I am currently a college student studying Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, to advance my knowledge and work experience in first responders field. I have supervised 180 to 215 inmates on one tier or dorm. I have supervised general population tiers, medical tiers, Juvenile tiers, Female tiers (pregnant & non-pregnant), Men tiers, Hospital Patient inmates and direct observation, provided security for medical staff at the time of med call on tiers, escorted inmates to facility medical and dental clinics. Maintained a professional appearance, conducted round the clock visual and walk down security checks.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2014 - Present


Verkeicher Collection Inc.

 Authorized website developer, domain, web hosting, resellers register and more website assistance. My Tech Department, Sales & Support team assist customers with their websites, and any questions.

I am authorized to distribute Law Enforcement Uniforms & Equipment's, APC products and Engineering services, Supply retailers with family clothing and accessories.

Dec 2011 - Mar 2015

Deputy Sheriff

Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

 As a Deputy Sheriff  I Guarded inmates tiers, dorms and facilities. Supervised inmates on tiers, open dorms and slit dorms. Supervised 10 to 215 inmates at one time while establishing a secure perimeter institution in accordance with established policies, regulations and procedures. Observed conduct and behavior of inmates in order to prevent disturbances and escapes. Guarded, directed inmates for work assignment, escort to school, medical, dental and docks. As a gate guard I securely opened and closed gates when authorized vehicles arrive, typed or wrote registration information, other details about inmates and deputies or ranks in vehicle in facility log book. Reported observations to my superior and typed police reports accordingly.

Aug 2008 - Aug 2008

Port Officer

Andy Frain Services
Port Officer Andy Frain Duties: Checking packages, Id's, paperwork, making sure everything is secure before passing work area. Walking and checking different hotspots in the area, checking unattended bags or luggage, scanning luggage and handbags. Using hand wand device and operate scanning equipment. Conduct full body search and hand wand.
Dec 2006 - Dec 2007

Security Guard

IPC International Inc.
Security Guard Foot/Vehicle Patrols of the property Basic First Aid/AED training/CPR training and License Assist Local Police, Fire, and Medical Departments in any aid needed Enforce Private Property and Tenant Regulations and Laws Safety Inspections and Safety Drills for Hazardous Weather Conditions


Nov 2015 - Present

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

American InterContinental University-Online

Homeland Security and Crisis Management

Law Enforcement

Corrections and Case Management


2003 - 2004

Associates Degree

Delgado Community College

Radiology Technology

1998 - 2001

High School Graduate

John McDonough Sr. High

Cosmetology Technology