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Combining a love of teaching with a mastery of mathematics, Vibhor Gautam teaches mathematics to college students. He recognizes that one of the main reasons some students do not do well in college-level math courses, especially those who are not math majors, is fear. According to Vibhor Gautam, some students, when confronted by college math classes, fear that the hard work and even pain that goes into studying for a thorough comprehension will not yield that comprehension. His goal is to help students work through it and gain a full understanding of the subject.Even before he earned his BS in Mathematics from the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, Vibhor Gautam was teaching math as an Instructional Assistant. In this role, he taught Business Calculus and provided supplemental teaching to high school students in the area. He kept that position and developed his love for teaching while he earned his MS in Mathematics; in addition, he also taught math courses to incoming freshmen. Acknowledging that math is a challenging subject that can appear unforgiving of even the smallest error, Gautam emphasizes the importance of understanding formulas over memorizing them. In addition, he considers it more important to be able to look at a problem in its entirety and decide the most suitable formula to apply, and why.Since earning his MS, Vibhor Gautam has taught math to undergraduates at the University of South Florida, Hillsborough Community College, Saint Leo University, and St. Petersburg College, all in Florida. He teaches courses such as Business Calculus, College Algebra, and Statistics. Gautam also teaches general courses in math for liberal arts students, designed to familiarize them with some of the math concepts they will encounter while pursuing their own majors.Certified in Distance Learning Course Design by the College Reading and Learning Association, Vibhor Gautam is committed to using developing technology to the greatest degree possible when designing and teaching classes. A member of the Mathematics Association of America (MAA), he serves as St. Petersburg College’s liaison to the organization. Gautam belongs to the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics as well.

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University of South Florida