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Icfai School of Public Policy
  • Average CGPA: 8.38 (10) - First Division, First Rank, full tuition waiver.
  • Credit Honours: Micro- and Macroeconomics, Sustainable Development, Statistics for the Social Sciences, Public Finance and Policy, Sociology for Public Policy, Policy Analysis and Evaluation, Development Economics, Strategic Management, Urban Management, Law and Public Policy, Law and Economics, and Environmental Economics.


Naveen Mandava

Internship and research coordinator in 2004.  Special Projects consultant to Sesame Workshop India, 2009-2011

Publications Sample

Educational Qualifications

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Work Experience

Sesame Workshop, New Delhi, India                                                              June 2011 2013

Manager, Research & Digital Initiatives (2011 to 2013)

Research Manager (2009 to 2010)                                                                                                                                               

ØLed policy and advocacy efforts around Early Childhood Education (ECE) in India at international and national forums including the dissemination of knowledge vis-à-vis technical and educational policy environments.

ØManaged all research for Sesame Workshop in India including television and outreach evaluations.

ØData and programme design support for all proposals, concept notes and fundraising pitches including media analysis of television ratings to support business plan related strategy.

ØManaged all contracts, budgetary allocations and deliverables of a wide range of research vendors, market research agencies and digital programmes.

ØTranslated evaluation research results into communication briefs, white papers and country brochures etc., for a wide variety of audiences including donor agencies, newspapers, television media and public relations agencies.

ØBuilt and maintained an electronic database of research resources and reference materials for staff and external audiences with a view to disseminate research protocol, methodologies and understanding of evaluation research to staff members.

ØLed all programme, research and content design with digital components including low-cost and cutting-edge technology dissemination and adoption in ‘under-served’ communities.

ØManaged all social media and web-presence including leading the development of a digital asset management and institutional knowledge management process/system.

Key Successes Include:

  • Led and managed relationships with high-level donors including Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach, USAID and World Vision in the context of grant management of grants sized up to $300,000.00.
  • Digitization of 230 episodes of television content, establishment of a world-class CDN system for three international quality websites and the development of a suite of local-language Android games for low-cost smartphones leading to the development of an integrated digital strategy.      
  • Youngest member of senior management and the organizational management committee.  
  • Led and executed dozens of research projects for less than 10% total grant budget consistently and on-time using a variety of cutting-edge technologies and research methods including participatory ethnographic research, data-collection using phones and multi-leveled cluster randomized control trials.

Absolute Return for Kids & Freelance Consultant, Delhi, India

                                                                                                                                                      Jul 2010 – May 2011

Project Head (2010)

Freelance Consultant, Education & Development Sector (2011)

As freelance consultant: Editor of science textbooks for Oxford University Press (India), undertook a qualitative impact assessment of Rajasthan’s Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETI) in Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur for ICICI Foundation, designed the implementation strategy of the affordable-private-school (APS) rating system for Policy Innovations, designed the implementation strategy of the integrated school health project for primary schools in India for Policy Innovations, edited and compiled a Producer Organizations directory for Pradan.  Undertook questionnaire piloting and revision, focus group discussions and FGD guide revision for the Micro Insurance Academy in Madhya Pradesh and also undertook a qualitative study of agricultural policy and its impact on small-farmers for the National Skills Foundation of India.


oDesigned an access-to-quality-education programme for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Implement a voucher based school choice programme for 900 children across 125 low-cost private schools.

oManaged India's first international quality Randomized Field Trial evaluation study on school vouchers.

oLead and documented communications and advocacy efforts for parental choice in schooling.

oDesigned and planned local events with stakeholders including parental information sessions, school owner meetings and policy meets.

oThought through and designed a voucher allocation algorithm including endorsement from technical agencies.

oDocumented and presented project processes including reasons why, learning, outcomes, and suggestions etc., for potential partners.

oDemonstrated a scalable model to implement RTE compulsory reservation quota in private schools.

HiH Microfinance Services & IFMR, Chennai, India                                                             Sep 2008 – May 2009

Coordinator – Fundraising, Hand in Hand Microfinance Services (2009)

Project Manager - CIFD, Institute of Financial Management and Research

At HiH: Managed a three million dollar donor- funded project for expansion of microcredit based interventions across four districts in Tamil Nadu including donor-relationships with Swedish, South African, American and British corporate donors for projects run in rural India, Brazil and Afghanistan.  Created advocacy and marketing material for five intervention categories including literacy, child labour, enterprise development, health and environment using social media, video, audio, still photography, web based material and publications.

