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The site, which presently counts over 1 million members, is the largest community of veterans on the Internet. VetFriends offers a variety of resources to its members. A searchable database containing over 25 million records makes it possible for veterans to locate old friends, and forums allow members to communicate with one another. VetFriends maintains a comprehensive database of 10,000 military units from WWII, the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, the War on Terror, and more. Members can also request military records from government archives. Every time a new veteran joins VetFriends, all members who served in his or her unit receive an update. Membership in VetFriends is easy to obtain. Veterans simply register and create a free profile, which entitles them to a basic membership. After completing this step, basic members can choose between gold, platinum, and lifetime memberships for full premium access. VetFriends sends all members a regular e-newsletter with information about veterans’ discounts, reconnecting tools/tips, and other topics related to the military. The site offers casual users a variety of informative features, such as military cadences, a database for job seekers, and pages devoted to military jokes and lingo. The VetFriends military memorabilia store offers substantial discounts to paid members, along with its daily deals of the day with up to 50% off featured branch items for all visitors. Many veterans who frequent VetFriends report feeling a greater sense of community. Dozens of active military personnel, veterans, and their family members have posted inspirational stories about successful reunions. Testimonials are available for viewing at