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Work experience


Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts


Professional Profile

Lead learner mentality. Highly motivated, intellectually curious, diligent, and hard working instructional leader dedicated to imparting knowledge and helping students, teachers, and support staff achieve their full potential. Relevant life experience. Mature. Effective communicator. Friendly and cooperative. Excellent rapport with young people, parents, and colleagues.

·Master’s Degree in Education: School Leadership (in progress)

·Master’s Degree in English

·Bachelor’s Degree in English and Education.

·Experienced in use of the Internet and educational software.

·Dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic teaching as a means of creating and nurturing a lifelong love of learning and knowledge in children.

Key Qualifications

* Certified in Secondary English (7-12) and School Administration

* Participated in Strategic Planning; knowledgeable in Best Practice for Learner-Centered Classrooms; Choice Theory; Schooling by Design; Shaping High School Culture; Classroom Instruction that Works; Results Oriented Professional Development; Formative and Summative Assessments.

* Taught AP classes and Alternative classes as well as all high school grade levels.

* Developed Common Assessments for English 7-12 at Highland HS

* Advisor for Yearbook and Senior Class

* Created Standards-Based Renaissance Unit at Kent State University in collaboration with my Media Specialist for the Ohio Dept. of Education * Consultant for Pearson: Helped develop Teacher Licensure Tests for English * Created British Literature component of

* Organized District-wide Holiday Party for all Highland employees

* Organized our first Mr. Hornet talent contest as a fundraiser for Yearbook

Professional Affiliations

ASCD NCTE Phi Delta Kappa

AP English Listserv


·High School English Teacher 2001 to present

·Alternative Education Teacher: English 2007

·AP English Literature Teacher: 2005 to present

·Yearbook Advisor 2004 to present

·Senior Class Advisor: 2007 to present

My Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education

My personal educational philosophy is that I have the ability to influence those I teach, and I want that influence to be positive and purposeful. My goal is to establish an atmosphere and culture of cooperative caring where all parties involved-- administrators, teachers, students, parents, and community members—establish a shared vision and then strategically plan to attain that vision.

My personal teaching style combines nurture with gentle firmness, and I feel that discipline is best accomplished by creating a climate of open communication, helpful feedback, and positive reinforcement.

My personal educational objectives are to guide those in my care and help them become good people while also becoming successful, independent, and responsible citizens. Since mastering standards is required, I will work hard to find a way for all students to succeed by researching teaching methods and implementing promising new programs.

As an educator, I believe that in order to attain my goals, I must always seek to be creative, reflective, diligent, and supportive.

·Being creative ensures I will search for innovative ways of dealing with problems and finding solutions. I will also model for others flexible thinking and an openness to try new ideas in order to reach a shared vision. Creativity often flows in an environment that values original ideas and the autonomy to experiment.

·Being reflective ensures I will consider the needs of those under my care and question my own self in order to help them attain desired results. I will be open to suggestions and input from those around me and carefully consider any advice I receive. By listening actively and thinking reflectively, I hope my decisions will be reasonable and feasible.

·Being diligent ensures I will not be surprised by issues; instead, I will be constantly checking the health of my classroom. I will be proactive and alert to issues affecting morale, academic considerations, and safety concerns.

·Being supportive ensures that I will seek to work collaboratively whenever possible. I will allow my students to develop and exercise their own talents, and I will encourage and support them as they take the initiative in learning. I will also protect my students as much as possible from undue stress so they can learn in an emotionally secure environment.

Furthermore, I understand that my position means I am a role model for students, parents, and community members, and, as such, I must always strive to be honest and fair. In order to lead with integrity, I must exercise discretion and even subjugate my own wishes for the good of the group. While, at times, I must sacrifice my personal time for academic reasons, I will always promote the idea of family togetherness and strength as they are the backbone of a healthy upbringing. I will seek to stay in good health and demonstrate temperance and knowledge in matters of diet and exercise to set an example of self control and discipline for those who might emulate my behavior.

In order to be judicious, I must seek the truth in all situations and also seek to make the right decisions. I can only do so by making a concerted effort at searching for answers and developing my own sense of empathy towards others. By engaging in honest dialogue in order to make informed decisions, I hope to create an aura of openness where others feel free to share their concerns.

Since teaching and leadership skills can be fine-tuned, I will continually seek to improve my own ability to teach and lead effectively. I will work at personal professional development, including asking my superiors and subordinates for honest feedback. I will consider my own Emotional Intelligence capabilities of Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Social Skill and develop the traits I need to perform in an effective manner. I will also study various leadership models and reflect on ways I can improve my own performance in the classroom.

Finally, I wish to create an environment of meaning where all parties involved may realize not only the importance of our enterprise but their own personal importance in our endeavors; while we may follow different paths to reach our collective goals, all may and should grow in the process as individuals.

Since life is a learning experience, and we journey together, I want to help others bond with each other as we create an environment of security, curiosity, and innovation that ultimately helps us to set not only high standards, attain our goals, and excel in all areas but that also allows us to enjoy the process as well. I want all who enter my classroom to feel the potential and excitement of a group of people collaborating towards success.

Vicki A. Turner

Computer Skills

Software: Microsoft Windows® Microsoft Word, PageMaker, Adobe InDesignCS3, Publisher Certified Ohio SchoolNet: Media/Hypermedia Tools; Productivity Tools; Information Tools; Networking Tools


Professional License 7-12 English

Ohio Department of Education