At IFMR: Designed, tested and implemented innovative financial products addressing lack of credit access issues from a development economics perspective. Project manager of a randomized evaluation study on ‘Financing for Predictable Expenses’ – which studied if financial access for pregnancy could increase institutional delivery rates. Refined and designed research questions -- including testing the hypothesis that savings behavior can predict repayment behavior in small lending and savings micro-credit contexts. Managed savings and repayment data of over one hundred data points generated from the study. Designed and maintained a database management information system containing data on over six hundred individuals. Trained, hired and managed survey and mid-management field based staff for a pilot study across rural Tamil Nadu.  Liaised with the project’s partner organization to ensure successful execution of the project on time and under budget to create scalable financial innovations in rural contexts. 

Other Achievements

  • As collegiate debater, among the top two percent at the IHC Young Visionary Award. Won seven national and three international debating awards.
  • As student volunteer, responsible for logistics at the Global Development Network international conference on 'Understanding Reforms' in 2004.
  • Four years of voluntary experience, including with the Spastics Society of India teaching creative movement and with EXNORA working on environmental education design for primary schools.

On the Web


A postgraduate in public policy with seven years of experience in the development sector

 Interests  include education policy, client-specific strategy building, media research, micro and small enterprise bottom-lines,  rural markets  and  credit  access,  governance  issues,  public  finance, advocacy and knowledge-management driven communications, applied economic research, gender  inclusive economic growth, private property and  legal efficiency, market instruments for environmental policy, globalization and trade for peace.


  • Linguistic:  English (native), Hindi (fluent), Tamil and Bengali (speak only)
  • Digital:  VB| HTML| CMS|Adobe Creative Cloud Services (Photoshop & Lightroom) 
  • Research Tools: Spreadsheets| SPSS, STATA, SAS, MATHEMATICA| ATLAS.Ti, NVIVO 8| Tableau| ConfirmIT| CSPro| LateX
  • Research Skills:  Research Design, Performance Evaluations, Comparative Content Analysis, Frame- and Logic Model-based Analysis, Case Approximation and Development, Participatory Appraisals, Project Management and Public Programme Evaluation, Cost-Benefit and Cost Effective Analysis, Econometrics, Game Theory, Analytical Process Metrics, Data Visualization and Measurement Methodologies.
  • Work Attributes: As a team player, I am ethical, motivated, creative & solution-oriented. I am also an effective communicator and negotiator. I work well in an environment of cultural diversity, and particularly enjoy writing and living the many colourful experiences that life has to offer.

Writing Experience

  •  Sri Raman, Measuring School Readiness: The Sesame Workshop India Experience, New Delhi - India, November 2011, Entertainment Education Conference (EE5) JHUCCP.  
  • Nagar, Joshi and Sri Raman, Building Communities for Change: An Experience in Mumbai, Singapore, Aug 2011, Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Early Childhood Development. 
  • Batada Sriraman & Banerjee, Meeting children where they are: Sesame Workshop India’s efforts to promote healthy habits through multi-platform and multi-level interventions, Singapore, June 2010, ICA 2010 Health Communication Pre-Conference.
  • Annual Privatization Report 2008, Reason FoundationTop contributing author for the water privatization section and background researcher for governance issues, APR is the world's longest running and most comprehensive report on privatization news, developments, and trends.
  • Masters  dissertation  titled  ‘Gender Differentials in Trade Liberalization Outcomes, ICFAI: A Study of Trade Rules and Select Developing Country Experiences in Commodity Trade’, which  studies  the  impact  of  trade  openness  on  gender  divergence  in developing economies.
  • Research Papers, ICFAI: Education Vouchers for India, An Assessment of Employment Guarantee Schemes in India, Aspiration Traps for the Poor, The Economics of Climate Change, Total Economic Value of forests and The Political Economy of Anti-Defection Laws in India.
  • Blog for a40,000 + strong readership
  • Contributed to The Hindu and Financial Express.
  • Editor, Journal of the Commonwealth Collegiate Group of India and Content Designer, ‘Beyond Borders’ programme of the British Council, Delhi, 2004.