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Work experience

Apr 2013Present

Senior Developer


To research on new technologies and use the best possible mix of technologies to get the assigned task completed with the minimul resources possible.Technology: 3ds Max, Maxscript , Untiy, C#, VB.Net, Photoshop, JS, Estimotes, Oculus Rift, WebGL, Objective-C/C, AS3, etc.

May 2012Present

3d Technical Developer

Maxscripting and developing tools for 3ds Max. Writing scripts for Photoshop and make apps using Recently I have been involved in Windows Graphics and OpenGL.
Sep 2011May 2012

Technical Artist

Maxscripting and developing tools for 3ds Max. Writing scripts for Photoshop.
Mar 2011Aug 2011

Design Weaver

Theme Weavers
Designing for Events.
May 2010Feb 2011

3d Artist

Cartesian Arts
Archviz and scripting for 3ds Max.


Sep 2008Mar 2010

Advanced Diploma in 3d and Visual Effects

Maya Academy Of Advanced Cinematics
Apr 2006Mar 2007

Apr 2000Mar 2005

Senior Secondary Education CBSE

Ryan International School

Skillset Breakdown

Pipeline Designing: Possesses the ability to research and explore various technologies and mix and match them to create a custom pipeline design or script/tool. This helps in using the best of both worlds and helps reduce the production pipeline wherever possible.

Automation: Can efficiently write scripts or programs to automate tasks wherever possible. Also possesses the ability to work on various programming languages. This helps in diversifying the role of automation. Hence can use multiple scripts and languages to get the task accomplished wherever possible.

Scripting/Programming : Well versed with the basics of language like loops, operators, etc. Which helps me to make scripts and programs using various languages. I have been working on Visual Basic 6.0, Maxscript, C#, MEL(a bit), and bits of : C and C++. I have been able to find out that the only difference in the language is of the syntax and nothing else. I have created various scripts to make the workflow of the artists easier and reduce their burden.

Recently, have started programming an application with full database functionality for iOS 8.0 phones. The app uses Objective C as the core language for successful running on the mobile device.

Research:  Is able to research on various new technologies and is active on various forums to give and take solutions/advice whenever required. Also I am proud of this being a great skill set to be possessed as it helps find multiple solutions than just one. These solutions can be of valued and the best can be used as per the organization to achieve its goals. This skill set has helped me grow in my career by learning and implementing new programming/scripting languages like: C#,C++, Javascript, C, Objective C, Action Script 3.0, Javascript, VB.Net, C for Graphics and not to forget, 3d mathematics for vector calculations in 3d.

Areas Of Expertise

Unity: I have been working on Unity to create an in-house game/walkthrough. The  objective of the game is to be highly photo-realistic, interactive and swift in gameplay. Hence, the game demands detailed 3d models and textures. For interactivity, a gamepad controller and leap motion controller has also been used. Apart from this, another 3d interactive game was created using Oculus Rift. This was to showcase the medical animation. Oculus gave the feeling of the user to be in the human body and a 360 degree view helped a lot in understanding human organs.

I am also proud to say that we as a team have made a windows game/walkthrough that is of a very high detail with faked GI and runs smoothly despite of being 5.6gb in file size.

MAXScript: I have used MaxScript to write scripted tools and plugins for 3ds Max. Also, using my programming knowledge, have been able to write scripts and link to custom C# DLL’s to access programs like Excel and Open Office in 3ds Max. Using my mathematical skills, I have also developed object placement and alignment scripts using vector mathematics and trigonometry.

C#: I have been using DOTNET for developing UI for 3ds Max, Automating tasks for Photoshop and developing GDI+ applications using various libraries. Also, I have been researching on making plugins using C# for 3ds Max. Apart from 3ds max, C# also has been used in scripting for Unity3d. Using C#, recent technologies like Oculus Rift and Leap motion controller have also been integrated into Unity3d games.

C/Objective-C: I had gotten a chance to work on a research project when the new Estimotes had arrived. The Objective was to make a Flash Application that used the Estimotes iOS SDK for iOS devices. For this, I had to program in C and Objective-C to make Air Native Extension, to be used with Adobe AIR sdk 3. This was a great learning experience as all the programming was done at a very low level. Apart from just working on xcode, I did also get chance to work on flash builder and make iOS application that used Esitmotes. This experience then helped me learn more about mobile application eg. Using the core Bluetooth, core location and various other libraries, and using xibs etc.

Javascript: This language is mostly used for developing web applications, but also some Photoshop scripts have been made using JavaScript for automating repetitive tasks and performing user specific actions.

Shader Programming: Recently, after starting with Unity development, we realised the need for creating custom shaders to get various visual effects. So I started making shaders for unity. The learning curve for shader programming was quite steep, as it involved learning of the graphics pipeline and various shader concepts and gpu concepts.  Some examples are:

1) Rotating cubemap texture in reflection maps to a custom rotation.

2) Manipulating transparency and reflections.

WebGL: While in a research project, I had gotten a chance to work on creating an interactive demo using Webgl. The objective of creating the demo was to generate a virtual 360 degree panorama and navigate in the space, to give the user a feeling that he is present in the 3d space. The programming languages used were, Javascript and this also involved the usage of shader programming concepts. The hidden objective was also to figure out if the existing html pipeline can be freed from the use of other libraries like KRpano, etc.


Allison S. Di Liberto, Senior Digital Producer

Videep is one of the most talented developers I've worked with. Very high quality work, deep understanding of digital technologies, excellent attention to detail, and an outstanding intuition about what makes great interactive applications. It was a pleasure working with him.

Justin Laezza3D Artist at Iomedia

To say good things about Videep and the hard work he does would only touch on the surface of what he brings to the company each and every day. Videep is an amazing programmer who can take nearly any task, in nearly any programming language, and produce stellar results. He does not just focus on the end result, but rather immerses himself in the required assignment and becomes an expert at, and an advocate for, his work. Videep has been a major force developing scripts and process that have allowed us to streamline our 3d processes. This has helped create an immeasurable level of efficiency. In doing so, he has also created applications that drive some of the most important, code based, elements of Iomedia's Virtual Venue websites. Videep has since stepped even further into the development world and is working to take Iomedia into the future and with him the sky is the limit. Recently, someone described Videep, to me, as a Swiss Army knife because he is someone capable of taking to a variety of tasks. While an accurate description of his skills, it sells short what he brings as a person. The excitement and energy that Videep brings to every project is infectious and makes him an integral part of our teams. I cannot say enough good things about the quality of Videep's work, what he has done to revolutionize our workflow and what he means to our company and the company's future. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Videep and an honor to have been asked to do so.

Clark Bickford, Manager, Rendersmart

Videep is a clever and creative individual. His programming knowledge and troubleshooting ability has been a great asset to our business on many occasions. When looking at problem or repetitive tasks within a process we highly recommend Videep’s knowledge and experience to reduce rework and costs through real innovation.

Appster Reference

I would like to bring this into light that the reference for this job opportunity was given to me by Martin Halford.


C# 4.0
Objective C
Computer Graphics
Visual C++