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Work experience

Aug 2010Sep 2010

Art Teacher

BSix Sixth Form College


Supply Teaching for 3 weeks in the art department

Classes Taught:

-Media Studies

-Drawing and Painting Classes.


Projects Officer

Pamberi Trust

Working as a Projects Officer with pamberi Trust expanded my skill set in that I had to do the following tasks, much aligned to managerial work yet depending on the initial creative input.

1. Conceptualise and realize Youth Projects.

2. Set up and administer above mentioned.

3. Develop and implement sustainability plan for the Project.

4. Oversee running of projects and report back to the Trust on progress weekly

5. Network with the Artistic and Business community for project developments and sustainability checks.

6. Develop and deploy advertising strategies.

7. Ability to work under pressure during the running of Live events.

8. Work within a team and take charge as and when necessary.

9. Develop and produce marketing and Advertising material.


Art Teacher

Zimbabwe German Society

Ran a bi-weekly arts class for children aged 12 and above. The class covered areas such as basic drawing, basic design and painting.


Art Teacher

Prestige College

Teaching Art is a  fullfilling experience as I find myself engaging with creative minds. The challenge is always to be able to communicate a creative aspect across, due to its nature, art is usually beyond expression in words. It is the practical aspect I enjoy about teaching art.

I am most inspired when i work with "sidelined" students. Art is a great why for self realisation and confidence boosting.


Sep 2008Jun 2010

Masters in Fine Art

Slade School of Art, University College London

Masters in Fine Arts 

My main focus is painting. From this central point I work with other media such as video, sculpture, animation and performance. This culminates in a practice that is both experimental while being both rich and diverse in content.


Having a theatrical  background has enabled me to extend my skills set. I have performed in Edinburgh, London, South Africa and Zimbabwe.   I find this skill set useful in : 1. Presentations. 2.Coaching for presentation 3. Event Hosting 4. Art performance 5.Stand Up Comedy
Events Management
I am a proficient and hardworking events Organizer or Manager. I have had experience in Conceptualising, Implementing and running events. Mostly due to a hardwork ethic and a willingness to learn on the spot, I have managed to work successfully in this field. 
Digital Graphics and Animation
Proficient in Photoshop CS4 capable of handling the tasks listed below   1. Photographic retouching   2.  Web Graphics Design   3. Logo and Corporate  Identity Design   4. Events Publicity Design.      
Fine Artist - Painting
Abstract painter with a vivid imagination and creative response to environment and the status quo
Art Tutor
My technique of teaching involves helping the individual student identify with their potential, and building their visual language based on that potential. I have had enormous success in teaching art in this way.


Beverley Abrahams

The following are the details of my superior at the below addressed College where I taught art.

Beverley Abrahams

Principal, Prestige College

Prestige College

7/9Bishop Gaul Avenue

Kopje, Harare


Phone: +263 4 725 020

Fax: +263 4 795 118

[email protected]

Paul Brickhill

Stephen Williams

Digital photo montage


I am a practising artist, with an interest in working with communites, organizations and individuals who are interested in the marketing of art, and in workshops and forums for promoting arts and culture.

As an experienced art tutor, I have the ability to draw out the best out in students.  I work with people of all levels who want to engage with art, from both a technical and theoretical standpoint.

Experience in the performing  arts also enhances my ability to engage with the human form better, whether it be in the visual arts,performing arts or workshops in the above areas.



Canon Collins Trust Scholarships for Southern Africa  2007

Nancy Balfour Trust Scholarship- 2009

Chelsea Arts Club:Honorary Membership 2009

Art Exhibitions

2010 Scholarship Receipients Exhibition-Chelsea Arts Club, London-G

2010 MA Graduation Show-The Slade School of Fine Art London

2010 Saint Stephens Festival-London

2010 Tell us about it Chelsea Old Library London

2009 Interim :The Slade School of Fine Art @Worburn Square,London2009 Art of Nurture-Lloyds Bank

Delfina Gallery United Kingdom

2008 Many Rivers to Cross

Oval Theatre House,London

2008 The third bicycle

Byam Shaw @Central Saint Martins London –2008  “Tongue Tied”

Cochrane Theatre : London 2007 Interim Show

Byam Shaw @Central Saint Martins Post.Grad Diploma 2005 African Artists Exhibit

Stuttgart, Germany2005 Impressionen: Rottwiel, Germany 2004  Children…The Unheard Voices: Harare, Zimbabwe – Solo exhibition 2004  Records of Identity: Harare, Zimbabwe – Solo exhibition 2004 Four Young Artists: Harare, Zimbabwe 2003  Survivor: Harare, Zimbabwe – 2003 The Agony and the Ecstasy: Harare, Zimbabwe – Solo exhibition 2003 Forsaken Identity: Harare, Zimbabwe – Solo exhibition 2003 Women: Harare, Zimbabwe – Solo exhibition 2002 Quantum Soup for Oliver:

Harare, Zimbabwe – Three solo exhibitions2001 Reflections: Harare, Zimbabwe – Group exhibition1999 Insecurity: National Gallery of Zimbabwe – Group exhibition 1998  Young Turks:

Harare Zimbabwe – Group 1998  Polytechnic Exhibition: Harare, Zimbabwe – Graduate students exhibition.1997 Double Vision:

National Gallery of Zimbabwe – Group exhibition


I am a Zimbabwean visual and performing artist with over eight years of practical experience as a fine artist, art teacher, poet, actor and comedian. Through visual creations and performing arts, I hope to raise awareness and generate debate about culture, politics and issues of identity.