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Work experience


Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries, Government of Puducherry
Puducherry, Upper Division clerk, March 2016 to present day. SKILLS TECHNICAL SKILLS C, C++, Java, My SQL(Intermediate). OPERATING SYSTEMS Windows XP/ PROJECTS P. G. project Robust 3-D face recognition The technology used is Java. 3-D face recognition in the presence of facial expressions and pose variations is attempted here. The algorithm used is partial similarity measure or nearest neighbour algorithm. According to the algorithm, fiducial markers are extracted on the probe face and the points with the least distances computed compared to the gallery face are assumed to be the correctly identified face. U. G. project Intrusion detection in grid and cloud computing The technology used is VJ++ and the database used is SQL. The problem deals with two types of characteristics, namely knowledge-based and behaviour-based characteristics. The work consists of three log analysers, three detectors and three routers. According to the work, the IP address is tracked and frequent log details are analysed and the miscellaneous behaviours show that he may be an intruder or is an intruder. LANGUAGES KNOWN English. French. Tamil..




Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology Pondicherry University

Advanced Data Structures, Data Warehousing, Software Engineering techniques, Advanced Computer Architecture, Cryptography, Wireless computing,Service-oriented architecture were the subjects dealt. Attended workshop on "Biometric and Image processing", "Network Simulator-2", "Android applications". Project dealt here is based on the domain Image processing and the title of the project is "Robust 3-D face recognition" published in ICJSE journal and the language used is Java with the help of Reimann's database.



Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology Pondicherry University

Subjects which are dealt in major include Computer Programming, Object-oriented concepts, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Distributed Computing, Software Engineering techniques, E-commerce, Computer hardware architecture, Mobile Communication Networks and Parallel Systems and Design. CGPA was 6.51. Participated in various workshops conducted during the survey. Mini-project undergone in the 3rd year using  Visual Basic language. Final year major project in VJ++ upon grid and cloud computing. Project title included "Intrusion detection in grid and cloud computing".