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Work experience

Nov 2009Present

Translator and Coordinator


Very similar to my previous job, but in my own business. I added the task of customer service now. I also undertake scientific and medical translations in the English<>Spanish pair when I have time.

Jun 2010Present



I currently have a scholarship from the Ministry of Defense to select a bacterial strain and develop a bioreactor capable of producing hydrogen to use as an alternative energy source in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell.

Aug 2006Aug 2009

Senior Project Manager and Freelance Translator

Trusted Translations

My job was to quote and carry out translation projects from and into many languages, mainly English into virtually every language. I was in charge of estimating the whole project specifications in time, money, assignments (to translators, editors, designers and others), quality check and final delivery. I also handled invoices, evaluated and selected prospective providers. As a senior PM I also helped my colleagues.

I've also worked as a Vendor Manager for one year. I was in charge of selecting, testing and arranging price rates with other agencies for those languages that are not English <> Spanish. I've worked with most languages from Eastern and Western Europe, Chinese, Japanese and African providers. I negotiated prices with them and managed invoices and paperwork.

May 2005Jun 2006


Academia Nacional de Medicina

I was awarded the “Raúl F. Vaccarezza” fellowship, granted by this prestigious institution in Argentina.

The research group was working on the phenotypically different lymphocyte populations in peripheral blood of asthmatic patients. I learned techniques such as flow cytometry to mark surface and intracellular molecules, separation gradients with Ficoll-Hypaque and Dextran, and RT-PCR. I also studied apoptosis in these cells using propidium iodide and acridine orange/ethidium bromide dyes, under the fluorescence microscope.

Translation and writing samples


My life!


I am a Spanish native. I am bilingual in English. I lived in an English speaking country when I was a teenager and I just picked it up.I also studied English as a Secind Language formally for 7 years. I really love languages and took up Mandarin Chinese in 2010. I am still in a basic level but improving!
Use of PC
I understand computers quite well. I even took 2 programming courses once because I liked it. I use many different translations tools, specially Trados, and of course all the Office package with MS Project included. I have used graphic designers' tools when I needed it, such as InDesign, QuarkExpress, Photoshop... and I have worked in Mac, but I prefer PC!


  • To grow in my professional and personal life.
  • To develop an ethical and useful business, respectful of people, and what each one can give.
  • To keep learning throughout my entire life.
  • To create and maintain connections with people who are professional and happy, and are worth keeping.

Past Work History

Smarthinking Math and Bio Tutor (May 2003 - Feb 2008)

    I had an on line white board which I opened during a certain time arranged in advance. Students from universities in the US knew those times and logged in to ask me questions and obtain tutoring in the areas they were studying. I worked mostly with Biological Sciences, and I have worked with Math too.

ANLIS Carlos G. Malbrán

Laboratory assistant (2002-2003)

    I was working in a group studying the epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Argentina. The different strains were distinguished by an RFLP internationally standardized protocol. The techniques I learned were DNA purification from patients’ samples, work with restriction enzymes, agarose gels, membrane transfer, Southern blot, and others. Biosafety level 2.

EIDAS School English teacher (2000-2001)

    I taught English as a Second Language in 5th and 2nd grades.


I started working as a biologist for the Academia de Medicina, with a fellow in 2005, after receiving my university degree. I analyzed different populations of lymphocytes. I had also worked ad honorem as a researcher when I was studying and as an English teacher in a primary school to finance my career.

Along with the fellow, I worked as a freelance scientific translator until I received an offer to work as a Project Manager. I organized the documents and files to be translated and assign the resources needed, such as time, money and professionals. I had also taken the temporary position of Vendor Manager and dealt with other companies as providers. I was later promoted to Senior Project Manager, and help my colleagues with their work.

I resigned in 2009 to start my own translation business and received an offer to take another scholarship from the Ministry of Defense. I currently work in both these positions.


When I finished university I thought I had spent too much time sitting down, so I started training sports like swimming, tae bo, but never really liked them. Then, I decided I would take kung fu classes. My school "Lai Kung Fu" is an affiliate of the traditional Chinese Chin Woo ( founded by the national hero Huo Yuanjia. My style is Shaolin and I'm a black belt. Some of the important things I learned, besides KF itself, were respect to others, never to hurt or cause fear; to be humble since there will always be someone better than me and I could never compare myself to the great masters; to have peace of mind and body; and that learning never ends because the diversity of this amazing art is so big that it's impossible to master in only one life!

I also like movies and books very much; I try to read every night before falling asleep.

And if you read above that I like languages, you probably guessed that I like traveling too. Experiencing other cultures, places and meeting people is amazing. I've been to most provinces of my own country (which I highly recommend to anyone, living here or abroad!!) and I've been to Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago (where I lived), several cities in China and Japan.