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Asst QA Manager. Almarai bakery division, K.S.A


Seeking promising senior level assignments in Food Quality Assurance/ Quality Systems/Food Safety and Hygiene Management that provide an opportunity to apply and enhance current skills and achieve higher knowledge in profession to contribute constructively to the organization.

Work experience

Jul 2014Present

Asst QA Manager

Almarai bakery division, ksa
  • Managing the responsibility of supervising site QA activities and provide clear objectives for daily operations, deputizing for Site QA Manager, as required.
  • Directly responsible for QA activities in Production floor, Inbound/ Outbound Warehouses and Laboratory
  • Reviewing and revising the QC standard operating procedures and analytical test methods as necessary to maintain the compliance, identity, safety, purity and quality of products.
  • Streamlining overall site QA activities connected to safe and efficient operations while implementing quality standards for meeting targets of with-in preset time and cost parameters.
  • Formulate, direct and participate in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies and procedures for the Quality Assurance department.
  • Coordinating with other departments in developing and implementing new matrices/benchmarks of quality standards directed towards maintain and improving the quality of the products.
  • Working closely with human resources departments to develop performance improvement programs and appraisals for employees.
  • To ensure effective and appropriate corrective action are implemented for non-conformance and quality deviations, including appropriate communication and discussion with senior management on implementing agreed corrective actions.
  • Lead Auditor for AIB, ISO 22000, and Hygiene/GMP audits on 12 production lines in the plant.
  • Reviewing validation reports of new project implementations in line encompassing product quality and food safety.
  • Managing 3rd party pest control team in the site ensuring 0% pest related issues in the production premises.
  • Forecasting and monitoring yearly budgeting of QA department, implementing cost control initiatives.
  • Managing multi functional QA team (90+staffs) consisting of Team Managers, Team Leaders, Bakery Technologists, QA Technicians, QA Assistants and other workforce.
Jun 2013Jun 2014


  • Job includes management of systems applied for the continuous improvement of Food Safety Standards and Quality standards in Six Almarai Bakery plants across Riyadh and Jeddah, utilizing tools like Internal audits, Q Pulse Module, Customer Complaint Investigation and trend analysis
  • Internal Auditor for ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and AIB. Team Member of HACCP program.
  • Planning and Coordinating the Internal audits, modification of Internal Audit Structure, training of Auditors while conducting Audits, Audit findings tracking and reviewing the corrective actions for internal audits.
  • To Review the HACCP Plans and PRP's as per the annual schedule and Coordination with Site Quality department to achieve the schedule.
  • Tracking the pest control program of Rentokil in 4 plants across Jeddah and circulating weekly reports from PestNet online to the higher management to update the effectiveness of corrections and corrective actions
  • Monitoring non-conformance, capture and report on all food safety and end-product quality issues in a timely, accurate manner to the appropriate level through QA Activities Database.
  • To maintain database for consumer, Sales generated Complaints, documentations, CAPA implementations and verification. Training of DP coordinator for updating the database. Provide trends as per specific requirements from higher management.
  • Monitoring the CPM trends of the finished products and keeping the KPI value under target by investigating root cause, corrective and preventive action in production line for continuous improvement and high standard of customer satisfaction.
  • Preparing and reviewing the compliance of HARA (Hazard Analysis Risk Assessment) for ingredients and site modifications
  • Preparing presentations for Quality in monthly MRM’s. Circulating monthly and yearly reports to Divisional Quality Manager and higher management.
Jun 2011May 2013


PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt Ltd
  • Shift in Charge for the entire Water treatment System and Syrup preparation of plant and maintaining Syrup and Water Quality within Pepsi-Co standards.
  • Assures Quality of PET Bottle, Line Glass bottle line (GRB) and packaged drinking water line - Aquafina, in Pepsi-Co Plant
  • Planning preventive and predictive maintenance of the area for maximum up-time.
  • Monitoring and updating all quality control, GLP, GMP, GHK practices and improving in process capabilities
  • Responsible for syrup planning according to the plan circulated by demand planner from Market Unit.
  • Planning Sanitation Schedules and validation of Water treatment plant, syrup plant and finished products based on micro test results.
  • Water Treatment Plant (Coagulation, PSF, ACF, Micron Polisher, UV Unit, RO & Softening Systems) operations, Maintenance and Sanitation Schedules and Sanitation validation based on micro test results
  • To attain beyond targets of various KPIs like Conc. Yield, Sugar Yield, Sugar Delta, Water Number and C&C (Cost Per Case of Chemicals & Consumables).
  • Responsible for man management on the line with a man power of 20, consisting of labours, technicians and operators and
  • To assist Q.C Team in conducting various Audits like- AIB, HACCP, GQA, ISO etc. and to train operators on various food safety systems and other quality parameters.
Dec 2009Feb 2011


  • Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Analysis of milk and milk products.
  • Microbiological analysis of process water via TBC, Pseudomonas, total coliform and E coli by membrane filtration and validation of CIP process.
  • Monitoring the packing quality and specifications of finished products
  • Manage the plant to produce quality products in the most effective, safe, and hygienic way on daily basis.
  • Raw Material Quality Monitoring and final product analysis and maintaining the HACCP system
May 2009Dec 2009


  • Assisted in microbiology related projects on Bio fertilizer, bioethanol production and bio control agents.
  • Made carrier based and liquid bio fertilizers of Pseudomonas, Acetobaceter and Azospirillum.
  • Work with Research and Development team in government funded research projects.
Sep 2008Apr 2009


  • Microbial analysis of Spices and spice products via total plate count, yeast and mold, Salmonella, Listeria, Clostridium, Bacillus, E.coli, Enterobacteriaceae and Coliforms in accordance with internationally accepted USFDA and BAM procedures.
  • Maintenance and calibration of equipment’s in microbiology lab including Sophisticated Automated instrument namely VIDAS (Vitec Immuno Detected Assay System) for the detection and enumeration of pathogens like Salmonella, E.coli and Listeria which works under the immunological principle ELFA.
  • Maintaining the ISO 14001:2004 & ISO/IEC 17025:2005 specifications of the lab.




Mahatma Gandhi University




Kerala University



continuous IMPROVEMENT 

Quality planning, process optimization, process standardization, troubleshooting & problem solving, consumer complaint investigations

quality assurance and food safety

HACCP, Developing Standard Operating Procedures, Pest Control Management, Internal Audits, Identifying Non Conformance and Root-causes, implementation of CA and PA, Validation of new production lines

quality control

Knowledge in Microbiological, Chemical, Physical analysis for Assuring quality of raw materials, Packaging Material & Finished Products throughout the manufacturing process, Positive Release of Raw materials

lead auditor - iso 22000, aib

Internal Lead Auditor for ISO 22000, 9001 and AIB inspections. Experienced with external and internal compliance audits of AIB, HACCP, FSSC, FSMS and ISO

man power management

Performance evaluations and appraisal planning for staffs, Developing ITP and OJT plans.

planning and forcasting

Setting and Monitoring yearly budgeting of QA department, implementing cost control initiatives, Setting KPI's



almarai company

Developing HACCP plans for  Food Manufacturing facilities

AIB Auditor


Lead Inspector on AIB Standards in Food Manufacturing facilities

Advanced – Lead Auditor                     (ISO 22000/9001)

Asure quality, NZ

Lead Auditor on ISO 22000 & 9001 standards in Food Manufacturing facilities

TRAIN THE TRAINER                             ISO 22000 /9001

ALMARAI company

To create awareness and develop new internal system auditors 

Projects Handled

PROJECT LEADER ON "POSITIVE RELEASE OF INGREDIENTS" (2015) Almarai Bakery Division - Initiated and implemented Positive Release of Bakery Raw materials.

PROJECT LEADER MOULD CONTROL PROJECT (Q2 2015) Almarai Bakery Division : - Team Members - 3 , Output - 94% reduction in Mould complaints in Q3 & Q4 2015 in comparison with 2014 - Q2 2015.

MICROBIOLOGY LAB COMMISSIONING (2014 - 2015) Almarai Bakery Division - Design Guidance, Equipment Selection, Setup and Commissioning of Microbiology Lab

PROJECT LEADER FOREIGN BODY CONTROL PROJECT (2014) Almarai Bakery Division : - Team Members -2 , Output - 75% Reduction in FB complaints

WATER NUMBER REDUCTION (2012 -2013) Pepsi Co India , Palakkad - Team Member in implementing water recovery system at Palakkad Plant of Pepsi Co India

SUGAR DELTA REDUCTION (2013) Pepsi Co India Palakkad - Initiator of project on reduction of sugar loss in syrup batching process, Output - sugar delta reduction from 0.18 to 0.09