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Engineering/Financial Cost Professional

Dynamic manufacturing professional and product costing expert with 13 plus years of experience with increasing responsibilities in various facets of manufacturing, including but not limited to product management, process engineering, product costing, cost model building and financial analysis.Possess an extensive knowledge base in advanced modeling and cost analysis.Abilities include designing process flows for new business using lean manufacturing techniques and cost models capable of “price-to-win”, liaise with sales to develop pricing proposals, interface with all levels of management and the customer relative to cost and financial information, lead and manage a group of estimators responsible for the cost and pricing and full life cycle requirements of various manufactured parts.Aid all other disciplines in financial matters including, purchasing, sales andmanufacturing (Make versus Buy).

Work experience

Mar 2008Present

Manager, Costing Department

Meridian Automotive Systems


§Responsible for managing an estimating department with sales of 500 million dollars.Includes ensuring timely new business quoting, pre and post launch quoting, reporting various measurables to executive management, administration of the quotation software and updating cost models where appropriate.

§Liaise with Sales and Operations to ensure the appropriate communication takes place relative to customer needs and production costs.


§Championed a group to facilitate the process of new business quotations.Created a new process using current software with an emphasis toward timeliness and accuracy.

§Created reports for management to track various process measurements using Crystal reporting.

§Reviewed current cost models in detail and made recommendations for updating for accuracy.

Created activity based cost models for several facilities.Led the initiative for corporate wide use of activity based costs. 
Mar 2006Mar 2008

Manager, Cost Planning and Activity Based Costing

BBi Enterprises


§Responsible for the overall management of the Estimating department with sales of 125 million dollars.This includes new business costing/quoting, pre-launch and post-launch cost tracking and pricing.

§Manage a team of Estimators responsible for New business quotations, pre-launch cost tracking, quoting and part cost valuation.

§Coordinate and managed the implementation of an Activity Based Economic Costing Model in five manufacturing locations and corporate headquarters.

§Present information to upper management using the cost model regarding a savings / cost potential on various scenario’s to aide in the decision making process

§Interact with the accounting department and manufacturing as necessary to ensure the correct costs are represented in the routings and bills of material.

§Aide manufacturing and engineering in the understanding of cost drivers on the plant floor to ensure viable measurements as well as where and what cost cutting measures to prioritize.

§Aide sales in developing pricing strategies.

§Assist with annual budgeting process.

§Support manufacturing in resolving and analyzing variance issues.


§Championed the creation of an engineering change management system utilizing a multi disciplined group that identified metrics and enabled changes to be systematically processed from request through award and launch.

§Linked financial business planning (ROI) with quotations to give management an understanding of the “best” job to pursue.

§Developed product costing templates to arrive at various costs of all parts manufactured using rates created in the costing model.

§Held activity based training seminars and presentations for plant controllers and accounting.

§Developed metrics on several pieces of equipment which increased production efficiencies by 15%.

Succeeded through internal persistence, utilizing the cost model as a tool to reverse an otherwise bad intra-company cost decisions which resulted in a $2.5M save. 
Jun 1998Mar 2006

Manager, Cost and Pricing

HP Pelzer


§Responsible for the overall management of the Estimating department with sales of 125 million dollars.Developed a departmental mission statement that was designed to support sales in establishing pricing that was market competitive while maximizing profit.

§Managed a team of Estimators responsible for New business quotations, pre-launch cost tracking, quoting and manufacturing part cost valuation.

§Coordinate and manage implementation of Activity Based Economic Costing models in four manufacturing locations andcorporate headquarters.

§Responsible for all duties as described below in the Senior Estimating position as well as those above.


§Developed costing models to arrive at various machine rates used in the manufacturing facilities.

§Designed systems to track cost of all engineering changes of components in the pre-launch phase.

§Participated in lean initiatives with manufacturing and created ideas relative to the process that reversed a loss to a profit.

§Managed the creation of an new business quote tracking software with the help of the IT department.  This system allowed the quotes to be numbered automatically, emails sent to respective parties, files to be shared and 

allowed sales management's review of outstaniding quotations.



University of Maryland