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A young, smart and enthusiastic person with fairly good academics possessing both technical and managerial skills.



Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) with Masters of Technology (M.Tech) Dual Degree in Mining Engineering


OGPA- 7.15 (by the end of VII semester)



Ess-Ess Convent School, Agra

scored 82.4% marks in CBSE class XII Boards with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and Physical Education as subjects.


High School

St. Conrad's Inter College, Agra

scored 91.4% marks in ICSE class X Boards.


Enhanced Recovery of Coal Bed Methane, under guidance of Dr. Amit Kumar Verma, Assistant Professor,

Department Of Mining Engineering.

 - Conducted proximate and ultimate analysis to predict rank of coal.

 - Studied research papers and did literature review.

 - Developed a laboratory setup under the guidance of the mentor to study “the effect of

  temperature on adsorption of Carbon dioxide on coal, under constantly increasing artificial load pressure.”

 - Applied regression analysis on obtained data to predict the effect at other temperatures

Effect of Drilling and Blasting Pattern on Shovel Productivity, under guidance of Dr. B. S. Chaudhry, 

Assistant Professor, Department Of Mining Engineering.

 - Literature review of various drilling and blasting patterns.

 - Factors such as muck-pile shape, fragmentation and throw, affecting blast efficiency.

 - Application of Fragalyst software to determine fragment size from muck-pile photographs. 

Co-curricular activities 

  • Undertook a vocational training at Jyant project, NCL.
  • Participated in various Cleanliness Drives and Blood Donation Camps in college. 
  • Participated in The Great Step '15 (mining fest) at IIT Kharagpur in case study and quiz.
  • Secured an All India Rank of 10,074 in Joint Entrance Examination- Advanced, 2013. 
  • Participated and won school level essay writing, singing, and one-act play competitions in High School.
  • Also Won 3rd prize in a school level PowerPoint Presentation Competition.

Extra-curricular activities

  • Member at aBhAy Dramatics Club, College club for Theatrics. Performed many plays (both Hindi and English), mime acts and street plays. Worked as an actor, a lights-man, a sound-man, art-director and a coordinator in these plays.
  • Directed a college dramatics club production i.e. a play "Konkal" which was a Hindi adaptation of a story by Rabindranath Tagore. 
  • Organised as well as participated as actor or director in dramatics events (one-act plays, street plays and mime acts) in college fests such as Srijan (cultural fest), Pratibimb (inter-departmental fest) and won many of them.
  • Organised a volleyball match in Parakram'15 (sports Fest).

Leisure Interests

singing, acting, photography and cooking.


English and Hindi

Strengths and Skills

An honest, sincere, adaptable and result-oriented performer with efficient communication and team working skills.