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A highly competent, agile enthusiastic and multi-skilled IT developer with  a vast experience in  software development and coding best practices. Well mannered, articulated and able to act as point of contact for colleagues and external stakeholder.

Main Goal

Contribute for an improvement of efficiency, maintainability, usability, reliability and security in web based softwares, using agile principles and the main front-end technologies, such as: ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS, back-end technologies like: NodeJS, Python, PHP and other related ones.

Work experience


Javascript Senior Developer

Optile GmbH

Frontend web developer responsible for writing efficient, reliable, robust, well-tested code, aiming user-friendly, responsive and fast user interfaces, working with the top trendy frontend technologies in a dynamic and spirited team.

Main technologies: ReactJS, NodeJS, Javascript

Apr 20122018

Software Engineer

Santos City Hall

Team leader developer responsible for the: UI interfaces architectural definition and implementation, automated tests, continuous integration and continuous delivery for the main organisation softwares. Working since 2012 I was responsible for delivering important projects such as:  

RIS project (Social Information Network), software responsible for social programs management and citizen attendance in department of social welfare;

Security software project, a system responsible for implementing government security policies on IT resources;

Main technologies: VueJS, NodeJS, Javascript, PHP


Software Engineer

Rollout Solutions

Contributing on development and control of Internet based commercial systems and smart-clients applications which integrates desktops and web applications.

Main technologies: C#, Javascript



Post-graduated in Project Management

SENAC Santos

Degree in Data Processing

FATEC Santos

IT technician

ETEC Aristóteles Ferreira


Microsoft Certified Professional – Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist

Certified ScrumMaster - Scrum Alliance Certified


Programming best-practices

Coding based on programming best practices such as SOLID principles, Code Smell, Design Patterns, Object Calisthenics and so on.


A solid understanding of ES5 and ES6 having worked with javascript in web application for over 8 years.

Unit and functional tests

Deeply understanding of the main concepts, with a good experience in the following stack: Selenium, Jest, Browserstack, Enzyme and Jasmine.

JavaScript Frameworks

Strong understanding of the main JS frameworks characteristics (VueJS, AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJS) , with a solid experience in ReactJS and VueJS.

Back-end programming
  • PHP - strong skills on php7 and frameworks (Laravel, symfony, cakePHP) ;
  • NodeJS -having worked with web, tooling and desktop apps;
  • C# - responsible for  developing an one year smart-client system for real-state market.
  • Python - main used for tooling related to CI and CD processes;

Solid experience with relational, nosql and OLAP databases. Such as Oracle, MySql, mongoDB, etc.


State management with react hooks and context: From prop drilling to centralized global state management with react

A Scrum government case: A brief study case of an agile development process implementation in a public sector.

Code Smell - Dispensables: Some basic rules to reduce code complexity, let's talk about code (bad) smell!

AngularJS a Case Study: A public sector case study of AngularJS!

Object Calisthenics: It's time to leverage our code quality, assure maintainability, readability, testability and comprehensibility! Lets calisthenic our objects!

Languages and Experience

English Proficiency (International English Language Testing System IELTS, international certification, overall score 6.5 ).

Spanish Proficiency (Miguel de Cervantes institute, international certification).

Germany basic skills - Level A2

Portuguese: mother language

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