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Warepa School    2008 - 2016

Mar 2003Nov 2015

D,O,B - March 21 2003 

Warepa School

Age -12

Feb 2015Nov 2015

In side of School

What it is?Date and Team?Why I'm proud of it?
Athletics2015 Term 1I got through to SOPSSA athletics
Science Expo2015 Term 3School and South Otago.
Cross Country 2015 Term 3
Camp Borland LodgeTerm 2
Cricket-Super 8 TourniTerm 4My team beat the other team.

Out of School History

Jul 2015Oct 2015

Operation Chrome

Mr Handy Man

My team didn't get only thing made and sold but I think that it would look good.

I think that we went well as a team.

Jul 2014Nov 2015

Out Side Of School Activity

Sports and stuff out side of school 
What it is?Date and Term?Why I'm proud of it?

Soccer20142014 My team got 1st place in the Balclutha Soccer club and got in to the Balclutha reps.

Soccer20152015 My team got 2nd place in the Balclutha Soccer club.  

Scouts2015It is a good experience and you learn a lot life and outdoor skills.

Kea Leader


Term 3,4

I have been a Kea Leader for two terms to get my my silver badge for Scouts.



Term 1,3

Warepa Indoor cricket team,



Term 3

Warepa Indoor Cricket team