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Work experience

Jan 2009Present

US Army Garrison Operations Sergeant Major

US Army

Duties: Serves as the assistant Senior Noncommissioned officer in the Garrison organization; supervise all operations, ceremonies, military functions, intelligence activities, and liaison activities; assists the command and all Directorates in planning, coordinating, and execution of all events; administrator for all calendars for the command sergeant major; conducts all staff meetings, initial project reports, after action reviews with higher headquaters and subordinate units; reviews outgoing correspondence and assures compliance with policy, factual correctness, and adequacy of grammer; provides guidance to officers, noncommissioned officers, and Army civilians on regulations and standard operation procedures; directs on-the-job training; a mid-level manager overseeing between 60-125 Soldiers and Army Civilians at any giving time; use various software programs such as MS Power Point, MS Word; MS Excel, MS Project.

Jan 2008Dec 2008

Warrior in Transition First Sergeant

US Army

Duties: provided leadership and guidance to 10 Nurse Case Managers, 5 Platoon Sergeants, and 20 Squad Leaders on a daily basis; responsible for the accountability, safety, supervision, and the welfare and morale of over 195 Wounded Warriors and their Family Members; Had Wounded Warriors through out Georgia and florida; repsonsible for mentoring 1 Company Commander; developed safe and healthy relationships with all members involved in-order to ensure a speedy recovery for the Wounded Warrior's; responsible for the equipment, funriture, upkeeping, safety, and cleaniness of 129 rooms; conducted monthly town hall meetings with Wounded Warriors and their Family Members; Gave VIP briefs to all leaders to include the Vice Chief of Staff, and the Sergeant Major of the Army. One of the most rewarding jobs of my career.

Apr 2007Dec 2007

Basic Training First Sergeant

US Army

Duties: First Sergeant for a Basic Combat Training (BCT) Company with an average strength of 240 Trainees; supervises 4 Senior Drill Sergeants, 16 Drill Sergeants, 1 supply clerk, and 1 armorer; ensured all training requirements in accordance with Army Regulation 350-6 and TRADOC POIs were met to standard; planned, coordinated and executed all graduations, rights of passage ceremonies, and Family day ceremonies; provided leadership and guidance to all Soldiers and trainees using the coach, teach, and mentor method on a daily basis. I always instilled the never quit atitude and lead from the front approach.

Apr 2006Feb 2007

Battalion Operations Sergeant

US Army

Duties: Supervised a staff of 48 personnel; responsible for the deployment  of over 455 personnel to sites through out the country for training; was selected over seniors to be the Battalion Operation Sergeant Major in Iraq;  facilitated over 30 press conferences with the Iraqi leadership; planned and coordinated over 50 Information Operation events intergrating Iraqi media to include TV and radio stations; Unparalleled leadership experience; strong oral and written commuinication skills; educator; trainer; mentor, counselor; strategist; planner; problem solver; influencer; skilled analysis and decision maker; strong interpersonal skills; calm under pressure; resourceful; automation savvy; provided adminstrative and logistical support required for special events; planned, coordinated, and executed all ceremonies; prepared all offical written communications to include coorrespondence, reports, and breifs; use various software programs such as MS Power Point, MS Word; MS Excel, MS Project

Mar 2005Mar 2006

US Army Academy First Sergeant

US Army

Duties: Led and supervised the Warrior Leader Course through a comprhensive program of instruction; served as the senior trainer and advisor to the commandant of the Noncommissioned Officer Academy; was responsible for the daily training, operations, and management of 1200 students annually; served as a role model and mentor for 4 senior group leaders and 13 small group leaders; set and maintain Army standards; responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and repair of 3 tactical vehicles and the NCOA training site; also responsible for equipment and factilites valued at 789k.


Advance Senior Leadership

US Army First Sergeant Course

I graduated in September 2003 on the commandant list with a 93%.

Jan 2007Present

Project Management

Grantham University

I am  currently completing my capstone project. I will obtain my MBA in  Business Administration (Project Management) on 27 April 2010.

I currently have a 3.70 GPA.


Master fitness trainer course
Equal Opportunity Course
Have been the EOR for several units through out my career.
CBRNE course
Manager Development Course
Along with this course, I have completed the First Sergeant Course, (commandant list), Drill Sergeant School, (commandant list)
Action Officer Course


Charles Durr

I am a Operations Sergeant Major under CSM Durr's command. He can account for my leadership, professionalism, and work ethics. He hired me into the Operations Sergeant Major position.

Perry Roberts

CSM (Ret) Roberts was a mentor and can account for my work ethics and leadership abilities.

Dennis King

CSM King is a 3 Star General's Command Sergeant Major. He can vouch for my work ethics and leadership ability through out my military career.

James Ervin

CSM Ervin is my supervisor. I work directly for him in the Garrison Headquarters.

Major Washington

CSM (Ret) Washington has been a mentor in my career for over 13 years. He can account for my professionalism and leadership abilities.


I am a very proactive leader who always accomplishes the mission. I have very strong oral and communication skills; I will make the unpopular decision for the betterment of the organization; I am not scared to ask questions for clarity when I need to; I am a team player and I never seek self glory.  My Integrity is unquestionable and my loyalty is to the team. I believe if you do it right, God will bless it right. With my vast abilities, eagerness to learn and professionalism, I would be a great asset to any team..


A challenging position with an organization that will allow me the ability to utilize my current skill set and aquire new skills and growth opportunities.