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Looking for leaders who are ready to transform their industry and lead!

Thrive in a challenging environment that values sharp strategic vision, crisp conceptual ideas, solid creative integrated communications and the importance of a people-based company's transformation approach.


•    Psychology: understanding foundations of people’s attitudes and behaviors for a more effective Brand relevance •    Management seminars: how to improve management skills to increase team’s efficiency•    Traveling: sociological and cross-cultural observations and relationships•    Cinema: especially interested in script writing and directing. Took Scriptwriting classes at the “Gotham Writer’s Workshops”  (as well as “Writing books for children”)


Seasoned and passionate brand builder. Craft innovative insight-driven conceptual solutions anchored in solid strategic analysis and vision ultimately delivering higher brand value. Build rewarding partnerships with clients leading to higher returns on their brands. Inspire them to become active builders of their brands. Lead products/services innovation process and communications development across all disciplines. Promote an excellence-driven work environment. Experienced across a broad range of industries, including global expertise.

Experienced Executive and Business Coach. Support Executives in the elaboration of winning trajectories and ground-breaking strategies for themselves and their organization.

Strategic, conceptual, and creative mind. Brand Value Generator. Trained with top Brand Strategists Peter Kim and Jane Cavalier.

Born European, Based in New-York (13 years), Live and Think "Global" 


- Brand Building: Brand Strategy + Brand Reconceptualization + Brand Marketing Transformation+ Executives   alignment+ Brand Value Creation Market Sciences Models+ Brand Initiatives/Communications/Products and     Services/R&D

- Global businesses

- From the largest Corporate assignments to the smallest Entrepreneurial businesses...

- Passion for innovative thinking, brands and people

Discover the unique feel of the

Clean Transportation Revolution

Work experience


Strategic Consultant, free lance

Faith Popcorn, Brain Reserve

Provided marketing insights and directions on how to approach two major prospects in the Oil and the Beverage Industries.


Strategic Consultant, free-lance

Worked on crystallizing the company’s positioning and New Business Strategy post WPP buyout in order to increase corporate pole.

Jan 2000Present

Interior Design Consultant

Domespace, Inc.

Introduced the first rotating lenticular-shaped house in North America promoting a uniquely replenishing and energizing living experience, passive solar energy and renewable materials. Developed the interior conceptual principles for a Thalassotherapy Center in Mexico in partnership with Thalacap, France. Customize projects to your business idea...communities, restaurants, offices...

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Recently featured on CNN "The edge of Discovery" (2011), Discovery Channel (2011), Home and Garden "World's Most Extreme Homes", etc...

Oct 2008Present

Strategic Consultant

Veronique Gautier-Vencat

- Hemisphere Droit (Brand marketing and Communications- Paris): Collaboration w/ Founder and Chairman/CEO to develop the Brand Genome® proprietary Approach/Principles/Methods to create superior Brand value 

- Marbella Paris (Luxury Body Jewels and Fashion Accessories): Worked with Designer Adeline Moniez to crystalize Brand Idea and articulate Brand Story for successful global develpment: focus in Europe, Middle East and USA

- "To Be a Star", Citizen Skull Production, NY-L.A.: Sponsoring Ideas and tactics dor first web-based reality series solely broadcast via social media platforms

Jul 2008Oct 2008

Managing Director, Strategy

The Brand Union, WPP

Was hired to lead the Strategic Department and increase its Brand Building expertise. 

Completed the "New HP" Brand idea assignment in collaboration with the new Head of Global Brand Strategy (Glenna Patton) and the Global Lead Designer (Sam Lucente) and set up the company on a new and more inspiring and  effective trajectory, helping people regain momentum and focus.

Oct 2005Jun 2008

Executive and Business Coach

Veronique Vencat

As a Coach I support you reach your personal and business goals. I bring 20 years of experience in Marketing and Communications. My area of expertise mainly lies in the ability and drive to create value from an idea, would it for yourself as an Executive or your company.  I partner with my clients to create a powerful momentum that gets them to become the best they can be at whatever they set themselves to.I have helped people establish their business (some from scratch), develop their business, and become more empowered and effective Executives or Entrepreneurs.

Jun 2000Jun 2008

Strategic Consultant

MDI, Inc

Brand Marketing Advisor to Guy Negre, President, and Inventor of the Compressed Air TechnologyHow to break through the clutter of self-proclaimed “alternatives” to fuel cars and build MDI's credibility•    Stage 1- “owning” the Compressed Air Technology “CAT,” organization of the portfolio of vehicles (CityCAT, miniCAT, MultiCAT…) •    Stage 2- Prepare for launch of the final technologies and vehicles (Reorganization and naming in progress)

Marketing and Communications Advisor to CEO Shiva Vencat (MDI, Inc and Zero Pollution Motors)How to build ZPM awareness and credibility: first North American licensee to promote the MDI technology. Developed pre-reservation communications tools designed to raise money for the first plant in the USA (website, Blog...). Key contender in the XPrize competition

Jul 2000Oct 2002

Senior Partner, Group Strategy Director

Ogilvy and Mather, NY

Led the BP “Beyond Petroleum” Brand elevation effort

“Corporate brand”•    Crafted the provocative insight-driven “Man on the Street” campaign: how to engage consumers in a relationship with an Oil company and how to make BP stand up as a credible unique force for change•    Promoted on-going 360 brand building thinking and action: “proactive PR,” “interactive website,” integration of all business units to work/think/act “beyond”•    Conceived a dedicated market research tool to periodically assess the global brand building effort (integration of all the communications and all business audiences) •    Advised upper management on BP’s role and responsibilities post-Sept.11

Retail•    Positioned, designed and launched the new “bp connect” in USA and UK:  the first retail offer going “Beyond Petroleum”, filling in the gaps between the current offer of gas stations/c-stores and people’s today real needs, “the Spiderwoman” conceptual target•    Advised the WW Retail Manager on key strategic marketing efforts to maximize the performance of the launch and strengthen the initial concept to win the new retail challenge

Jan 1999Jul 2000

Managing Director, Strategy

Bright Sun Consulting, New York

Led Exxon’s marketing transformation effort in direct collaboration with Peter Kim and Jane Cavalier.

