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Sep 2002Jun 2008



My degree work was in TOP 3 list of best diplomas of the speciality.


Python, Pylons and TurboGears
Javascript, xHTML and CSS
ASP.NET MVC is a new web framework which was created after rising of RoR and it has similar to RoR structure and workflow.
.NET (ASP.NET, WinForms, WCF, WPF)

Work experience

Oct 2008Present

Lead Developer, Researcher and Analyst

BSUIR, NIL 5.3 of Information Security
  • Researched and developed a system for defense estimation of various objects (offices, buildings, rooms) depending of the importance level. On base of data of various thefts and secret data drains calculated risks for each possible threat (e.g. probability of a threat). Developed economic effectiveness estimation of the object defense. Implemented a service to suggest more cost-effective solutions to reach necessary level of the defense.

    Tools and technologies used: C#, ASP.NET MVC, Sharp Architecture, MVCContrib, ExtJS, NHibernate, Castle Framework, NUnit, Rhino Mocks, WiX.

  • Researched and developed a resource metering portal. The portal displays data from various sources (power, cold and hot water counters and sensors) in various ways (stock, pie and bar charts, table of deltas from previous visit, etc). Also it allows to create alarms to notify of various events (too high power usage, temperature of hot water less than 60C, etc) using email, sms or floating message on site.

    Tools and technologies used: C++, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Sharp Architecture, MVCContrib, ExtJS, NHibernate, Castle Framework, NUnit, Rhino Mocks, WiX.

  • Developed small and simple knowledge base site for internal needs using Python, TurboGears, JQuery, Lucene.
Feb 2009Present

Lead Developer - Consultant

  • Designed and developed a CRM for internal needs using TurboGears (Python, framework similar to Ruby on Rails)
  • Performed various researches and analysis
  • Reviewed code of existing applications to determine areas of improvement and optimization and performed code refactoring.
  • Designed and developed a small, fast and very modular CMS using ASP.NET MVC (C#) and S#arp Architecture, MvcContrib, ExtJS, JQuery, Memcached, Lucene.
Oct 2008Dec 2008

Lead Developer - Consultant [contract position]


Designed and developed a complex tender evaluation system. Developed changes tracking, changes reporting and versioning modules. Created several JQuery plugins with server-side state saving.

Tools and technologies used: LLBLGen (ORM framework), LINQ, JQuery and plugins, Asp.Net MVC, MvcContrib, Ms Sql Server 2008

Jun 2007Aug 2008

System and Web Software Developer

  • Developed and maintained a large platform for internet shops. Developed various controls and pages. Refactored and optimized large amount of code. Improved database structure and performance.

    Tools and technologies: Asp.Net (C#), NHibernate, MS Ajax, JQuery, LINQ, NUnit

  • Developed a complex application to build protected ebooks. Designed and developed a licensing web service and a site for ebooks management and selling. Performed multiple researches to find best suitable for our needs solutions.

    Tools and technologies used: .NET(C#), C++, WCF, Castle Framework, NUnit, CPPUnitLite, WiX, Mono.

  • Studied and conformed to protocol standard specification documents defined by Open Mobile Alliance. Performed multiple researches to find technical solutions for arising problems. Developed background service on the mobile device listening for connections and triggering SUPL protocol data exchange with the remote server. Implemented complete SUPL protocol data flow for 2 scenarios. Developed elaborate Load Testing tool for emulating SUPL protocol message exchange.

    Tools and technologies used: .NET(C#), C++, SUPL protocol, Windows Mobile 5.0, Mobile Framework, SMS/MMS/WAP Push, NUnit, WiX, Mono.

Mar 2007Jun 2007

Software Developer - Consultant [contract position]

Effective Soft Co.

Designed a complex and distributed enterprise application. Assisted in the preparation of proposals and quotes according to client requirements.

Jan 2006Mar 2007

Junior Developer

ScienceSoft Co.
  • Performed performance analysis and made performanct improvements, refactored database structure and implemented probabilistic analysis of surveys results for a large application for creating and managing surveys.

    Tools and technologies used: VS Profiler, C#, WinForms, XML, ADO.Net, CompositeUI, Enterprise Library.

  • Maintained payment scheduling system based on DNN CMS. Developed several DNN controls and extensions. Created and maintained unit tests. Created reporting service, performed performance analysis and improvements.

    Tools and technologies used: NUnit, NAnt, C#, Asp.Net 1.1, ADO.Net, Web and Windows Services.

  • Developed internal site for orders management and employees time tracking. Designed database structure and implemented role-based security. Created unit tests and developed several controls with AJAX support using Ajax.Net library.

    Tools and technologies used: NUnit, NAnt, C#, Asp.Net 1.1, ADO.Net.

Sep 2005Feb 2006

Web Developer Intern

Elilink Co.

Worked to support and develop large system for international insurance and financial services organization. Reviewed and analyzed source code, business logic and project specifications. Created Unit Tests for business logic and UI and fixed bugs.


4+ years of software engineering experience.

Highly self-learner professional and very objective but open minded person.

True believer and enthusiast of Open Source Software.

Evangelist for Agile Development practices.

ISTP (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Perception) person according to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.


My objective is to work in a challenging role that stretches my abilities, allowing me to learn new skills and to improve myself as a technical specialist and to be a part of an agile team that creates great software.

Additional Important Skills

Languages: Ruby

Web Frameworks: Castle MonoRail (implementation of RoR in .NET), Django, web2py, Ruby on Rails

Test Frameworks: RSpec, NUnit, MbUnit, PyUnit, Rhino Mocks

Servers: Passenger (mod_rails), Apache, IIS, Cassini

Databases: SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL, CouchDB

Version Control: Git, Subversion

ORM: NHibernate, SQLAlchemy, CSLA, ActiveRecord

Dependency Injection: Castle Windsor, Pinsor, Spring.Net, LinFu

Unclassified libraries: OpenCV and AForge.NET (AI & computer vision), Math.NET, Power Threading and Power Collections from Wintellect

Javascript Frameworks: JQuery, Prototype, ExtJS, Dojo

Also I have a large experience with WiX and Mono


Is there a Life After Work? I'm sure, there is! :)

After work I enjoy reading books and various articles about software design and architecture, agile practices, psychology, self education. Also I enjoy reading novels and code of open source projects. I'm a big fan of Sci-Fi and I like cooking. My friends like that too, especially when I invite them over. Also I'm interesting in computer and human languages and at this moment I'm learning Czech and improving my English. I like my bicycle and aikido very much too. And of course I love my friends and like to spend time with them.


Nov 2007Nov 2010

MS 70-528, TranscriptID 749079
Dec 2006Dec 2009

MS 70-315, TranscriptID 749079


Kirill Grigorchuk

I was working with Kirill as a contractor. He can provide references regarding my work as a contractor and regarding my technical skills.

Pavel Orda

He's my friend for about 4 years. And now we are working in the same department. Pavel can provide references regarding my work and researches in BSUIR.

Andrey Dolgushin

Andrey is a very good PM and he's the Man. He can provide references regarding my work on first projects in Intetics and my technical skills.

Alexander Durovich

I worked with Alex in team on a platform for internet shops. He can provide references regarding my skills and knowledge.