Vedran Katalinic

Vedran Katalinic

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2012 - Mar 2013



·Supervising people and assuring quality work with no mistakes

·Providing universal leadership and supervision/inspection skills in high demanding multinational company by using positive attitude which makescoordination ofpeople and giving orders easy and productive

·Managing business reports before and after official working time

·Highly skilled to avoid conflict situations and to handle the pressure well

Nov 2006 - Mar 2012



•leadership & supervision skills

•numerical skills

•highly efficient team work in very big collective

•solid work experience

•exceptional people skills

•night work experience

Jan 2002 - Apr 2002

Traffic officer


Winter job:

•managing and controlling streets with biggest traffic

•taking care of children`s safety in traffic during frequent school hours

Jul 2001 - Sep 2001

Worker in production / distribution


Summer job:

•production facility

•distribution of wide range products to Customers in Split area

Jul 1998 - Sep 2000

Luggage carrier


Summer jobs 1998, 1999, 2000:

•      providing service

•providing information


Sep 2003 - Sep 2012

Bachelor of Engineering


BSc. of Engineering, in Naval Architecture, Split University, Split, Croatia (longer lasting education due to working a night permanent job)

·Specialized in Naval , Mechanical and Petroleum area

·Analysed steel, aluminium and fibreglass material characteristics

·Familiarized with mechanics of materials/steel and welding technologies

·Provided reports inside working group about technology and steel construction parts as a part of sections

·Performed thesis about ship propulsion with special emphasis about new technology –POD propulsion

·Determined trim and stability , engine power and ship propulsion, calculated hydrodynamic values


Feb 2012 – May 2012Ro-Ro passenger ship pilothouse for 130 vehicles and 1200 passengers

·Integrated calculations of forces affecting pilothouse with all its structural elements –vertical and horizontal

·Made the appropriate material ordering specifications

·3D display of pilothouse




Although I`m New Entry level, I do not have much practical Engineering knowledge ,during my education I became familiar with all aspects of my future Engineering job in Oil&Gas,Mechanics and Naval Architecture.

English language

•    fluency in  English language (oral and written)

Supervising and Leadership

  supervision & leadership towards my co-workers experience gained during my 6yrs solid night work

Microsoft Word & Excel skills, mail & internet resources

  •      Ms Word & Excel, mail & internet resources  


  • Materials,Steel
  • Oil&Gas
  • Offshore industry
  • Mechanics & Maritime
  • Automotive
  • Traveling
  • Numismatics


Professional Bachelor of Engineering in Naval Architecture

An experienced professional and entry level in mechanical and naval area- available immediately .Aiming for a position in Oil & Gas or mechanical/naval field.


My references available on request.



I have a Bachelor Degree in Naval Architecture from the University of Split 2012. My main topics are Mechanical, Naval and Petroleum area. I am available immediately.

I`m looking for an Entry Level position  which would meet my technical skills and qualifications offshore-North Sea.

I would like to add a few additional information and to tell you more about myself .Since August 2012 I have been working with my Mentor (Ole Jørgen Johansen -Statoil Project Manager - Åsgard Subsea Compression Project)on a Subsea Technologies Manual . I am still in close cooperation with Mr. Johansen constantly improving the Manual as my understanding of Subsea Technologies is getting better.

I got in contact with Mr Johansen in August 2012 since I found the world of Subsea Developments very interesting and the subject was not lectured at my University.My mentor has introduced me to many aspects within Subsea Technologies and our cooperation is still ongoing. I have in addition successfully completedthe OLF Subsea 1 - Subsea Basic Course.

My type of attitude is professional, mature, can-do and getting-things-done. I am social and have a highly developed social intelligence.I am PC proficient, fluent in English and currently learning Norwegian online .Once in Norway,determined to take the course of Norwegian language ASAP. If I would become your choice, you would get a man with Norwegian patience, southern charm and temperament and German accuracy and discipline.

Financing studies is difficult in Croatia if you do not have rich parents.During my studies I had full time jobs at nights in order to finance my studies. This shows my determination and endurance when I have set me a goal. I always accomplish my goals and go the extra mile when required.

Although I have recently graduated, you will find 9 years of my total working experience in demanding jobs.As a Casino supervisor I have a lot of experience in handling both own staff and customers in a professional way.Conflict handling in a positive way and interacting well with people is a key to succeed within any organization.

SKILLS: • Specialized in Subsea,Naval,Mechanical and Petroleum area • Providing universal leadership & supervision/inspection skills • Familiarized with mechanics of materials/steel and welding technologies • Fluent in English (perfect understanding, writing and speaking) • Wide use of Windows OS,Microsoft Word ,PowerPoint & Excel, mail & internet resources • 9 years of working experience • Immediate availability, happy to work long-term • Excellent communication and team working skills • A can-do and getting-things-done attitude • Thinking out of the box (not just solving known problems) • Ability to think on their feet (not just memorize answers) • Problem-solving skills (not just academic) • Establishing great interpersonal connections to all people • Initiative and personal responsibility

Kind regards and hoping to hear from you,

Vedran Katalinic


Jul 2012 - Jul 2022



OLF Course

Subsea 1
Sep 2002 - Present

Driver`s licence

Sep 2012 - Present

Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Naval Architect)

University of Split
Aug 2012 - Jan 2013

Subsea Manual

Revision 1