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Content Management
I've acquired valuable experience in managing projects, writing content for websites, as well as writing SEO metas and tags for such sites. These include writing content for diverse sites spanning politics, technology, research, healthcare, etc. Examples of websites for which I've written, rewritten, and edited content, include,,,,, etc.   Additionally, I've written storyboards for flash-rich sites. Example:   I've also acquired valuable ad copy writing experience by writing concepts as well as mocks in coordination with the design team for a variety of known and emerging brands, both national as well as international. These were for mobile ads that would run on smartphones and tablets. Brands for which we created these ads under contract with include Max Life Insurance, Godrej Home Appliances, Revital, Sunsilk Black, Lexus, Canon, Cathay Pacific Airways, AXE Anarchy, and more.   Other writing work I've done include writing copy for Facebook contests and posters, writing content for the MSN newsletter from January to April 2013, and performing organic SEO for websites such as,, etc.
English Proficiency
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Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Content Manager

Planetsurf Creations Pvt. Ltd.
  • Provided concepts and copy for mobile ads for various well-known brands like Lexus, Cathay Pacific, Titan, Axe, Listerine, Max Life Insurance, etc.
  • Planned the month’s calendar as well as provided concepts and copy for Facebook contests, posts, ads and banners/posters for Bengaluru Duty Free.
  • Promoted offers, contests and relevant content on Twitter for Bengaluru Duty Free.
  • Wrote storyboard for characters on website of HR agency The Search Practice (
  • Provided copy for MSN newsletters as well as the Bengaluru Duty Free newsletter.
  • Was Editor of the MSN India Video website ( and managed the Planetsurf Creations Video Team in the course of fulfilling our objectives in handling the MSN India Video platform.
  • Vendor management, involving onboarding and coordinating with various video vendors for the daily operations of MSN India Video.


  • Received the Employee Of The Month award for September 2013
  • Received the Best Content Lead award for 2013-14
Jan 2007Apr 2011

AdWords Account Associate

Google India Pvt. Ltd.


  • As part of a team involved with reactive support (inbound queries), helped the organization adhere to Service Level Agreements applicable to different classes of clients towards maintaining daily online sales operations
  • Provided technical support as well as account performance suggestions on a continuous basis to advertisers via email
  • Relationship Management aimed at retention and increasing advertising spend in the course of such interactions
  • Maintenance of set turnaround times (TAT) as well as achieving customer satisfaction targets in the course of these interactions
  • Ensuring compliance and quality control in AdWords ads by manually checking them against set guidelines before publishing


  • Was the designated Workflow POC for my team for a quarter, ensuring that team targets were being met efficiently, while maintaining a smooth management-team dynamic
  • Suggested that particular internal processes be automated to free time up for more productive activities – these included creating more canned responses, updating the Help Center with latest information, and suggesting relevant automated responses for transactional/technical issues
  • Assisted new team members in getting up to speed with the product and internal work practices and systems in the course of their orientation into their roles
  • Worked on a project to improve turnaround time (TAT) target achievement with the broader aim of impacting customer satisfaction positively, while also focusing on timely assistance to meet their business goals within deadlines


  • Received a Peer Bonus in recognition of my abilities as a team player
  • Figured consistently in the weekly/quarterly lists of team members achieving/nearing customer satisfaction targets



Bachelor of Commerce

Manjunath College of Arts & Commerce


To explore the fields of media and advertising in a manner that is consistent with my curiosity, my career goals, and the aims of the organization.


  • Reading (fiction, non-fiction, business and news magazines, management books)
  • Playing the guitar
  • Listening to music
  • Writing 
  • Movies
  • Traveling


I am a post-graduate with more than 5 years of experience in online media, traversing both online advertising/marketing as well as content management and writing/editing. I worked with Google India Pvt. Ltd. as an AdWords Account Associate from January 2007 to April 2011. My role entailed taking care of daily operations concerning the Google AdWords platform. This involved client servicing and relationship management to enable existing and new AdWords users to make the most of the AdWords platform towards furthering their businesses online. Thus, my role was both technical as well as consultative in nature, helping clients with both account features and functions-related concerns, as well as helping them drive sales, achieve conversions, and increase exposure using their AdWords account. Besides these client interfacing activities, I was also also actively involved with helping improve resource efficiency within my team by working on projects to improve turnaround times, automate resources where necessary, and improve quality of work.

From June 2012 to present, I've been working as a Content Manager (previously Content Lead - Video) at Planetsurf Creations Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. I'm responsible for all content contributions for all our projects, be it websites, apps, or ads, in the form of content for websites, copy for ads and social media, SEO, storyboards, etc. As the Content Lead for the Video team, I was responsible for ensuring that my team effectively handled the MSN India Video website towards improving its monetization potential, as well as using my editorial perspective towards showcasing the site as a one-stop for all categories of videos, such as news, entertainment, sports, etc., using editorial perspective.