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Motivated. High-Energy. Focused.

Mr. Deveso has over 3 years working in the Maritime Industry. As an active USCG Third Mate, Mr. Deveso has been an instructor at State University of New York, Maritime College aboard the school’s training ship, T.S. Empire State VI, teaching the students in various subjects including electronic navigation, terrestrial navigation and radar navigation, collision avoidance and theory.

Following the summer aboard the training ship, Mr. Deveso sailed on his USCG Third Mate Unlimited Tonnage Deck License. He has extensive working knowledge of electronic navigation equipment and techniques and is a USCG qualified radar observer. He has experience working aboard the US Navy’s sea-based radar platform, a missile range instrumentation vessel which operates a state of the art radar array. He followed on to work aboard the US Navy’s Hospital ship traveling to several countries providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

Mr. Deveso is a Project Coordinator with Alpha Energy working in support of offshore wind installations in the Atlantic Ocean. Mr. Deveso is performing various studies, data analytics and modeling to asses the risks to marine navigation in and around the installation.

Work experience

Sep 2015Present

Third Officer

Military Sealift Command
Apr 2015Aug 2015

Third Mate, Unlimited


Worked aboard SUNY Maritime College's Training Ship, Empire State.  Worked closely with Cadets and was tasked with safety related inspections and maintenance.  Was responsible for all inspections of fire fighting and life saving equipment.  Created, developed and executed scenarios and training for required drills aboard ship.  Trained Cadets on the proper procedures for completing inspections and maintenance as well as proper logbook entries regarding inspections.   Worked under the supervision of the Chief Mate.

May 2014Apr 2015


Buffalo Harbor Cruises

Worked as a general crew member and gained further training in line handling and seamanship. Improved small boat handling experience at the helm in traffic while enroute to the destination.  Served in a lookout capacity when in heavy traffic. 

July 2018Present

Project Manager

Alpha Energy LLC

Project Manager for Skipjack Wind Farm Navigational Safety Risk Assessment.


Aug 2010Jan 2015

Bachelor of Science, Marine Environmental Science, Marine Biology

State University of New York Maritime College

Gained invaluable hands on training aboard the Training Ship Empire State VI towards a USCG Third Mate License.  Gained exceptional leadership experience by taking advantage of every leadership position available. 



Throughout my time at Maritime College I progressed through every leadership position, first leading thirty Cadets, then sixty Cadets, then three hundred Cadets and finally the entire Regiment of 1200 Cadets. I possess the ability to lead large groups of people, both older and younger than myself, and connect with them personally to help foster excellent outcomes no matter the project.

Ship Handling

Skilled in both large and small ship handling ranging from 100 ton to 64,000 ton vessels; 90ft to 894ft vessels.  Very familiar and skilled with all types of small craft such as fast rescue boats (i/o and jet propulsion), utility boats, lifeboats, and twin engine tender boats.


Skilled in terrestrial navigation, celestial navigation, electronic navigation


Feb 2015Feb 2020

Transportation Workers Identification Credential

Transportation Security Administration
Jan 2015Jan 2020

Merchant Mariner Credential

United States Coast Guard

Third Mate of Self-propelled Vessels not Including Auxiliary Sail of Unlimited Tonnage Upon Oceans

  • Proficiency in fast rescue boats
  • Radar Observer (Unlimited)
  • Able Seaman Unlimited
  • Lifeboatmam
  • Tankerman Assistant (Limited to Dangerous Liquid (DL) Cargoes
  • Wiper
  • Steward's Department (F.H.)


Gareth "Dan" Welch, Master, M/V C-Commander

"Victor is shaping up to be an asset to any company needing Mariners to man their bridge.  Quick to learn and having a personality that allows him to interact with people from all walks of life, makes him a pleasure to sail with.  Victor is always ready to lend a hand, no matter the job.  I believe that Victor is very well suited to fill a position as a Merchant Mariner.  I see no reason why he shouldn't climb to the top.  I'd be happy to sail with him again."