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Vincent Higgins is a board director, strategist and President and CEO of Fitiri Energy. He also serves as President of the Institute for Effective Leadership.  As a recognized leader in corporate strategy, leadership development, and training, he has assisted organizations in successfully planning for the future, while simultaneously raising the bar on leadership talent and recruiting. He has spent his entire professional career helping organizations and leaders from diverse industries and cultural backgrounds affect real, sustainable change.

With advanced degrees in physics, philosophy, and theology, he uses his “theo-physicist” background in leadership and enterprise development. He has lived in a number of countries working with corporate leaders and organizations and speaks several languages.

In his recent book, Social Influence and Genius, A Leadership Journey - A Better Future for your Business and the World, Mr. Higgins develops an innovative new model for organizational and leadership development.

Previously Vincent served as a Director of the prestigious Lumen Institute. The Lumen Institute is an international organization for the development of senior business leaders.

Mr. Higgins also served on the Board of Directors at Chancery Resources, a public company who’s corporate mission is to acquire, develop, and expand proven gold and mineral properties into world-class assets.


Pierre Koshakji

“Mr Higgins’ broad academic experience coupled with many years of developing potential in senior leaders make him an asset to any organization. Vincent has guided me for several years and has helped me stay the course to build a very successful business.He has also helped me integrate my family life into this success.”

Mark Wischmeyer

“Vincent was my mentor and coach for many years. He not only helped me excel in my business, but in my personal life as well. His contribution to the leadership development in the Dallas Fort Worth area is immeasurable. He would be an asset to any company’s executive team.

Denis Simon

“Vincent’s understanding of culture within the context of globalization and the corporate world, having lived in many countries and speaking multiple languages, makes him a valuable asset in an environment where building international teams is crucial. I have benefited greatly from his direction and friendship.”

Jim Bethmann

"Vincent's leadership in the founding and direction of the Institute were key to its success. As the Executive Coach and mentor for many CEO's in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, he led the way in directing senior executives towards greater fulfillment in their personal lives. I highly recommend him in any mentoring and/or executive coaching role." 

Dan Flaherty

“As the pressures and challenges of organizational leadership intensify so does the need for senior executives to look to an executive coach to help them and their teams. Vincent has a singular passion to help these executives.  He helped coach me through some very tough decision both in business and my personal life. I would highly recommend Vincent to any CEO, especially as we navigate through today’s economy.”

Andy Love

"Vincent's approach to executive development stands apart. His insights emanate from a deep knowledge of the fundamentals of leadership, and this unique expertise makes his value-added truly strategic. I would recommend him to any senior executive who is looking to further the effectiveness of his/her leadership style."