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Possessing decades of military and political experience, Van Hipp currently presides as the Chairman of American Defense International, Inc., a business development, public relations, and government affairs consultancy in Washington, D.C. Van Hipp served in the United States Army for several years, performing active duty during both Operation Restore Democracy and Operation Desert Storm. During the latter conflict, he functioned as the Deputy Assistant Secretary to the Army, maintaining responsibility for the mobilization and subsequent demobilization of reserve forces. Following his active military duty, Van Hipp managed legal matters for the United States Navy as the Principal Deputy General Counsel. With his broad-based knowledge of the country’s war on terror, Van Hipp frequently appears as an expert commentator on nationwide news broadcasts and has penned a number of articles on the subject. He formerly served as a member of the President’s Council of the National Safe Skies Alliance as well. Aside from his professional work, Van D. Hipp Jr. plays an active role with The Salvation Army, contributing as a member of the Advisory Board for the National Capital Area Command and The Salvation Army Alexandria Citadel Corps. During the early part of his career, Van D. Hipp Jr. functioned as Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party from 1986 to 1989. During this time, he introduced the former Speaker of the House and Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich at the Republican National Convention. He was also a member of the Presidential Electoral College at the time. After serving the armed forces for several years, Van Hipp was selected by Governor Jim Hodges as South Carolina Ambassador for Economic Development in 2002. A longtime resident of the state, he completed his undergraduate studies in economics at Wofford College before matriculating at the University of South Carolina School of Law for his Juris Doctor. Since graduating, he has garnered the Young Alumnus of the Year Award from Wofford College, where he subsequently contributed as President of the National Alumni Association. Van D. Hipp Jr. continues to serve South Carolina’s Charleston Southern University as a member of the Board of Visitors.


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Recent News from the National Rural Health Association

The National Rural Health Association (NHRA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing relevant health issues in rural communities. Van Hipp volunteers for the organization and received the 2011 National Outstanding Achievement Award. As an active volunteer, Van Hipp helps the NHRA in a direct way, but many other opportunities exist to help the organization.According to a survey recently conducted by the NHRA, rural physicians are more likely than urban physicians to discuss healthcare costs and quality improvements with their respective patients. The survey also found that rural physicians agreed more often than urban physicians that discussing the cost of healthcare with their patients is a good idea. The results of this survey correlate with another recent study that found rural healthcare to be equal or superior in quality to urban healthcare.The most current survey included 2,000 rural and urban physicians. The survey's findings surprise some professionals because rural physicians generally have fewer options in terms of formal training and technology. However, perhaps this limited access motivates rural physicians to focus more consciously on the quality of their care. Learn more at

Safety Tips for Fishing

Since 1995, Van Hipp has served as Chairman of American Defense International, Inc., based in Washington, D.C. In this role, Van Hipp focuses on the development of defense, energy, medical, and security technologies. In his leisure time, Mr. Hipp enjoys volunteering for the Salvation Army and spending time outdoors participating in sports such as hunting and fishing.Following are a few safety tips to keep in mind when fishing:1. Dress appropriately: When fishing, it is important to cover any exposed parts of the body, including the eyes, arms, and feet. This not only provides protection against the sun’s rays but also against any wayward hooks or other sharp objects.2. Handle tackle carefully: Before casting a hook, individuals should be sure to look behind them to ensure that no power lines, trees, or other people get caught in their hook. Also, all hooks and lures should be kept in a tackle box when they are not in use in order to avoid injury.3. Take precautions on the boat: Prior to departing on a fishing trip, be sure that all the necessary safety equipment is on board, including cell phones, drinking water, flashlights, and a radio. Also, all passengers must remain seated whenever possible.