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Why me?

Creative, introverted type. Not unsociable, friendly to people. I listen a lot, a lot to watch, a lot I watch out. I make my own opinion. Two times measure and cut once. Teamwork? Yes. Brainstorming? Yes. I love my department - psychology. I love communicating with people. I love the variety of opinions, different attitudes, different behavioral patterns. Various problems. I still looking for a human dimension. I know listen, I can empathize, I understand. Maybe that's why people are not afraid to open up to me. And also maybe because I just.

Work experience



Združenie MUDr. Ivana Novotného – Sanatórium AT, Bratislava
  • collaboration and cooperation within the therapeutic team
  • lead morning and evening community, if necessary also extraordinary communities in crisis situations
  • programming and management of social reintegration activities of patients in the community regime
  • the keeping of individual cognitive interviews assigned patients, finding starting points
Working with people for me was a university of communication. I learned to communicate sensitively, properly given feedback and cooperation within the team. In addition, the daily programming activities learn me to do better time-management.

Shop Assistant

Lacné knihy, a. s., Bratislava
  • communication with customers
  • cooperation within the team
  • care about the aesthetic appearance of a shop and arranging a store
Working in a bookstore has learned to manage workload and stress, especially at Christmas time :)
He led me to empathy and pro-customer approach.

Professional Internship

Národný onkologický ústav v Bratislave
  • communication and counseling to cancer patients of palliative care units
  • communication with patients and families and sadness advice
  • cooperation with physicians of oncology department

Practice with cancer patients in the last stages of their illness taught me humility. Also taught me that, how to take things calmly and smile, even if it's hard. Practice taught me to express emotions, where it should be and keep them under control, where this is not appropriate.


Professional Internship

Nemocnica s poliklinikou A. Leňa Humenné
  • practice in the ambulance of clinical psychologist
  • diagnosis and evaluation of test methods
  • communication with patients
Practice with people suffering from alcohol dependence taught me how to deal with sick people with respect and patience.



Master's degree in the study field Psychology

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Philosophy

Bachelor's degree in the study field Psychology

University of Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Faculty of Philosophy

Business Academy Humenné

Skills and knowledge

MS Office
English language
Spanish language
Social skills and competences
communication skills gained during the lead of individual and group sessions with patients, empathy, cooperation within a team of health professionals and psychologists
Organisational skills and competences
programming and management activities (resocialization activities of patients,) management sessions by time and content framework
Driver license
group B
Other skills and competences
painting, sports, cooking