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Best Work

Initiative I've Taken

1. A fellow journalist of mine wanted someone in the Foothill Dragon Press to cover A Night to Remember, which is a prom specially designed for kids with special needs. Everyone was going to be busy the night it took place, so I volunteered to cover the event. I stepped out of my comfort zone (as someone who is used to only writing features stories or reviews) and covered my first event. I was glad I took the initiative though because it was amazing meeting the people who ran the event, the participants, and the participants' parents. I also felt great while writing the article because I felt like I was honoring the participants and showing the community what a great event A Night to Remember is.

2. I again took initiative when I volunteered to cover another event. This time it was the local, all-high school show choir's (Company) Disney showcase. It was a last minute decision with them asking me the day of the performance. But I felt comfortable taking on the job since I have had experience with covering events before (A Night to Remember). It was a little bit overwhelming, but luckily I had a few other journalists to help me (mainly with the photography). It was another one of my favorite articles to write and not only did I get to see a spectacular show, but I got to write a detailed description of the talent that is Company.


I participated in a local theater group called Performance Theater for Young Artists from 2011-2013, but decided to take a break this year to focus on school. For the past three years, I have been a part of seven musicals/plays and a few variety showcases. I am a part of the KIWINS club, a teen community service group that participates in different community service events in the community. I have also been taking voice lessons with Soli Geerlings since I was 12, making this my 6th year of voice performance with her. I am also Secretary of the Foothill Technology High School Drama club and I am involved with KIWINS, National Honor Society, California Scholarship Federation, F.I.R.E. (a mentor/tutoring program for freshman), Quill and Scroll, and Speech and Debate.

Character Trait


A a journalist, it is their job to serve the community by writing articles on what is going on. A journalist can serve the community by writing a feature profile on an important community member, or doing coverage of a large event, or even writing an opinion piece highlighting an issue in the community. I showcased service this year by volunteering to cover two different events. I covered Mission Church's A Night to Remember Prom, thus alerting the community to its presence and what it means and does for kids with special needs. Also, I covered Company's Disney show, showcasing both talented Foothill kids and other talented kids in Ventura.


I have improved on my interviewing skills overall since last year. It's easier for me to approach people and ask them for an interview (especially when I'm covering events). It's easier for me to ask strangers for an interview than people I know, but I've been overcoming that awkwardness/shyness. I know how to ask the right questions that are well-rounded and deep.
I have learned how to work with other members of the Dragon Press to finish articles and get packages put together. I’ve collaborated with other writers to write articles (such as the suicide, religious tolerance, anxiety, and boys in the media articles).
Features Writing
I have improved in writing articles that need detail and deliver a message/story on a more intimate scale. I have learned how to organize features articles and how to highlight and dive into important details. I have learned how to ask the right questions that get to the heart of a story, and have also learned how to add an audio aspect to the articles (Soundcloud).
Review Writing
I know how to write reviews of popular entertainment (such as books) with tact, grace, and fairness.

Work experience

The Foothill Dragon Press

Performer (Actress)

Performance Theatre for Young Artists

PTYA is a non-profit organization that enhances youths' theater education through workshops, productions, and other performances.


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