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Gardening, Fishing, Cooking, Driving


Vicki Patterson is professional barn manager and animal breeder based out of Bloomsbury, New Jersey. Ms. Patterson works specifically with the Gypsy Vanner horse, a breed imported from the United Kingdom and Ireland. Historically used by the Romani people as caravan horses, the breed now enjoys a small but growing group of enthusiasts in the United States. At RiverPointe Farm in Bloomsbury, a rural community just across the border from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Vicki Patterson cares for three imported Gypsy Vanner mares. She is affiliated with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, a Waynesfield, Ohio-based organization dedicated to promoting and bringing about understanding of this unique horse breed and its heritage. Along with breeding Gypsy Vanner horses, Ms. Patterson maintains the day-to-day operations of RiverPointe Farm and cares for the 11 horses and sheep and 10 dogs within the property’s stables, kennels, and pastures. Her duties include serving as a cook and laundress and maintaining the farm’s garden. Vicki Patterson has worked as Barn Manager at RiverPointe Farm since 2009. Outside of her interest in breeding and caring for animals, Vicki Patterson spends much of her spare time cooking, gardening, fishing, and reading. She is originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, and attended school at the New Jersey City University, from which she received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Education.

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Barn Manager

RiverPointe Farm



New Jersey City University