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Work experience

Oct 2007Present


My Place LLC
Feb 2004Dec 2008

Peer Counselor/Resources Coordinator

Riverways PRC

At Riverways PRC, I was a peer counselor , and resource coordinator. My duties included counseling women dealing with unplanned pregnancy, rape, or post abortive issues. I also helped coordinate resources for women when they had specific needs, and would advocate on their behalf with local organizations.

This was the most rewarding work I have ever been involved in, and has helped shape my love for helping others in need.

Mar 2005Jun 2008

Host Site Director

Angel Food Ministries

In March of 2005, I became the host site director for Angel Food Ministers at FBC in Salem, MO.

Responsibilities included:

Taking and Submitting Orders, Advertising, Connecting with local ministers, Host Site Drop Site, In Charge of Distribution Day. 

This was a volunteer position.

Nov 1999Oct 2000

Third Key Managment

At Dollar Tree I was responsible for closing and opening the store. I was also in charge of the nightly money count, and bank deposits. I was responsible for the management of the shift I was working on.


Feb 2002Present


Ashford University


My interests are many and varied.  I am a social butterfly, and love to interact with the public. I enjoy any job, that allows me to reach people and help them.

I love a challenge and learning new things. I enjoy research, and writing papers on my findings. I enjoy educating others, and seeing them grow and learn in their new knowledge.

I feel that all people are equal and deserve love and happiness, therefore I strive in all I do, to be loving, and help those around me become everything they were created to be.

I also enjoy being outdoors, and spending time with my family.


My objective is  to find employment that is challenging to my intellect, as well as rewarding to my soul.



Writing and Public Speeking
During my years in volunteer work, and teaching I have developed a good sense of knowing and reaching my target audience. I am a charismatic and fun speaker, and  know how to steal the hearts of toddlers and adults alike.
Early Education
My associates focus was early childhood education, while my bachelors focused on Social Science. I have been homeschooling my children since they reached school age, as well as teaching children in the church setting.
I have very proficient skills in Microsoft works, and office. I am able to navigate Excel and Power Point with great ease.