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Victoria Anne Yardley

Work experience


Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessor)

Mechanical Engineering Dept., Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

Lectured both introductory-level and advanced courses on materials microstructure and characterisation for international M.Sc. programme

Supervised Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc. and international internship research projects

Conducted fundamental and industrially focused research, mainly in the area of characterising and improving the properties of high-temperature steels

Sourced external funding for research; presented results at conferences and in journals

Participated in course accreditation, student selection and faculty meetings


Assistant Professor

Kumamoto University, Japan

Supervised B.Eng. project resulting in the development of new thermomechanical processing methods giving improved high-temperature mechanical properties in 9%Cr martensitic steel

Acted as English-language advisor for publications and oral presentations

Conducted electron microscopy and electron diffraction(SEM/EBSD) training sessions


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Tohoku University, Japan

Developed techniques for microstructure-based determination of cracking mechanisms in martensitic high-temperature steel for power plant

Tutored students in English and edited articles for publication


Technical Writer (teleworking)

Graz University of Technology

Wrote documentation for MatCalc thermodynamic and kinetic software


Postdoctoral researcher

CEA (French Atomic Energy Agency)

France  Developed new reduced-activation alloys using thermodynamic, kinetic and neural network models

Supervised student interns characterising experimental steels

Liaised with industrial suppliers regarding compositions and qualities of experimental batches


Undergraduate super

University of Cambridge

Conducted weekly small-group tutorials for undergraduates




University of Cambridge

Thesis on "Magnetic Detection of Microstructural Change in Power Plant Steels"

Available at Phase Transformations and Complex Properties Group Online Theses

Main achievements in thesis: literature survey to determine general principles from disparate experimental results, optical and electron microscopy including EBSD, magnetic Barkhausen noise measurements, development and fitting of mathematical model relating microstructural changes to Barkhausen noise.



University of Cambridge

Class 2:1

Dissertation on "Changes in Magnetic Hysteresis on Tempering of Steels" class 1


Photography, Japanese language, culture and literature