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Credential Coordinator

Full Sail University
•Supervised accreditation projects, including the collection and management of employment documentation such as transcripts and personnel reports. •Performed research and drafted and edited text contained in submitted accreditation reports. •Served as main contact for executive, staff and faculty inquiries throughout accreditation and compliance processes. •Led project teams on accreditation assignments such as report writing and final organization of audit presentations. •Led the effort to revive the stalled Faculty Scholarship Program (eventually enrolling 75+ faculty and staff over 9 months). •Created forms and documents to monitor enrollment dates, instructor feedback, grades and other pertinent information. •Monitored, updated and maintained oversight of quality assurance accreditation initiatives for official site visits, surprise audits and management inquires. •Attended 20 Advisory Committee meetings for accreditation acting as official secretary. •Created task checklists for use by committee members to monitor progress through accreditation procedures.

Faculty Development Coordinator

Full Sail University
•Developed, created and implemented university-wide faculty training and tracking database (CE Tracker). •Verified, tracked and entered over 500 faculty members into CE Tracker. •Served as database administrator and point of contact for updates and troubleshooting. •Orchestrated and coordinated university-wide training workshops and lectures. •Managed approximately 15 classes per month with over 50 classes scheduled during spring, summer and winter week breaks (planned and conducted over 250 classes throughout the calendar year). •Created and distributed faculty surveys for feedback regarding continuing education and training sessions. •Reviewed feedback and implemented changes to training sessions. •Initiated and coordinated the launch of new hire orientation sessions by improving and updating content, reviving subject matters and asking president and senior vice presidents to attend sessions and speak to new employees (over 20 new faculty and staff members attended each month).

Faculty Recruitment Assistant

Full Sail University
•Led implementation and training of new school-wide applicant tracking system (applicant tracking system receives over 150 applicants per week). •Administered onboarding SOP for up to 5 new faculty members per week including creating personnel reports, scheduling first month of faculty training and organizing necessary paperwork for accreditation (transcripts, resumes, biographical reports). •Reviewed approximately 75 résumés per week. •Supported faculty recruitment efforts by screening applicants and offering hiring recommendations to ensure the selection of the best candidates in alignment with accreditation standards. •Developed procedures that improved the department’s hiring processes, including job posting, prescreening, hiring and onboarding. •Created standardized guidelines and templates for job recruitment positions to establish procedural uniformity and improve department ability to meet accreditation requirements. •Assisted with report generation to help create Standard Operating Procedures in wake of tremendous university growth (the university is projecting up to 200 new faculty hires for the upcoming fiscal year). •Represented university at job fairs and conferences.




Middlesex Community College

Bachelor's Degree

Boston University


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