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Over 10+ years of experience in software industry in capacity of various roles from hands on software development to product ownership. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively. A results-driven engineer with demonstrated success in the design, development in Mobile middlewares an application development for mobile phones and set top boxes. I was also fortunate to do driver development activities for first flagship galaxy series smartphone for MTP / usb composite driver. Put together, i have full stack development experience ranging from Front end UI ( in javascript, jquery ( UI, Mobile ), python (tkinter) gui, Android / ios application development ), Middleware knowledge ( in linux based systems, nodejs  ) and database exposure like ( mongodb, sqlite ). I also have working exposure of video streaming technologies like Microsoft smooth streaming and Apple HLS. I am product development person by very nature and would like to contribute towards shaping enriching products for customers.

Work experience

Nagra vision India pvt ltd.
May 2014Present

Engineering Manager / Software Architect

Worked on and lead / managed the team using agile methods and Xtreme programming methodologies that delivered the following.

✔ IBC 2014 demonstration software for 4K UI / UEX experience
✔ UI with Social TV ( Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia ) integration with on Demand catalogue, User profiles, persistent applications and many more.
✔ UI with 8+ Dynamic themes on SVG based application.

As part of this role, I work in various parts of the product unit on need basis. I have been instrumental in the initial making of product breakdown structures of OpenTV MW product. I was also technically involved in projects related to various types of subtitles, IPTV. I have also worked for requirements development for UI product for Agile. I have worked on and managed program for IBC 2015 for Opentv 5 product integrated with Netflix.

Nagra vision India pvt ltd.
Oct 2011May 2014

Technical Lead / Software Expert

✔ Application engineering for companion devices, hybrid mobile application development
✔ Worked on Reference platforms for STB and Opentv.
✔ Embedded control sever development for GW STB products. Complete ownership of web server controlling all major components in middleware.

- HTML5 and CSS based Client development using RESTful web API
- Http mutual authorisation support for webservers
- D-Bus / SQLite and internal components interface design and development.
- Nagra LPL security solution integration.
- Linux embedded security compliance as per nagra security
- interaction with transcoder chipset and delivering transcoded apple HLS content.
- customisation of mongoose embedded web server.
- Responsible for checking all STB related functionalities tuning, scanning, SI and PSI information gathering etc
- OpenTV middleware customisation to make it compatible with gateway architectures.
- Integrating and using of lightweight JSON composer for web response purpose.

✔ Microsoft smooth streaming on Embedded Linux for STB
- Gstreamer multimedia frameworks
- Smooth streaming porting kit ( SSPK MSS )

Porting Gstreamer MSS plugin into OpenTV framework. Responsible for making Microsoft smooth streaming porting kit to work on Embedded linux for STB domain.

Samsung India Software Operations
Oct 2007Sep 2011

Lead Engineer

Maintenance of SYNCML application for Samsung new Mobile Phone, DB Manager for Mobile Devices, Messenger Applications for Ericsson Mobile Platform , AT Commands and USB based application development, Bluetooth : Obex based Profiles, Headsets, Printers interface to Mobile phone, PC Suite interaction design for Bluetooth and USB transports, Test run the Bluetooth Qualification, Bluetooth Feature developement and maintainance : SPP, A2DP, HFP, HSP, BPP, OPP, FTP; Android Composite Usb Driver development.

✔ Instrumental in executing and planning the Samsung University Program with RV College of Engineering.

Responsibilities include :
1. Modifying the design for accommodating bada into the new structure
2. Delivering lectures for the various parts of the program
3. Helping students with the lab sessions

✔ Operating in middle ground of Marketing and Technical functions s Technical / Product Evangelist for bada platform

1. Organize developer days and talk to various developers and communities about the platform
2. Internal and External trainings
3. Interact with various mobile application development companies for developing mobile applications
4. Generate key finding and consolidate as market reports

Motorola India pvt ltd
Jul 2005Oct 2007

Software Engineer 

- Picture Mail Application Development and Maintainance based on C++ for mobile phones.
- MMS : MM1 and HTTP Protocol Layer Maintenance
- SMS/MMS: Storage Interface development in linux middleware which involves static file db creation and reading.
- Instrumental in developing a stress Test tool for Mobile devices based on UDP protocol to stress the filesystem drivers

Motorola India Pvt ltd
Jan 2005Jun 2005


Perl CGI Based MMS Encoder / Decoder Development


Aug 2001Jun 2005

BE ( Hons ) Electrical and Electronics


Available on request.



Neo4j, ReactJS, Jquery Mobile, Openssl, Core Java 

Software Development

Methodologies ( Waterfall, Agile )


Middleware and Application

Programming Languages

C, C++, Javascript, Python

IP Protocol based

IPTV, Streaming HLS, MSS ..

Front End development

HTML5, Javascript, CSS

Server side development

Nodejs, Mongodb, Nginx, Docker

Digital Video Broadcasting

Set top box

Bluetooth and USB 

Driver and MW development

Mobile / Tab Apps dev

Android, Objective C