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While working with influential pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies like Novo Nordisk A/S and Genentech, Inc., Varun Nanda utilized his skills in developing brands and managing products to create tremendous opportunities for success.

Originally educated at the Delhi College of Engineering, Varun Nanda came to America and earned his MBA from Eastern Illinois University in 1988. He continued his education in a PhD program for Management at The University of Texas at Austin’s PhD program, but cut this short for the opportunity to work at CompuDrug USA, Inc., and then Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc., helping these companies market their products in healthcare.

Varun Nanda performed his duties while earning the specialized training and education required to succeed in the pharmaceuticals business. In 1993, he joined Novo Nordisk first as a Product Manager, and was quickly promoted several times to then become the Director of Brand Management. Receiving the company’s President’s Award for leadership four years in a row, Varun Nanda was part of an internal global leadership program designed for individuals with strong leadership potential. During his time at Novo Nordisk, he helped develop a launch strategy for products like NovoSeven and Norditropin, and was instrumental in growing the insulin business by launching the insulin delivery systems.

In 1997, Varun Nanda found a new start at Genentech, Inc., in San Francisco, where he was brought on as the Director of Endocrinology Marketing. His experience over the next several years was in several therapeutic areas, including endocrinology, respiratory, cardiovascular, and oncology, for which he managed and led several products, both in the pipeline and on the market. Varun Nanda managed several marketed products such as growth hormones Pulmozyme and Herceptin, successfully positioning them to become growth products from a previous position of limited to no growth. Genentech offered Nanda additional products and more responsibility, eventually making him Senior Vice President and the Global Head of Oncology in 2009. Seattle’s Dendreon Corporation next sought Varun Nanda’s skills and track record, and tapped him to be its Senior Vice President of Global Commercial Operations as the company prepared to launch its prostate cancer treatment.

In March 2011, Varun Nanda began his own firm, Sumbhav Consulting. Here, he employs his proven launch and commercialization strategies to help companies develop growth strategies for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and health care delivery companies.

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