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Vaporus is a Montreal based company famous for production of electronic cigarettes, which has found its way into US from Canada. Vaporus, located in the province of Quebec, runs the website Vaporus that is an online shop for its quality e-cigarettes. Song Han who after his electronic cigarettes discovery quit smoking and is now a proud owner of several Vaporus stores around Montreal pioneered the site. Han has dedicated his time and showed passion on his e-cigarettes by sharing his knowledge about the healthier choice of cigarettes for quite some time. He has spread his campaign throughout Canada and USA to make people realize and acknowledge a better alternative to smoking.

Lately Vaporus has faced opposition from the authorities of Canada concerning the inclusion of nicotine in the electronic cigarettes and Han has expressed his concerns about delivering quality and complete products to the public despite the regulations. Vaporus provides different types of e-cigarettes for all types of smokers those starting out as e-cigarette smokers to those with advanced e-cigarette smoking skills.

1613 Rue Saint-Denis
Montreal, QC H2X 3K3
Tel: (514) 508-5051