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I have over 20 years experience working on campus and online; at 2-year institutions and 4-year institutions, for both public colleges and private universities. Research areas of interest include Online Education, Marriage & Family, & Women's Studies. 



Jan 2008Present

Adjunct Sociology Professor

Taft College

Under the guidance of the Department Chair, I create syllabi to coordinate with student learning outcomes; prepare and administer lectures, exams, and other learning materials. I have taught face-to-face classes and am currently teaching online classes using Canvas. 


  • Introduction to Sociology (SOC1510)
  • Minority Group Relations (SOC2110)
  • American Social Problems (SOC2120)
  • Sociology of Family (SOC2141)
  • Gender Studies (SOC2038)
Jan 2018Present

Online Classroom Facilitator

University of Phoenix

I facilitate learning among adult learners. Working in a student-centered learning environment, students learn lessons in class that they may immediately apply on the job, in their interactions, and in their writing. Techniques used to establish a student-centered learning environment include but are not limited to: (a) Establish Adult-to-Adult Rapport by monitoring my tone to demonstrate respect at all times and create a participatory environment; (b) Facilitate Thought-Provoking Discussion Questions by encouraging students to relate theory to their life experiences; and (c) Facilitate Adult Independence by providing clear instructions for all assignments, providing prompt feedback and providing assignment grading criteria (rubrics) in advance. Began transitioning to Blackboard  December 2018.


  • Introduction to Sociology (SOC/100) online.
    Oct 2011Dec 2017

    On Campus Classroom Facilitator

    University of Phoenix

    I facilitated learning among adult learners.


    • Introduction to Sociology (SOC/100)
    • Critical Thinking for Everyday Life (HUM/115)
    • Introduction to Research for College Writing (COM/112)
    • Diversity Issues in Communications (COM/315)
    • Creative Minds and Critical Thinking (PHL/458)
    Jan 2002Jun 2005

    Adjunct Lecturer

    California State University Bakersfield

    As a part-time lecturer at CSUB taught a number of undergraduate sociology courses. This involved the review and selection of texts, the creation of syllabi to coordinate with student learning outcomes, the preparation, and administration of lectures and exams and assisting students with and evaluating research projects.


    • Introduction to Sociology (SOC 100)
    • Introduction to Research Methods (SOC 300)
    • Social Services and Social Policy (SOC 322)
    • Family and Society (SOC 364)


    Apr 2013Nov 2013

    Education Consultant

    Transforming Local Communities

    I had the pleasure of working with a group of like-minded individuals on a number of grant-funded projects. I analyzed qualitative data collected from focus groups and interviews for a grant-funded by Building Healthy Communities (BHC) and AmeriCorps. I also participated in the report writing for other BHC-funded projects.

    Sep 2008Feb 2013

    Education Consultant

    Kern Community College District (KCCD)

    Under the guidance of John Means, Associate Chancellor, Economic Workforce, I engaged in research to establish baseline data and evaluation services for a number of SB70 and Tech Prep grants in a three-college district. I also developed electronic query tools and customized reports for the Institutional Research Office using SCT Banner, ODS/Discoverer, ODBC and other database software. The reports provide district end-users summary trend data on program performance for each of the State’s Perkins IV core indicators.

    May 1995Sep 2007

    Research Associate

    Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office (KCSOS)

    Under the guidance of Jesus M. Garcia, Research Coordinator I planned and executed analyses that monitor population growth and change in Kern County, CA. This includes but is not limited to the study of K-12 enrollment trends, enrollment projections, studies of at-risk youth, education outcomes and college-going rates. I also assisted divisions within KCSOS in the specification, acquisition, use of, and interpretation of data and information. Key projects and accomplishments include establishing and maintaining rapport with school and district staff as the Kern County CBEDS Coordinator; developing survey instruments, collecting data and writing reports that supported the Kern County Teacher Development Initiative; and the annual analysis of the Truancy Reduction Program (TRP) for Kern County.


    Nov 2003

    Van Ry, V.

    Annual CSA Meeting in Berkeley, CA

    Title: Good Enough to Teach? A Study of Not-Fully Credentialed Teachers n Kern County

    Jun 2003

    Young, J.; Van Ry, V.; Tiffany-Morales, J.; and Garcia, J.

    California Pre-K to 18 Partnerships & Student Success Conference in Long Beach, CA

    Data Drives the Discussion: Addressing the Issue of Teacher Preparation in Kern County Schools


    Van Ry, V.

    Fourth Annual Symposium on Race and Diversity in Bakersfield, CA

    Title: Diversity in Schools… Success for All

    Aug 1998

    Van Ry, V.

    ASA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA

    The Kern County 1996-97 Truancy Reduction Program

    Apr 1998

    Van Ry, V.

    CAIR Spring Professional Development Workshop in Irvine, CA

    Using SAS to Analyze Demographic Data

    Feb 1998

    Garcia, J.; Van Ry, V., & Holloway, R.

    AASA National Conference on Education in San Diego, CA

    Statistical Reports as Instruments of Change

    Nov 1997

    Garcia, J., & Van Ry, V.

    CAIR Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA

    State Mandated K-12 Educational Statistics on the Web


    Sep 2003

    Garcia, J., & Van Ry, V.

    An Evaluation of Services Provided by the Central California Regional Teacher Recruitment Center
    Dec 2002

    Van Ry, V.

    A Survey of Emergency Permit, Intern Credential, Pre-Intern Certificate, and Waiver Holders in Kern County
    Jan 2002

    Van Ry, V.

    An Exit Survey of Teachers in Kern County, California
    Summer 1998

    Van Ry, V., & King, D.

    The Kern County Truancy Reduction Program

    ERS Spectrum, 16(3):25-35


    Garcia, J., & Van Ry, V.

    Conditions of Children in Kern County 1996 Annual Report


    Marc Beam

    Jesus Garcia

    Dan McMillin

    Michael Regpala

    Tammy Reynolds