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Electrical Maintenance

Work experience

Sep 2007May 2015

Lead Electrical Maintenance Technician

DPOC(DarpetroleumOperating company) South Sudan.



COMPANY PROFILE:       DPOC (Darpetroleum operating company) is one of the largest

Oil platform in Sudan promoted by CNPC (China national petroleum corporation and petronas group, Malaysia.)


JOB PROFILE:        


  • I work as Sr. Electrical technician in the Field surface facility (FSF). And Field production facility (FPF) as maintainer of the Electrical equipments in the Oil Gathering Manifolds (OGMs). Also I installed many motor circuit like the progressive cavity pump (PCP). Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) in SUDAN as a Sr.Electrical Maintenance Technician from September 2007 onwards


  • Good knowledge in operation and maintenance of electrical equipments system and trouble shooting related to plant.


  • Good knowledge of synchronizing machines, UPS, Battrey Charger, variable speed drive,PLC,All type of motors, Transformer,Microprocessor based protective relays


  • Thorough knowledge in FIRE AND GAS Systems, trouble shooting.


  • In charge of MCC and Sub Station Day and Night Shifts


  • Carrying out round the clock shift operation for 66KV power distribution network having power demand of 116 MW in coordination with CPP


  • Routine checking of all equipments and recording of system parameters


  • Corrective maintenance are taken according to the complaints the from control room


  • Carrying out of annual shutdown maintenance.


  • Having well knowledge in safety measures & Hazard classification in the petrochemical industries


  • Trained in fire fighting and industrial safety practice including fire-fighting methods, personal safety equipments


  • Testing, Commissioning of Cathodic Protection System


  • Relay Testing for HT,LT Tamco Panel 469MM,Alstom and MM2 relay


  • Testing for EICS System


  • Commissioning and Testing for CD and OD Heater


  • Installation and Testing for VSD, make ABB and Altivar




Jan 1996Sep 2007

Sr Electrical Maintenance Technician

Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd.



Company Profile:

Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Limited is a giant    Petrochemical

Complex in South Asia producing 1600 TPD of UREA, 1100 TPD of AMMONIA and

1500 TPD of Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP).  This complex also consists of process plants like Utilities with Captive Power plant Capacity of 18 MW, Sulphuric Acid, and Phosphoric Acid and Aluminum fluoride Plants. Also it consists of Storage and handling facilities for Imported Ammonia (10000MT) and Imported LPG (8500 MT at Harbour of Tuticorin).


Job Profile:

  1. Generators


  1.   Maintenance of 13 MW and 5.4 MW STG and Operating with National Grid 

       Controllers with APC, APFC.


  1.   Operation and Maintenance of 2.5 MW Ruston Gas Turbine.


  1.   Involved in Operation and Maintenance of Different make Emergency Diesel 

       Generators up to 1100 KVA, 11 KV Systems and 440 V System.


  1. Co – generation Plant – 6MW STG Operating with National Grid.




  1. Operation and Maintenance of 110kv/11kv, 33kv/6.6kv 11kv/3.3kv, 11kv/415v transformers


  1. Operation and Maintenance of 110KV outdoor Substation including 2 numbers of 30 MVA, 110 Kv/11Kv transformers with on load Tap changer.


  1. Transformers of different capacities like 10MVA, 3.5 MVA, 2MVA and 1.6 MVA with offload Tap changers.  


  1. Experience of Oil circulation in filter vacuum system, BDV Oil Test Kit & Hypo test.


  1. Very much conversant with Current transformers and Potential transformers   testing and troubleshooting.


  1. Experience of HT, LT and STS Transformer Oil and Bush Change and Troubleshooting


  1. Experience in Tap changer on load/offload



              III.UPS, Battery Chargers, Batteries, PLC, AVR, and Paging


Testing, Commissioning and Troubleshooting of


  1. Gutor Swiss make 40 KVA & 25 KVA Parallel Redundant UPS System.


  1. AE India make Battery Charger.


  1. Philips Industrial Paging and Flame Proof Unit.


  1. Daily and Routine Maintenance of Battery Banks up to 220VDC.


  1. Programmable logic controller siemens Allen Bradley.


  1. Automatic voltage regulator of 115 V AC


        IV.Motors & VSD


      Overhauling of


  1. FUJI make 11 KV 1880 KW Induction Motors.


  1. FUJI make 11KV, 1850 KW Synchronous Motors operating with 0.85 leading power factor.


  1. BHEL make 3.3 KV, 675 KW slip ring Induction Motor with Magnetic Amplifier Starter.


  1. NGEF make 3.3 KV and 440 V motors of different capacities up to 500 KW.


  1. English Electrical Make Flame Proof and Explosion Proof Motors up to110 KW.


6    3.3KV, 1200KW Fuji make motor with VVF controlled variable speed drives


  1. V S D with Altivar, Simovart, ABB and VS coupling for up to 160 KW motor



  1. Panels, Switch gears

Testing, Commissioning and Troubleshooting of HT, LT Panels and Switch Gears.


  1. ABB India make 33KV, 11KV & 3.3 KV HT Panels with SF6 and vacuum Circuit breaker,BHEL India make 110 KV outdoor MOCB


  1. L&T make 440V LT Panel with ACB up to 3200A.


  1. Maiden Japan 11KV 700 MVA VCB.
  2. ASEA SWEDEN make 11KV and 3.3KV HT Panel with MOCB and English

              Electric Electromagnetic and Static relay.






  1. Protective Relays


Testing, operation & maintenance of

  1. Advanced communicative Micro processor based ABB-SPACOM protective  

Relays for HT switch boards


  1. Tamco and L&T make P&B advanced feeder vision and motor vision  

           Relays for HT, LT panels, and MM Relays


  1. Reading and Drawing circuit diagrams, electrical schematic and safety



Experience in Safety

I am having thorough knowledge about the safety permit system in petrochemical plants, namely class-I permit for earth excavation, job at high elevation, vessel entry, hot work and online jobs, class-II permit for all other jobs. Electrical work permit system deals with jobs at panels, switchgears after taking proper electrical clearance.

  • Monitoring various safety activities including safety permits, work permits, fire extinguishers maintenance.
  • Conducting safety competition for employees
  • Involving activities like emergency safety drills and fire extinguisher demo.


Job Profile:

  • Planned layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures, based on job specifications and local codes.
  • Inspected electrical systems, equipment, and components to identify hazards, defects, and the need for adjustment or repair, and to ensure compliance with codes.
  • Directed and trained workers to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures.
  • Repaired and maintained AC and DC motors.
  • Troubleshot broad range of electrical equipment and operations.


Jun 1992Jul 1995


Sankar Instuite Of Polytechnic India