Exxon USA•    Led definition and implementation of the integrated marketing plan for Y2K

Exxon/Esso•    Developed the global brand strategy for “World Exxon,” aligning EUSA (Exxon USA), ECI (Exxon Company International) and IOL (Canada) under a single global brand strategy and directioning idea.•    Developed integrated global brand platforms for Fuels, Lubes, Cards, Convenience Stores…•    Developed marketing initiatives, new branded products and services•    Positioned and successfully launched Exxon’s Tigermarkets with a concept that breaks from the traditional C-store paradigm  •    Worked as an “Integrated Brain” with Market Scientist, Media Strategist and Creative Director in order to develop/implement the strategy to the highest level through a disciplined collaborative work mindset and continuous iterative creative process •    Set up Global Intelligence Systems to build knowledge across the organization, conceptualized research instruments customized to assess the efficiency of marketing plans, models to support implementation of strategic issues•    Trained Exxon’s Executives on brand marketing and specifically to implement the brand strategy principles

ExxonMobil•    Led the global category brand dominance strategic effort leading to superior economic brand value•    Led Brand Agents Seminars to accelerate transfer of marketing knowledge into the new companyExxonMobil•    Led the global category brand dominance strategic effort leading to superior economic brand value•    Led Brand Agents Seminars to accelerate transfer of marketing knowledge into the new company

Mar 1989Jun 1998

Brand Builder: Account + Strategy

Euro RSCG, Paris and WW

Management Supervisor                                                                                              January 1997- June 1998 Led 3 major accounts of the agency from strategic repositioning to execution.  European assignments.•    LACOSTE. Led first International campaign.•    FUJIFILM. Established coordination with European Board based in Germany.•    WELL /Courtaud Co, UK (hosiery and lingerie). Contributed to product line reorganization and oversaw new packaging identity within the agency.  Took active part in new product developmentInternational Account Director                                                                                April 1994 - December 1996Acted as a major partner in launching PHILIPS first global marketing strategy initiated by CEO Cor Boonstra (ex Sara Lee).  Reported directly to Senior Executive Vice-President Director of Global Brand Management.  Won a growing role on the team beyond the original assignment thanks to test-proven stronger insights.  Thereby gained the opportunity to work with different divisions and transmitted brand’s mission to new collaborators on the account.•    LIGHTING. Successfully positioned the historical Philips pillar.•    SOUND&VISION. Won the creative lead in the network with a new federative concept for entire division and developed worldwide campaigns closely with Creative Director and Spike Lee’s Production Co.•    BATTERIES.  Operated as the lead Strategist from the MVBMS NY OfficeEuropean Account Director                                                                                    June 1991 – December 1996Was entrusted with handling the agency’s largest and most profitable account.  Led KRAFT/ CARTE NOIRE global strategy for a period of 5 years in the highly competitive coffee category.  Oversaw all activity on the account. Reported directly to the CEO.  •    Reinforced leadership position of CARTE NOIRE; increased market share in each coffee segment (total & premium coffee). Thereby, earned agency bonuses for 4 consecutive years for surpassing objectives in sales, awareness, specific image attributes and pro-activity in brand strategy.•    Achieved objective of pushing back the attack of DOUWE-EGBERTS / L’OR for #1 position in 94/95, despite DE significant offensive programs and investments.•    Initiated continuous forward thinking in order to keep ahead of the competition: developed and researched “pull-out” and “forward” strategies/ copy-strategies; developed line-extension strategy aimed at broadening brand’s competitiveness (92-94).•    Recommended pro-active program to set up brand as unique reference in coffee in 92: launching of new distribution outlet, the  « Coffee Salon CARTE NOIRE » to fit the customers’ needs for a high-quality coffee and pleasurable coffee drinking experience •    Drove CARTE NOIRE strategy internationalization process with the objective of consistency worldwideMarketing Consultant for Nicholas TRUSSARDI (Fashion)                              March 1993 – December 1993Won Trussardi’s assignment for reorganizing the portfolio of brands. Successfully positioned TRUSSARDI as a major actor in Fashion market vs. “Createurs”. Acted as permanent partner all through in-house process of communication; associated with « Dona Trussardi » perfume launch: fragrance tests, packaging evolution…Account Executive                                                                                                          March 1989- June 1993Led brand development to 1) strengthen brand equity and 2) develop and research new product concepts.

Dec 1988Mar 1989

Junior Account Executive

Saatchi & Saatchi

Was hired by Managing Director Mercedes Erra to join her team on 2 key major accounts:

- P&G: Petrol Hahn (shampoo and lotion)

- Lesieur: Mayo and Oils


Oct 2005Present

Coach Certification



Fluency would come back if needed. First foreign language spoken.
Experienced Executive and Business Coach. Support Executives in the elaboration of winning trajectories and ground-breaking strategies for themselves and their organization.
French Native