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I am a woman with experience in different working fields. On one hand, I have worked in many different jobs and I have gained enough experience to deal with any kind of employment. On the other hand, I have done several courses and an Engineering degree. Moreover, I have a solid knowledge in English, Spanish and French. 

I am a quite friendly, hard-working and active person, who enjoys and takes advantage of every oportunity. I will not dissapoint anyone.

My most relevant strenghts are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Lenguages and Geography. In addition, I love explaining them, thats why I always wanted to work in teaching.


I was born in San Diego, in USA, 15th October 1991.

In 2000 my family moved to Granada and, later, to Madrid. Both of them in Spain.

I have grown up there, in Spain, until March 2015 when I decided to move to San Francisco in USA, which is my current residence.


Jun 2013Feb 2015


El Corte Inglés Madrid

I took part in this job in order to develop my social and economics skills. I worked in the Clothing Department where my job consisted on selling clothing products, control and organize  the arrival of new products. I have learned there lots of practical skills related to clothes, wear style and social communication as well as persuasive but friendly speech. 

Jun 2013Aug 2013


Cruz Roja

This temporary employment helped me to get extra income and become fitter.

Sep 2012Jun 2013

English Teacher

American Lenguage Academy

During my last year at university I also worked there to improve my teaching skills. My job consisted in teaching students from B1 to B2 the necessary English skills in order to pass those exams, specially in the Speaking part. That job gave me a more profound knowledge of that lenguage, teaching methods and communicative skills.


Jan 2014Feb 2015

Learning, Motivation and Education Univesity Course

Jun 2014Aug 2014

First Aid and Lifeguard Course

Cruz Roja
Oct 2013Dec 2013

Commercial Skills

SDS training
Jun 2013Sep 2013

Design and Web Programming

Cas Training
Sep 2009Jun 2013

Degree in Chemical Engineering

Autonomous University of Madrid


Sep 2013Jun 2014

Delf B2

Alliance Française Madrid

I have an average knowlegde of French.

May 2010May 2010


Instituto Cervantes

I have maestry in the use of Spanish.

Mar 2009Mar 2009

Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

Cambridge University

I have a native knowledge of English.


Data managing

I can treat with loads of information and I can organise them.

Computing and New Tecnologies

I have attended to courses and worked with new tecnologies, so I am up to date.

Persuasive Speech

I have worked in selling and I am experienced as well as skilled.


I am a talkative and nice speaker to speak with. I can both talk and listen.

Planning and Organization

I always make plans in order to get a very good result in every objetive I have. However I can adapt to any situation if that plan goes wrong.


I always come up with solutions and ideas to problems.


I like working in team and I sometimes work extra time in order to get a perfect result.


I know how to treat different kinds of people and to be aware about how they feel.


I am a trustworthy person in my work and life.



1176 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, California, USA.


I am always available whenever it its necessary.


Single with no children.


I have a Driving License B. But no car yet.

Double nationality Spanish and American.