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Work experience


Noval Enterprises


Culver City High School


President Victorino Noval of Noval Enterprises, whose successful career as a real estate agent enables him to make expert judgments on investment risks and opportunities in real estate and financing, closes multimillion-dollar deals for his clients. Successful in real estate from a very young age, Victorino Noval has a keen eye for investment opportunities. The Beverly Hills resident sees value in renewable “green” energy technology, and his adoption of such technologies has helped to reduce costs for his family’s commercial holdings. Specifically, Mr. Noval involves himself in research for wind turbine energy, silica as a means of hydrogen production, and possible applications for solar power. 

Victorino Noval also participates actively in local and national charity campaigns, particularly those with a primary focus on benefits for children, such as California-based Spark of Love, whose toy drives in Long Beach go to support over 400 impoverished families every year. Mr. Noval also runs a nonprofit organization of his own, Victorino Noval Foundation, which lobbies to end the Cuban embargo. Victorino Noval, Jr., inherited his interest in the Cuban embargo from his father, a Spanish immigrant to Cuba who fought communism alongside the Internal Government of Anti-Communist Liberation, or GILA, in the 1960s and was forced to leave his family behind to seek political asylum in the United States. Finally reunited in 1966 by a CIA initiative to help GILA families out of Cuba, both father and son struggled to make a name for themselves in the United States, keeping a watchful eye out for any opportunity that presented itself. The father built an empire and helped many people, but one final dream remains unfulfilled.

Following the passing of his father, Victorino Noval increased efforts to make the public aware of the benefits of open travel and trade between Cuba and the United States, and in October 2010 he wrote an open letter to President Barack Obama urging him to consider the issue. The Victorino Noval Foundation works diligently to draw attention to the issue, including through the publication of books and articles, which Mr. Noval hopes will inform public opinion on the matter.


Art collecting, Supporting local charities especially as they relate to children's benefits, Charitable campaigns to raise awareness regarding ending the United States and Cuban embargo, attending sporting events; especially Los Angeles Dodgers baseball and Los Angeles Lakers basketball, supporting Little League organization with my son, and traveling.