and mission.

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Media Production Specialist

GLJ Media Group

"The Lost Clipper"  (Documentary)

Co-Producer, editor, camera, graphics, and Social Media Officer

A documentary film crew ventures into the remote South Pacific to solve the worlds first hijacking mystery and bring home 15 Americans kidnapped in 1938. 

Filmed on location in Micronesia, Guam, Hawaii and USA.

“Tori Nelson: The Full Nelson”  (Documentary)

Producer, Director, Social Media Officer, Canon 5D Cameraman, and Final Cut Pro Editor for a series of 5 to 45 minute promotional videos on Tori Nelson, the #1 ranked USA female middleweight boxing champ with nine World Title belts (WBC and WIBA World Middleweight & Welterweight boxing champ.)

A professional promotional piece about the USA Women's Middleweight Boxing Champion and multiple Washington DC Golden Glove recipient, Tori Nelson, and her fight for sponsorship against the odds. She is a single mother of two children, holds four minimum paying jobs, and a devout inspirational Christian looking for sponsorship so she can continue to fight.

With great assistance from these videos, she went on to win the International WBC Middleweight title in July 2011 and the WIBA World Title in February 2012. The ability to obtain these fights was made possible by these and other promotional video marketing products to reach an international audience.

Aired on NBC4 in Washington DC, IMDb, and an “Editor’s Pick” on

Alexandria Film Festival (2012) and Black Texas Film Festival (2013)

“The Impossible Shot” featuring Frank Lee Ruggles   

Hike and Shoot

Editor, 5D Cameraman,  and Graphics for the introduction to a new network television show. Slated: 2016

Each episode will feature a different US National Park, where Frank will lead us on hikes to the very best spots to capture the ultimate photographs as well as showing us the techniques he uses to photograph his iconic images. The show will feature photography how-to's for serious shooters, but instructions for beginner and casual photographers will also be included in each show. In each episode, Frank will show you how to "Get the Shot", and then , using his experience as a paratrooper, He'll show us just how far he's willing to go to get the ULTIMATE shot, generally with a great degree of difficulty.

“Love at First Bite” featuring Dennis Stanley

Co-Producer, Editor, 5D Cameraman, Social Media Officer and Graphics for the introduction to a new network promo show. In-Process

Each show will follow true patrons and occasional celebrity guests with food allergies. Approximately 15 million Americans -- including 3 million children -- suffer from food allergies, and the prevalence is increasing. Because there is no cure, avoidance of the allergen is the only way to prevent reactions. Death can be sudden, sometimes occurring within minutes. Mr. Stanley has been creating items for those affected (and not affected) by food allergies for over 20 years.

Mar 2009Present


Jeff Riegel's Daily Video Vlog

Creation of a daily Vlog (Video + Blog) in 2009 specializing in Everything Apple and Final Cut Pro. My Vlog has accumulated over 300 daily email subscribers via Facebook and Twitter as well as over 300,000 total views by Oct. 2015.  GLJ Media Group Daily Blog

Dec 2014Present

Senior Video Producer/Editor

TASC Studios/Engility
*Produce, direct, shoot, and edit tightly scripted videos, short and long-form documentaries, and original video content for web and other presentation formats.
*Work in a dynamic production environment; helping to define multiple Intelligence Community customer requirements, develop solutions and create innovative production concepts.
*Lead the video production team by coordinating with other teammates and project SMEs (animators, designers, project leads and customers) to tell compelling stories via multimedia.
*Experienced with EFP, digital post-production, various video formats and transcoding, encoding, and authoring for distribution
Nov 2010Nov 2014

Video Editor and Production Specialist

Raytheon/Blackbird Technologies, Inc.

Blackbird Technologies, Inc. is a technology solutions provider whose mission is to solve challenging problems for customers in the Defense, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement Communities. We apply our technical expertise, innovation, and operational experience to meet our customers' unique and complex challenges.
*Planned and budgeted a state-of-the-art video facility including purchasing hardware/software, and created layout and design of spaces.
*Instrumental in hiring key media personnel and team members.
*Broadened range of skills by attending seminars on social media tactics and ever-changing multimedia technologies.
*Sole video editor for classified projects against the war on terror.
*Research, develop, design and prepare original products that enhance and support program management objectives.

