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MSc in Telecommunication Systems

Blekinge Institute of Technology

Currently pursuing my Masters in Telecommunications Systems.  Applied  Network Management is the core subject in the course where I learnt to use SNMP protocol for collecting information from and configuring network devices.Actively seeking for  professional opportunity in the field of Telecommunication Systems.


B.Tech Degree

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad

I have done my Bachelor's in Electronics and Communications Engineering, learning the concepts in communications systems and Scripting Languages for the development of the Internet as a communication tool.


November 2016

Linux Traffic Shaping

Applied Network Management

Linux Traffic Shaping tool using Python scripting language which is a startup tool, works like a daemon in background and stores log information in the influxdb for backend support. This tool performs shaping through shaper nodes using curl request. Flask framework is used o design the tool and basic authentication is provided for remotely accessing the tool and along with the GUI provided.

May 2016

P2P File sharing system

Software Development for Telecommunication Systems

A Software development project that enables to have a GUI that helps client who accessed it and acts as a prominent file sharing system. Using javascript project was developed with respect to  specifications requested by the user. Database for backend support MySql is used for the  retrieving and storing log file information and replicated the project in different systems using Eclipse IDE.

September 2016

Pseudo Random Generator

Research Methodology

A simple generator for new Pseudo random sequences with the help of my colleagues without affecting the time of speed using C-Sharp language in Visual Studio and performance evaluation of Pseudo random generator is done in Windows and Ubuntu operating systems

October 2015

Real Time Heart Beat Sensor

B.Tech Major Project

I developed a tool along with my group for sensing heart beat of a person with a sensor on this thumb finger which relatively works on aurdino board by dumping the Matlab code on board SD slot.

Industrial Trainee at BHEL, INDIA

Evaluation of Results of various machines in the Industry and interpreting the model results in machines. Machine learning and the performance evaluation.

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