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Work experience

Sep 20122014

Programmer Analyst

Cognizant Technology Solutions
July‘ 14 Programmer Analyst, Kolkata, India Work closely with various teams across the company to identify and solve technical problems utilizing large structured, and unstructured data in a distributed processing environment. Responsible for improving customer experience of business operations Prepared user documentation of various business processes and applications Wrote automation codes for various business applications using COBOL, thus saving 20% costs of the business clients Analyze large datasets to provide strategic direction to the client PROJECTS Predicting the 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Used data from the regular season, and developed a web application for predicting the result of any matchup between any two Division I basketball teams The application also outputs win probability, so it can be used as a decision support system for bettors in search of“ edge” Developed multiple predictive models using Logistic Regression, Random Forest, Support Vector Machines, CART, Naïve Bayes(Python) Text Analysis and Entity Resolution Used Apache Spark to apply powerful and scalable text analysis techniques and perform entity resolution across two datasets of commercial products Performed text similarity-Bag-of-Words using TF-IDF, and cosine similarity to compare the two documents




Birla Institute of Technology