Apr 2011Jan 2014

Social Media Consultant

Capital Tristate Electrical Distributor

To create Capital Tristate’s social media networks by connecting with customers, clients and related businesses to better establish it as The Premiere Electrical Distributor of Choice. By creating a presence on the Top-5 social networks, CTE will maneuver itself higher on Google searches. Work involves creating, networking and linking Quick Response Codes with products as well as investigating future emerging trends in social media marketing. Includes configuration and creation of Facebook, LinkedIn Premiere, Wordpress, and Twitter accounts.

Oct 2000Oct 2010

Senior Video Editor, Audio Visual Specialist & Team Leader

Office of Naval Intelligence


  • Spearheaded the technical advancement of the Video Production Department by implementing advanced motion graphics, video editing, and DVD creation techniques through such advanced software solutions as Final Cut Studio, Curious Maps, Squeeze, Motion and LiveType. Promoted from a GG-9 to GG-13 within four years.
  • Took the lead on a three-year history production involving a dozen of the US Navy's most prestigious admirals. Extensive pre-planning and consultation with subject matter experts was an ongoing process to the success of this video. Hundreds of hours of tape were edited down to a 60-minute documentary for eventual dissemination to the entire fleet via the World Wide Web.
  • Responsible for meeting with military and government clients to discuss and develop informational video vignettes for quick deployment to the entire US Naval Fleet around the world. One such product of newsworthy mention was produced in April 2001 for the Pentagon's Joint Chief's of Staff to shape foreign policy.
  • Leads other production specialists by direction and guidance with final creative decision on the approach, progress, and techniques on finished non-linear programs. One such composition involved coordinating a specialized team overseas to document subject matter for a Special Access Program for which I hold a classified clearance. A strong balance of perseverance coupled with diplomacy and positive attitude were required for this mission.


  • Serves as an Audio Visual Production Specialist involved in the overall development, direction, and complete creation of both routine and specialized video programs to convey specified intelligence information and objectives.
  • One of two nonlinear video editors supporting the entire Office of Naval Intelligence and naval division of the Pentagon, including The Office of the Director of Naval Intelligence.
  • Major duties are concerned with communicating and producing information through visual means. Includes the design and display of such visual materials as photographs, computer-generated graphics, illustrations, and graphs to be used in briefs, conferences and any other means of communicating information; determining the theme to be presented, the specific visual material necessary, and the way in which it will be presented.
  • In January 2008, was appointed as the Video Center Team Leader overseeing the smooth operation of day-to-day events by coordinating staff and resources.Became the Video Division’s only government purchase cardholder responsible for a yearly budget of $30,000 to upkeep the department’s media supplies and equipment inventory.
  • Consulting with program officials and users to determine the information to be communicated and the educational and cultural characteristics of the audience.
  • Liaison with graphic artists, subject matter experts, national production houses, footage libraries, videographers and photographic technicians to develop materials that will best communicate in visual terms the concepts and ideas that are required.
  • Reporting design and production inputs both orally and in writing via recommendations, Standard Operating Procedures, briefings, and active participation and leadership in inter-agency meetings and conferences.
  • Routinely demonstrate complete independence and decision-making control in all facets of various lengthened video productions to include pre-planning, logistics, layout and timing of the edit process, and final duplication of the completed piece in the appropriate and desired digital/media formats.
  • Attends and participates in conferences and training seminars to further advance my knowledge and education in the broadcast field. This involvement in such recognized conventions as the National Association of Broadcasters has honed my skills in this ever-changing and evolving technical area, therefore increasing the quality and polish of products produced for ONI.


  • Expert proficiency at working in all media and web formats utilizing emerging digital conversion and compression software such as Sorenson Squeeze and Media Encoder.
  • Identifying, developing and supporting new trends in visual media technology workflow management and other solutions to visual media developments.
  • Solves complex technical problems by utilizing a myriad of advanced audio-video hardware and software applications along with a great deal of initiative and ingenuity; quite often deviating from the traditional production standards to invent new and unique ways to meet production requirements in a timely fashion.

