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Personal Projects

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getputs is a utility for discovering, sharing and recommending user generated content.

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Stoocker! is a Stock Recommendation Engine. The idea is to come up with a short-term trading and investment strategy based upon the collective recommendations of Users. It allows users to:Maintain a Portfolio of stocks.Get updated News about the latest happenings in the Stock Market.Predict tomorrows movement of the User's favorite stocks.See what the other users Recommend about the stock movement for tomorrow.

Stoocker! News

A Finance News Feed Aggregator that collects Business/Trading News from some of the major Finance Sites. One can also search for News about a particular Symbol. Very useful to all the Investors/Traders/Quants who want to keep a tab on the latest happenings on the Web.The system uses Linear Classification, Naive Bayes, and ClusteringCurrently being used as a part of the Stoocker! Stock Recommendation Engine.


An Online Music Sharing System with an inbuilt mechanism to eradicate piracy of music and help contributors and artists earn money based on the number of contributions and popularity of the music they produce.

Yet Another Social NetworkEngineered as a part of a Unix Class @ Courant, NYU, a Social Network built upon the Unix File System, thereby maximizing Read Efficiency and Scalability.

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Enterprenuership, Web Search Engines, Recommendation Engines, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Finance, Stock Trading Strategies, A General Interest in Mathematics


To create elegant, innovative and useful software products.

Work experience

Apr 2006Mar 2008

Software Engineer

hakia Inc.

Software Engineer at hakia Inc., a general purpose Semantic Web Search Engine.

Member of the Core Engineering Team and the hakia Labs R&D Team


Jan 2005May 2007

Master of Science (M.S.)

Department of Computer Science,

Courant Institute of Mathematical Science.

Nov 2000Jun 2004

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

Sardar Patel University