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Valeriy Starodubcev

Go Backend Developer


4+ years in Backend Development and 4+ years in Linux System Administration before that;
Languages: Go (Golang), Python, little Scala;
Keywords: Postgresql, Nats, Redis, Neo4j, MongoDB, Cassandra, Dgraph, protobuf, microservices;

Work experience


Go Backend Developer

Lockwood Publishing Ltd

Writing microservices in Go for a mobile online game.

Keywords:  go, gin, postgresql(gorm), nats, redis, neo4j, etc

  • took a part at refactoring of entire system (python to go) and developed:
  • newsfeeds with several levels of caches;
  • a service of suggested friends;
  • wrapper for third party service Tapglue;
  • a realtime Actor service for game logic (scala, akka) 
  • a realtime Actor service for game logic (websockets, go, protobuf)
  • and many others.

Python Developer


Cloud servers for developers

Keywords: python, go, flask, redis, sqlalchemy, go, etc.

I didn't have time to write something meaningful because had been missing a project manager and lack in goals.


Backend Developer


Development of backend side and various automation of highload project for housing and utilities companies.

Keywords: python3.4/2.7, mongodb, tornado, unittest, rest, json, pyst2,  gitlab, jira, scrum, etc

  • took a part at refactoring of entire system and developed:
  • a system of the processing and the acquiring to more than 20 different banks and integration with accounting system 1C;
  • a system of handling requests and communications between owners(tenants) and dispatchers, maintenance requests register;
  • newsfeed for owners(tenants) and workers of communal services;
  • a logging of phone calls and records;
  • and many others.

Senior Linux System Administrator

GK Vodopad

Administration of servers, various automation and managing of the small team (two engineers and i) of the group companies of retail and internet plumbing trade (about 300 workstations)

Keywords: Centos, bash, python, ldap, samba, acl, rsync, dovecot, jenkins, apache, mysql, nagios, etc.

  • was written a system of a hot exchange of data between databases of accounting system 1C (python daemon processes more then 20 Win* servers by telnet);
  • was written a custom system handling squid logs (python, Django);
  • put into operation more than 40 servers on Linux (created or migrated from Win*);
  • created system of backup and restore any of services;
  • custom system of monitoring of servers and services;
  • and many others.

System Administrator

Golden Garden Club

System administration of entertainment complex

Additional work experience


Go backend developer


Writing microservices in Go for a blockchain-related company

  • motivation game for company employees
  • full refactoring go api
  • processing cryptocurrency stock exchanges data for traders



mining engineer

National mineral resources university (University of mines)

incomplete higher education



Algorithms, a 4-course specialization by Stanford University on Coursera. Specialization Certificate earned on May 18, 2017



English for the Workplace — British Council



Functional Programming Principles in Scala by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne on Coursera. Certificate earned on July 25, 2016



Development of tests in Python using Selenium 2.0


Application Development with Python Programming Language

Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University