Provides a plethora of research, statistics and logistics on new state-of-the-art broadcast and non-linear editing hardware and software platforms. Ability to analyze and recommend such items to my immediate supervisor to enhance and improve department workflow, to create a more visually polished product for the command, and to benefit the current and future audiovisual program objectives as well as the mission of the Office of Naval Intelligence.

May 1998Oct 2000

Audio Visual Technician

SSI Services (now Aerotek)

SSI Services/Central Intelligence Agency; Langley, VA

Audio-Visual Technician (Contractor), CIA Headquarters Auditorium

  • Serving the entire Intelligence Community and other government agencies with audiovisual technical support including remote camera video recording and switching, large screen data projection, and multiple microphone setups. Both classified and unclassified meetings on and off-site. Also responsible for shooting and editing departmental video projects using an AVID MCXpress for Windows NT editing system with Boris FX special effects software.

My Resume Reel

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The Lost Clipper

Co-Producer, editor, camera, graphics, and Social Media Officer A documentary film crew ventures into the remote South Pacific to solve the worlds first hijacking mystery and bring home 15 Americans kidnapped in 1938. Filmed on location in Micronesia, Guam, Hawaii and USA.



Aug 1983May 1987


Ithaca College


Craig Fladager

"I really enjoyed the video  Thanks for all the time and talent you have put forth on this project to date, no one else would have done it for us.   I think you did a great job and just can't thank you enough for everything!"

See the Video Here

Craig Fladager

Boxing Trainer for Tori Nelson

#1 USA Woman’s Middleweight Boxing Champion

Three Time WIBA and WBC Middleweight and Welterweight World Champion

Guy Noffsinger

“Jeff Riegel is one man production machine. He is driven, meticulous, energetic and the core of most of my productions.

I have known Jeff for over ten years and have come to count on him when I needed someone to fill a role as an on-location director, producer and cameraman. He has the technical abilities to troubleshoot most production problems, the creativity to make a boring film plan into something dynamic and artistic ideals with a professional bearing that makes nearly all clients / talent feel comfortable and confident in his vision and execution. As a bonus, he is an excellent video editor with a good command of motion graphics, a skill that can really enhance his video capture process. If you need a dependable, hardworking and trustworthy video professional, seek no other than Jeff Riegel. Regards, Guy Noffsinger

Patrick Smith

“I have the pleasure of knowing and working with Jeff Riegel. I met Jeff in 1998 at the Central Intelligence Agency were we worked together as Audio-Visual Specialists. It is there were I saw Jeff's initiative and enthusiasm for doing such tasks as re-wiring a/v racks and where we both self-taught ourselves on the Avid Editing system. We also provided a/v support for high level events for the Director of Central Intelligence Agency, Members of Congress, Showtime Movie Premiere "In the Company of Spies" with Tom Beringer, Ms. America "Heather Whitestone", and Hispanic Heritage month with Rita Moreno and Edward James Olmos. Jeff then moved on to the Office of Naval Intelligence. And it was there that I witnessed Jeff's creativity working on various video projects for the Director of Naval Intelligence and the Commanding Officer using the Final Cut Editing system.

  When Jeff is given little resources to work with on a project, he is able to create a video production that highly exceeds the client’s expectations. I have seen Jeff literally create a video with no graphics or footage to work with, and he is able to give the client the vision they have relayed to him verbally. I highly recommend Jeff Riegel for all of your video editing projects. With Jeff you get creativity, communication and the experience needed to give you a quality video product.”

F. Patrick Smith

Video Production Specialist

Office of Naval Intelligence

Washington DC

Videographer, FPS Video Productions

Washington DC

Charlie Ray

For a detailed reference letter kindly see:  Reference Letter

"...Over the years it has been a pleasure to have worked with Mr. Riegel.  His passion for video production and multimedia operations has made the Office of Naval Intelligence a better organization and has promoted greater service to the United States Navy and America.  Our thanks to Jeff for a job well done!”

See the Video Here

Charlie Ray

Chief, Multimedia Services Department

Office of Naval Intelligence

Washington, DC

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Clearance:  CI Polygraph