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My name is Vanessa Casanova I'm a young-but-no-so-young Portuguese woman who loves to be challenged.

Right now I'm searching for a new opportunity, new adventure in the field of communications.

I particularly love jobs where I need to be creative, where I need to find solutions and where my skills can be pushed to the limits and beyond.

My academic path includes two bachelor degrees: one with major in acting and the other with major in communication science and minor in strategic communication.

Despite my age, my professional life has already a lot to tell:

I worked as a sales promoter (and yes, I'm a really good seller) ; digital marketeer (so I'm all about SEO, ORM, SMM etc.) ; News media editor (I love a good&juicy article); Executive account manager ( I can even make bank accounts sound cool&trendy) ; Theater teacher (love to teach as much as I love to learn).

So yeah, I'm all about new challenges! Maybe you'll join me on one anytime soon.

I'm open to suggestions, so...what are you waiting for? :)

Work experience


Booking Agent


Booking Agent of Portuguese Market Team

Awesome Startup with many opportunities to grow.

Scholarship Winner for being the best intern of summer's Internship


Product Manager

Position: Product Manager Main function: Product management DECO PROTESTE Position: News Media Online Editorial Main function: Writing content for the website


Santander's University Campaign
Position: Executive Main functions: promotion, public reception, account organization

Smm & Orm Analyst

Position: SEO, SMM & ORM Analyst Main functions: Managing and operating digital content; Community Management, online reputation, SEO.


Barreiro's Municipal Theatre
Position: Comunication Superior Technician Main functions: Planning, coordenating, production, promotion, data management.

Expression Teacher

CEA Barreiro's Municipal Theatre
Curricular Enrichment Activities(AEC) Position: Dramatic Expression Teacher. Main functions: teaching and promoting stage arts near primary school students. COMPLEMENTARY QUALIFICATIONS Portuguese-Native. English-Fluently written and spoken. Spanish-Fluently written and spoken. Foreign experience-Lived in Madrid for 6 months during 2013.



Bachelor of Science (BS/COM), Communication Sciences, 16 / 20

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Relevant subjects inside of the minor:
- Advertisement
- Marketing
- Institucional Communication Theory
- Public Relations
- Economics of Information

Relevant subjects outside of the minor
- Photojournalism
- Image and Sound techniques


Audiovisual Communication

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Erasmus Exchange Spring 2013 in Universidad Carlos III of Madrid awarded w/ "campus of international excellence" in 2009.

Relevant Subjects:
- Advertisement
- Radio workshop
- Documentary and Videomaking
- Audiovisual Production


Digital Strategy - Marketing

EDIT. - Disruptive Digital Education

Workshop Digital Strategy

- Learning how to develop Digital Marketing Stragies in various kind of brands